The Best of the Week in Panels – 01.18.2012

Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Panel! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!


Batman #5

By Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO, & Richard Starking

I could have dedicated an entire feature to panels from this book but this four panel sequence was my favorite. Batman descends deeper into madness and then the great reveal at the end when Talon appears in the background. Trouble is a’coming from multiple angles.


Avenging Spider-Man #3

By Zeb Wells, Joe Madureira, Ferran Daniel, & Joe Caramagna

Who knew that moloids were so cute?


Chew #23

By John Layman, Rob Guillory, & Taylor Wells

Like Batman, I could have filled an entire feature with panels from this issue from Chew, but this simple shot was my favorite. Great use of perspective.


Supergirl #5

By Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Mahmud Asrar, Dave McCaig, & Rob Leigh

The most heartbreaking moment of the week might have been in Supergirl as Kara realizes she’ll never be able to go home and that her family is all dead.


Daredevil #8

By Mark Waid, Kano, Javier Rodriguez, & Joe Caramagna

Oh, Peter. Matthew always gets the girl. (Which isn’t always a good thing for either of them.)


Prophet #21

By Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Richard Ballermann, & Ed Brisson

The vistas in this book were breathtaking, but my favorite as this two page spread which included small panels highlighting points of interest.


Catwoman #5

By Judd Winick, Guillem March, Tomeu Morey, & Dezi Sienty

With every issue March has at least one panel of fantastically dynamic action.


Ultimate Spider-Man #6

By Brian Michael Bendis, Chris Samnee, Justin Ponsor, & Cory Petit

Parents and teenagers. Destined to never be able to communicate with each other.


  1. That Supergirl panel did make me go Wow when I came to that page

  2. Wow this might be one of the first Best Panels features where i’ve actually read 90% of the books showcased. Everything except Prophet and Catwoman. Have to say though not a fan of samnee stepping in for pichelli on USM. Nothing against Samnee he is talented but geez Pichelli leaves massive shoes to fill.

  3. Sooooo Prophet. What’s up with this book? I never heard of it and all of a sudden, issue 21 is in the spotlight. It’s been out for 20 issues? The art in 21 is fantastic and the storyline is also intriguing. Potential new pull from my local comic shop?

    • Issue 21 is, for all intents and purposes, issue #1. It’s a restart of the old series with a new direction but the same numbering.

    • Check out the Don’t Miss Podcast this week.

    • @Conor

      That sounds like the total opposite of the philosophy at most comic companies, who seem to slap a new #1 on any series for any reason. It’s pretty refreshing to hear somebody doing that.

    • Haunt did it too with Joe Casey and Nathan Fox. I’m really digging that book now and had absolutely zero interest in it before. With that said, i’ll probably go back and pick up Prophet too. Another character I know nothing about, but it seems like they know what they’re doing over at Image.

  4. See, this is why I’m sad I have to drop Supergirl.

    Also, if I had my pick from Batman, I would have picked the one where the owls come out of Thomas and Martha. The Court used Bruce’s parents against him; they do not fuck around.

    • Presumably that’s in his head, as the Court supposedly hasn’t taken off his mask. Great panel though, you’re right.

      Nice round-up.

      (And I realise money is nice, but if subscriber opinions count and budgeting allows, please don’t accept any more sound ads – I shut one off, a new one appears!)

    • So it was, I misread it. The downside to reading this book in digital was that I mistook the changes in layout and perspective for a downloading error, in addition to making the book harder to read

  5. Agreed on Batman having waaaaaay to many choice panels. Simply phenomenal!

  6. Daredevil. I laughed out loud in a burger king when i read that:)

  7. I was sure Venom #12 with the Jack O Lantern crack about Nic Cage was going to make it in. But all solid pics.

  8. DAMN IT. The entire reason I went back to catch up on Ultimate Spider-Man was so that when Samnee came on, I could read it. What was the ONE comic I forgot to buy yesterday?


  9. my favorite panel was in Prophet … “… mate with me human”. I laughed so hard!!

  10. I know the intended effect of that batman scene was to scare you, but I just read it as batman throwing a 6 year old tantrum and started laughing

  11. Pretty much every page in Batman #5 is panel of the week for me.

    Well if I have to be more specific it would be where any time his cape is about 30ft long. (Like draping over the model of Gotham City)

  12. The anatomy of Catwoman there is… not so great.

    • In fact, it’s downright terrible. Selina’s spine is impossibly bendy, her upper and lower body are off-kilter and her leg literally seems to do a 180 degree turn at the knee. The heck is going on there? o_O

    • Yeah … but what an ass.

      I’m kidding around here.

    • Anatomy be damned. I LOVE Guillem March.

    • Say what you will about DC’s editorial direction in regards to their overall depictions of women (there’s a lot to say), but the one character I think the change has affected positively is Catwoman. The super-stylized action-pinup aesthetic really works well on her. The somewhat warped body gives a real sense of movement and also gives the character a subtle feline quality – have you ever seen a cat flipping through the air, or just stretched out in an impossible way? I think March has been spot-on from what I’ve seen (although I stopped reading after Selina’s normal-looking friend was brutally killed off).

    • I’m sorry, but those are some pretty weak rationalizations for a weak drawing…

    • The anatomy for Catwoman is slightly exaggerated to create the impression of fast and powerful movement in single panel in a way that I found visually impactful. Your description of the ” flaws” in the image were exaggerated in a way that I found less compelling.

  13. Good week. But Batman wins. Batman always wins.

    Love the intro, Conor.
    “Soon all prisoners will be released. You will all perish in flames!!”
    “What an asshole.”

  14. i stared at the Prophet page for 20mins without realizing I had been staring at a page for 20 mins. That shit was so goood

  15. Please let uncanny x force make a swift return to this feature with better art

  16. I love how the sound effects are part of the art. It feel more dynamic.

  17. Aren’t there 4 panels in that Batman #5 sequence?

  18. Chris Samnee is awesome. loving the ultimate spiderman.

  19. That daredevil/spiderman panel is so elegant.

    That little line just sums up who he is, it’s a joke and it’s sad with just a tinge of seriousness. In the right circumstance for another character that little line could be a miniseries but no matter how much I want Peter to he’s just not that type of person.

    Imagine if that line could tangent off to a “what if?” comic, a story of a heartbroken hero fighting for the girl, turning into a villain. (and of course redeeming himself eventually. i like happy endings, sue me)

  20. Who knew Daredevil was a cock blocker?

  21. Daredevil using the helicopter to knock out all his opponents was another good one

  22. Great f’n panels. Joe Mad is ever better w facial expression then I remember and love Spidey drawn Ditko style like in DD. Batman is killing it, no surprise to the community, gonna collect the OMNIVORE editions of Chew but love what I’ve seen and have only read volume 1 but really liked it. Supergirl upset is beautifully dangerous, love it.

  23. Did’nt think I would be enjoyin Avenging Spider-Man as much as I am??!!

  24. Speaking of Black Cat, anyone ever read Claws w her and Wolverine? Curious about it.

  25. the batman panel is amazing. i loved that issue. the labyrinth and page layout was amazing. this has to be the best “insane” batman. great stuff.