The Best of the Week in Covers – 12.12.2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like, you guessed it, covers.

Batman Cover B
By Greg Capullo

It’s not just that the Joker occupies so much space in the Batman’s mind. It’s that the Joker knows and takes such gleeful pleasure in it. He’s like the kid who found the perfect, most diabolical hiding place in the history of the game.


The Massive #7
By John Paul Leon

The work-in-progress aspect of this image actually lends it another dimension rather than detracting from it. The color scheme and scratched finish also recalls a library book from the 70s, which gets me where I live.

Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan #3
By Adam Hughes

This is a bit of an Urkel moment for the Doctor, isn’t it? That we don’t see his face makes it all the more fascinating. Then you notice the position of his arms and the suggestion that his hands are folded behind his back in…what? Resignation? Satisfaction? Apathy? Could he be whistling? Smiling?

It Girl! & The Atomics #5
By Michael Allred & Laura Allred

Next up, two optical illusions in a row. Here, It Girl’s act of, let’s call it deciduous contortion, creates the illusion of a face. It doesn’t hurt that the moon is an eyeball for some reason. It’s mod. It’s deeply strange. Most of all, it’s playful. And that’s It Girl!

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #3
By Lee Bermejo

Again, a face that isn’t really there. Made all the more appropriate because we’re being manipulated into believing we see an ambiguous ink blot. At least that’s what I thought I saw when I happened upon the thumbnail image. That’s how I like my irony served, friends.

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #3
By Chip Kidd

I’ve been watching a lot of Cheers lately. If you showed this to Cliff Clavin, he’d tell you it was an image of his mother and father arguing that time when he was six and then him running back to his room and pretending to be asleep even though he really wasn’t. Anyways, not often that we get a new Chip Kidd cover, and this one is as striking and elegant as is his signature.


  1. I just hope Dr. M is whispering “did I do that?”

  2. I was going to trade wait It Girl, but I understand it’s an ongoing and those covers are just too pretty. Maybe I’ll start picking up the issues

  3. I actually thought the variant cover of Batman, the one with the joker’s face being held up by a man clad in shadows, was better than the normal cover.

    • I was kinda bummed when LCS pulled that cover of Batman 15 for me, but then I read the issue and thought it was extremely clever and creative. Definitely not as creepy, but I totally get why it made covers of the week. Love the look on the Jokers face.

    • I was close to including covers A and B both, but the list was getting a bit long. Consider it an honorable mention.

  4. JPLeon makes awesome covers! This one struck me as particularly beautiful. I hope he stays on the book.