The Best of the Week in Panels – 02.09.2011

Show me that panel again. (Show me that panel)
Don't waste another minute on your cryin'.
We're nowhere near the end (nowhere near)
The best is ready to begin.


Ultimate Spider-Man #153

By Brian Michael Bendis, David Lafuente, Ed Tadeo, Justin Ponsor, & Cory Petit

Peter and Tony are so alike and they really are the only two characters that can totally geek out with each other about science and tech and this two page spread was a wonderful representation of their mentor/mentee relationship. I love the tiny, slumped over Iron Man on the desk.


Batgirl #18

By Bryan Q. Miller, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs, Guy Major, & John J. Hill

There was nothing that was not awesome about this issue, especially this panel.


Widowmaker #4

By Duane Swierczynski, Manuel Garcia, Rugglero, Marte Garcia, & Piekos

Panel of the Year? Possibly, at least around the iFanboy offices. We've been using that quote as our unofficial slogan for at least five years.


Justice League: Generation Lost #19

By Judd Winick, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez, Hi-Fi, & Swands

Awwww… he did it AGAIN!


Amazing Spider-Man #654

By Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Stefano Caselli, Marte Garcia, & Joe Caramagna

The most heartbreaking moment of the week.


Batman and Robin #20

By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, Alex Sinclair, & Patrick Brosseau

The most heartwarming moment of the week.


  1. Haha, I was gonna submit that same Batgirl panel! Such a fun issue! 

  2. It makes perfect sense that Tony Stark would have a Bender inspired armor

  3. Where is the deadpool’s cheese dip panel from wolverine #5.1?

  4. Absolute gold on the last panel. Props to Tomasi.

  5. @Conor I assume you read that Hawkeye Panel in Checy’s Chase’s voice?

  6. I was hoping for that panel in Ultimate Spider-Man of Mysterio holding the Zodiac key and saying “Too late.” but these are all really really awesome

  7. I screamed at the end of Generation Lost.

  8. @Timmy I laughed

  9. That’s a fantastic scene in Batman & Robin.

  10. love the batman panel… it feels right

  11. you know i always thought hawkeye was like the clark W griswold of the Marvel U

  12. Doh.  Wish I hadn’t seen that ASM panel since I havne’t read the issue yet, but that’s on me. 

    The dynamic of the Widowmaker panel is fantastic.

    Between the Damien issue of Batgirl, and THIS panel… I need to start getting that book regularly. 

  13. I love that there is a Bender in the backround of that USM panel. Super aces.

  14. What will happen first: Aquaman will lose a third hand or Maxwell Lord will kill a third Blue Beetle?

    Completely sucks though that every JL:GL solicit for the last three months gave away the death though. 

  15. A little context on that Widowmaker panel please. What are they running from?

  16. The Batman and Robin panel reminds me of another panel that Tomasi wrote, I think.  Just something really familiar about it.

  17. @Slockhart  Only if you think he’s really dead.

  18. @TimmyWood  I cried like a fuckin baby when I got to the last page of Generation Lost. Did they really have to have Booster watch the whole thing?

  19. @roadcrew1  It is a reference to the end of his Nightwing run.

  20. I kind of hated that scene in Batman and Robin. Half the time they were talking about how nice their tv was and how to set it up.

  21. @Minion  Yes. Stuff that families, especially brothers, talk about when they hang out. It was a very emotionally real scene.

  22. When your parents are murdered and you spend your nights saving civilians, you get to enjoy the scale of your flatscreen every now and then. 

  23. Ha! I didn’t notice that Bender in the Iron Man picture until you guys pointed it out.  Awesome.

  24. @Minion  Yeah, just like how brothers would.

  25. Is it explained where Tony keeps his armor now that he’s broke and borderline homeless?

  26. @JNewcomb  I wasn’t aware that Tony in the Ultimate universe was broke and borderline insane. What book is that happening in? It’s not in any of the Ultimate books I’m reading.

  27. Teen Tony Armor. Getting a lot of play this month.

  28. @conor  it happened when Jeph Loeb was destroying the Ultimates, remember?

  29. @Mangaman  Nope, I wasn’t reading it.

  30. I didn’t know Ultimate Iron Man had so many 616-looking armors.

  31. @rafterman  Yup, he does.

  32. the batman and robin panel made me smile; they are all very much individuals but party of the same family unit.

  33. To be fair it’s not really all sunshine for Bruce considering the fact that Zorro is the film he saw the night his parents died.

    Tomasi calls on that though in the dialogue. 

  34. Tomasi on a book with Dick Grayson again feels right. I loved his run on Nightwing, glad to see he’s continuing that here. Between this and Scott on Detective Comics, it is a great time to be a fan of Mr. Grayson

  35. I would have picked the harlot panel from batgirl personally.

  36. @andybmcd  That was a great one too. A close second. Honestly, there were probably ten panels from this issue I could have picked.

  37. Reading the last page of Generations Lost, after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I just kept imagining  Conor’s reaction being just like his reactions to the last two issues of Brightest Day….looks like I may have been right!  DC’s sure packing the emotional gut punches this past month.

  38. I was hoping for the hulk one when he was getting his ass kicked by all-father Zeus and vomiting crap loads of green bllod awsome panel, but the ultimate spiderman was good.

  39. If Blue Beetle is dead, Dr Strange can take back the window to his Sanctum Sanctorum.

  40. @Ragu73  Agreed. I would be okay with Deadpool if he brought cheese dip more often.

  41. Jaime Reyes was awesome. Assholes.

  42. @muddi900  I’d almost guarantee he’s coming back. I mean, this is exactly what happened to Ted. Seems like a clear set-up for a “twist.”

  43. @daccampo  Agreed. I think there’s no chance he’s actually/”permanently” dead.

  44. The armour has rebooted previously after being wrecked, and the armour is bonded to Jaime … I reckon he’ll be OK.

  45. @conor  Oops. I misread. I thought the above panel was from 616. My sorry.

  46. Back and to the left… Back and to the left

  47. @wulfstone: Oh my god! He created Bender!

    (Also, sorry to point out but I think you mean right) 

  48. loved the atomic robo nod in the spidey panel