The Best of the Week in Panels – 01.11.2012

Funny joke?

The Shade #4

By James Robinson, Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone, Dave Stewart, & Todd Klein

As an establishing shot it doesn’t get much better than this. An exquisitely detailed opening panel that tells you everything you need to know about what to expect from this issue.


Wolverine #300

By Jason Aaron, Adam Kubert, Paul Mounts, & Cory Petit

Whenever I fly I always sleep through the samurai sword service, which is just my luck.


Green Lantern #5

By Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, Mark Irwin (or Keith Champagne, Christian Almay, and Tom Nguyen), Alex Sinclair (or Tony Avina), & Sal Cipriano

Well then. That’s one way to do it.

Wolverine and the X-Men #4

By Jason Aaron, Nick Bradshaw, Justin Ponsor, & Rob Steen

Teaching is hard.


Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #5

By Jeff Lemire, Dan Didio, Alberto Ponticelli, Jose Villarrubia, & Travis Lanham

This is the only panel of the week that made me, quite literally, exclaim outloud, “Whoa!” Talk about dynamic action.


Scalped #55

By Jason Aaron, R.M. Guera, Giula Brusco, & Sal Cipriano

The moment five plus years in the making. It was quite an emotional release.



  1. Dude. Scalped.Spoiler.Trade.Waiter.Here.

    • There are always risks for spoilers in this feature. It’s why we put the names on the books on the front page.

      Caveat emptor.

    • UGGGGGHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh

      Wish I would have plowed through my stack of unread Scalped. Maybe place the title of the book above the panel? I know the panel articles may contain spoilers and all, but that seems about as big as “I did it 15 minutes ago” to those of us that have been reading it.

      I gotta go find a mind wipe device so I can enjoy that proper when I see it in the proper context.

    • Who’s Dash saying it to? Where does it happen in the story? If you’ve read the first book, you know he’s FBI. What does this ruin exactly?

    • Well that image, plus the caption below it about it having a 5 year build up leads me to believe he is saying it to Lincoln Red Crow and since it says “next – Trails end” I can assume it happens at the very end of the issue.

      Not saying it’s ruined for me, this is one of the few times I got bit in the ass, and I’m not even a person that usually cares if I learn about something in a story before I read it.

    • I’m a trade waiter for Scalped too. Oh well, still a cool panel. It’s not called “The Best of the Week in Panels from Trades”

    • F*ck I’m reading scalped in trades..that was just wrong including that scene.

    • Dash is FBI its established in the first trade. It was kinda bound to happen I just ant wait to see how we got there. *And Lori dies*

    • Sorry dudes…it did say Scalped #55 in the description though…It’s still a great moment.

    • Everyone thats reading scalped knows who dash is saying this to.. in this context. It cant be anyone else. Ive got it in issue format and i just bought this issue today.. and have yet to read it. So this was a surprise to me as well. Although this is one of the only 2 or 3 different ways this series could have ended…. so its not a huge surprise. It is a spoiler though albeit not a huge one. Im not one to talk though cause ive accidentally spilled the cool beans before at least once. It does kind of belong on this list as well. Great list by the way. Ive read wolvie/xmen and green lantern so far and they were sweet. Cream of the crop in this list fellas.

    • Trust me brothers, if you have been reading this series, this panel won’t ruin the experience, it just an explanation point to great art. Like Josh said you still would have to read the issue to get the context.

    • SPOILERS. I didn’t know he was a blue alien.

    • Cursed when I got to the SCALPED bit, because i’m a trade waiter too. However, if we’re going to read a page that’s “panels of the week,” and we’ve not read all the books listed, it’s not really fair to moan at the guys for our mistake. This is a spoiler thread by default.

      So yes, i’m angry, but at myself, not ifanboy. I’m swearing like Clay Davis right here.

    • When you check out Best of the Week panels feature YOU HAVE TO EXPECT there to be some reveals, even minor I mean YOU ARE SEEING panels of the current comics out this week. What do you expect?

    • caveat lector

  2. That last page of Scalped gave me chills. Such a perfect close to a perfect issue; the double-page spread was brilliant, too!

