The Best of the Week in… Covers (12/09/09)

It's time for our pick of the best 3 covers in this week's offerings.

Web of Spider-Man #3

Cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

If it can be said that someone can bring reality and humanity to the Rhino, I'd say this cover does it as well as anything could.  Personally, I love a good, simple headshot cover.  It's fascinating that an artist can take something so silly as the Rhino's head, and make it look real, and believable.



Daytripper #1

Cover by Gabriel Ba

If you read the Pick of the Week, you'll know that this was a standout comic book this week.  The cover is a definite part of that.  For starters, I notice it from across the room, because the design stands out.  Further, it tells a lot of story right away.  There's a shot of buildings in Brazil, a typewriter, and the main character Bras, sitting with his dog.  I loved they way they drew that dog, by the way.  It's simple, and it just works.



Phonogram: The Singles Club #6

Cover by Jamie McKelvie

It looks like a homemade club gig poster, and that means it fits the story first of all, and it's not gonna look like anything else on the shelves.  Honestly, the more I look at this cover, the more I like it.  The collage of photocopies is worn down and faded.  The cover price is the entry fee.  The backup stories are by Guest DJ's.  It's just an example of having fun with the form, and going just a little further than normal.

Those are my calls, what are yours?


  1. I love the cover on the DC Holiday Special. (Dustin Nguyen is excellent).

    I also like the cover on Unwritten this week. 

  2. Agreed on the DC Holiday Special cover.  It was also excellent.

  3. I keep looking at the ‘Daytrippers’ cover and thinking it’s David Mack art, but by the bottom it turns into something completely different.  Very cool.

    And that Spidey cover kept catching my eye, but I didn’t realize it was the Rhino until you pointed it out.  Huh.

  4. Secret Six has an awesome cover this week.

  5. I think Booster Gold was my favorite cover this week. Just damn creey for the kind of book it is

  6. Batgirl had yet another amazing cover this week.  Just a great comic in every sense.

  7. The Booster Gold cover scene never happened in the issue, though, I hate it when they do that.

  8. Dave Johnson gave us another great cover with Punisher MAX #2.

    Dustin Nguyen probabvly gave us the most gorgeous cover of the week with the DC Holiday Special.

    Finally, Tim Bradstreet did another fantastic cover for Punisher Noir #4.

  9. Love that Phonogram cover

  10. Wait! Does Marko Djurdjevic have a wife? Because that is definitely the name on that Spidey cover. Nice picks all around. All exemplary covers for different types of comics and different types of stories.

  11. Nice picks favorites this week also include Daytripper and Phonogram. But instead Web of Spider-Man #3, I have to go with Unwritten #8.Another stunning cover by Yuko Shimizu and in my opinion the best so far for this series.

  12. Of the comics I personally picked up this week, the DCU HOLIDAY SPECIAL was easily the best. Solid choices there though, Josh.

    By the way, that WEB OF SPIDER-MAN cover reminds me of Alex Ross. I like it. 

  13. That Web of Spider-Man cover is awesome. Really eye catching. Almost got me to buy it, too. I thought this week’s Iron Man cover was also great. However, you picked three great covers, so I can’t argue.

  14. I’m a fan of Secret Six’s cover this week.

  15. I gotta agree with @BigNobes on the Unwritten cover. Theyre all spectacular but this one was especially good.

  16. Loved the Phonogram cover this week. My favorite would probably be Punisher MAX #2 by Dave Johnson, who is turning into my favorite cover artist.

  17. Secret six had an awesome cover!

  18. My picks this week are Amazing Spider-Man #614, Punisher Max #2 and Secret Six #16.

  19. One more vote for Secret Six and the DC Holiday Special. The phonogram cover is a tad busy with words for me.

  20. Those are all pretty awesome covers, though I think the cover of Iron Man deserves special notice this week.

    That Phonogram cover is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in weeks, tho. Can’t wait to buy the trade!


  21. I would also take Secret Six over Phonogram.

  22. I’ll jump on the band wagon and agree that Secret Six had a great cover. It’s genuinely creepy.

  23. Every issue of Phonogram is usually my pick of the week and the covers are usually my favorite.

    This is no exception.

    I could also say the same thing about The Unwritten.

    Daytripper’s cover is freaking great.