The Best of the Week in Panels – 03.21.2012

You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here, you’re beginning to believe that the panels are reality and your own lives are unreal. You do. Why, whatever the panels tell you: you dress like the panels, you eat like the panels, you raise your children like the panels, you even think like the panels. This is mass madness, you maniacs. In God’s name, you people are the real thing, WE are the illusion.


John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1

By Sam Humphries, Ramón K. Pérez, Jordie Bellaire, & Cory Petit

You try picking a single part from this issue. It’s damn near impossible. But here we can see a touch of the comic design genius that it was filled with. Plus, he did the SFX right on the art!

— Josh Flanagan


Tiny Titans #50

By Art Baltazar & Franco

This was a nice meta tribute to the book itself in its final issue.

— Conor Kilpatrick


The Sixth Gun #20

By Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Bill Crabtree, & Douglas E. Sherwood

I’ve noticed over the past few issues that Bunn and Hurtt are really getting a great handle on when to use full page splashes. The title really chooses its moments, and when they do go with the splash, it’s with wonderful effect. This is a great moment where Becky comes into her own, shooting dynamite out of the sky.

— Josh Flanagan


Young Justice #14

By Kevin Hopps, Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Zac Atkinson, & Dezi Sienty

Poor Topo.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Wonder Woman #7

By Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Matthew Wilson, & Jared K. Fletcher

Wonder Woman learns hubris. Bold point for a bold issue. Also, I love that Hephaestus design ever so much.

— Josh Flanagan


Batman #7

By Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO, & Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt

This exact moment was re-created exactly in Nightwing #7. This one was way, way more dynamic.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Batman Beyond Unlimited #2

By Adam Beechen, Norm Breyfogle, Andrew Elder, & Saida Temofonte

The PTSD in Tim Drake’s eyes is palpable.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. Soon as I saw Bruce smack Dick I knew that was gonna show up here. I must be psychic.

    Also, as much as I dig the Hephaestus redesign, I love the new version of Eros more, because it seems like he’s drawn to look like David Bowie.

  2. Some great panels this week. when Bruce smacked Dick, I actually gasped. Scott Snyder may be one of the few DC writers that can truly surprise me after having read Batman comics for years.

  3. So many great panels in Wonder Woman. great stuff also in BPRD: the long death.

  4. One of my favorite panels this weeks was from Birds of Prey. It’s simple, but Black Canary’s Cry shattering the panel around it is a cool image.

  5. Here’s the thing about that page of Dick getting hit. (That’s what she said) The cheeks really bug me. I mean it looks great, but his cheeks just look…..weird. Maybe that’s what we look like after being bitch slapped like that.

    I don’t think I really have a ‘best’ or ‘favorite’ this week….I love that one shown from Tiny Titans. Nice ending for the series.

    • If you’ve ever seen high-speed camera footage of a boxing match, you’d know that Dick’s cheek flapping is actually quite accurate. Also, I saw this as Capullo/Snyder’s way of telling you Bruce’s motivation for the bitch slap a few panels in advance. I knew right away that the reason Bruce hit him was to knock the tooth out. Though I’m sure part of him just wanted to shut Dick up.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Yep, the human body is a weird thing and that is what happens to it when struck as such.

    • It was just as shocking when Bruce did that to a TMJ-suffering Alfred.

    • @Paul: Yeah but at least there’s a lot of neat stuff in the front.

      @Bionic: As someone who slightly suffers from TMJ that jokes was a bit painful.

  6. Looking forward to the Wonder Woman action figures. …And PTB, don’t be stingy. Hephaestus needs to be AT LEAST AS pose-able as a Ben Grimm. I would expect nothing less than faithful recreations from DC Direct.

    As to the BBU#2 panel; I laughed out loud and then felt so sorry for the boy.
    At first, I was gratified to learn Bruce’s son, by ‘middle-age or so,’ still couldn’t be “happy for the public eye” and still had all his hair; and on the other hand, saddened by the fact that Bruce’s only son was so flawed, his greatest contribution is his son’s romance with ________’s daughter/son. The greatest Batman since the first.

    @Judgmental Steve: Eros needs to cross paths with Booster Gold & JLI. Soon.

    As to what stayed with me this week… It had to be how small the ‘giant’ bat was on Batman #7’s splash page this week. Page two was no surprise, but terribly ‘beautiful, nonetheless. Bruce has his work cut out this year. My other favorites were Supergirl #7, last panel of page 18 and page 20. I felt so proud for her. …And so sorry for Diana.

  7. I think in Batman 7 the best panel was the Owl killing the Bat splash page. The colors were great because they had a “Year One” vibe and the fact that the owl is killing the very bat that was Bruce’s inspiration to become the Batman as a symbol of fear was outstanding.

  8. After reading Issue #1 of the new Batman Beyond, I was definitely surprised to see an older Tim Drake show up in Issue #2. Will probably make for some good tension in the book.

  9. Since when did Nightwing forget how to duck/block a backhand?

  10. The Wonder Woman art and story continues to underwhelm.

    • I beg to differ, keith7198. I’ve been a regular comic book reader/collector for around 22 years now and I never cared about WW before the new 52. Cliff Chiang’s awesome cover for #1 caught my attention and I’ve been loving this book ever since. The art direction and the mythology driven storyline has created something truly unique and fun. It’s not just another superhero book staring a female Superman anymore!

  11. Yeah, that Batman #7 panel was a great “wtf?!” moment.