  3. Kitty Pryde… anyone esle hear Hot For Teacher playing…?

  4. The comedic timing of the Husk panel in that Wolverine and the X-Men group of panels is fantastic.

  5. The Frankenstein panel is my favorite. I can’t imagine being able to draw that.

  6. Favorite panel…..favorite panel….This was a tough one for me cause I couldn’t think a favorite moment let alone a panel.

    Without spoiling it, maybe the final panel of Secret Avengers #21 was a nice way to end the run. It’s abrupt, I certainty didn’t see it coming, and I’m kind of happy it went that route. Instead of having some B.S. finale, it’s just an ending. Maybe Ellis didn’t think of finding a grander way of ending the run but I thought it was fitting.

  7. I’ve been a trade waiter with Scalped but I picked up #50 and figured it’d be a good idea to finish up with issues rather than wait, and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. That was the perfect moment that ended a perfect issue. It took me a second to process everything but Jason Aaron blew my mind again. Can’t wait to see where it all leads. Really hoping Dash makes it out alive.

  8. Who is that in the purple hood in the middle panel of the X-Men clip?

  9. not a single panel from PunisherMax #21 ?

    that’s kind of shocking.

  10. There were a couple of choice panels in Suicide Squad, which was probably the most fun I had this week.

  11. Wait…Darwyn Cooke is drawing the Shade series? WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?!

    Dammit, now I have another thing I have to buy.

  12. In my opinion, in deference to the guys here at I family you could tell me the plot for any particular run of any particular book, the entire story breakdown, from beginning to and and I would still read that run. If the writer is good enough, and the art engaging enough, you’ll still have that sense of expectation, and anticipation to see the climax and still be satisfied. spoilers don’t really matter to me, if the story is good, the story is good, and that’s pretty much all that I care about.

  13. Thank you for spoiling scalped. maybe next time write the sourced book above the panel. Would you have done that if the series was the walking dead? i love ifanboy, but c’mon.

    • See the discussion above.

      (We’ve done it before for THE WALKING DEAD.)

    • i don’t look at this column until i’ve done reading my books for the week. Nothing gets spoiled that way. Simple solution to a simple problem.

    • I’m also a tradewaiter on Scalped, but come on….even if you’ve only read the first trade, and if you put any level of thought toward what you’ve read, that panel shouldn’t be spoiling anything you haven’t already imagined a hundred times.

      By waiting for the trade, we run the risk of being spoiled. It’s just the way of the world.

    • To be fair, this feature is called best of the week in panels. You expect not to get spoiled?

    • Just looking at the covers of The Walking Dead is getting spoiled… It’s a part of the industry, you’ll still read it and you’ll still love it. Stop complaining! 😉

  14. Wolverine and X-men. Finally Whedon may rest.

  15. Wolverine and the X-Men constantly reminds me of things my fiancee says when she comes home from work. She’s a counselor at a public school in the Bronx.
    For a moment, I think “this story would be really relatable for her,” but then I remember that it is full of mutants and aliens and references to X-Men continuity.

  16. We’ve heard your complaints, and next week all the panels will be boring.

    • Excellent, hopefully lots of opening panels like someone tying their shoes, pouring a drink, or a cracked door with light spilling out.

    • Maybe some panels of Punisher shooting a gun? Or Batman perched on a gargoyle? Deadpool making the one joke he has made over and over for the last 20 years? those won’t spoil anything.

  17. I love how OMAC in the Frankenstein book is just this awful nasty thing. It’s a major tonal shift but at least they didn’t try to copy the main book’s look.

  18. I never understood why the X-Men bother with the whole school thing. Nobody EVER graduates. And is a degree from Xavier’s School For gifted Youngsters (Or the Jean grey Institute, whatever) REALLY worth anything? Who has EVER gone to that school and actually gotten a job with their degree? Iceman was an accountant for like 2 weeks. Beast was a scientist and he turned himself into a monster. Cyclops was a pilot. That’s all I can think of. None of the other students ever did anything. Except get killed.

    I’m thinking in the Marvel U, a degree from Xavier’s is slightly less prestigious than a degree from the University of Phoenix On-line. Or the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

  19. I laughed when I read the plane ninja fight in Wolverine #300.