The Best of the Week in… Covers (09/02/09)

A lot of covers batted their eyes at me from across a crowded room, but only three had drinks bought for them.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2
Cover by David LaFuente

I’m a huge fan of the way David LaFuente portrays Spider-Man and he’s only done like three issues. When I first saw this cover my first reaction was to say “ooooh!” and my second was to e-mail Ron to tell him how great it was. I love the circular mirror image aspect of the design of this cover. I normally don’t like the “Marvel style” of cover that is just a pin-up of the character with zero context. Here I’m cool with it because the design is so unique and eye catching. I’m also a big fan of the new Ultimate Comics trade dress.

Batman Confidential #33
Cover by Jock

When I first saw Jock’s work on The Losers I remember talking with Josh about how great he would be on Batman. And we were right. He has done a bunch of Batman covers since that time and I never ever get sick of them. His art is so wonderfully dark and evocative. It’s the perfect marriage of artist and subject. And not only his Jock’s portrayal of Batman great here, but I love the off-center subject and the use of negative space on the right hand side that leads us, in conjunction with the bats, down to the buildings. This is good stuff.

Strange Tales #1
Cover by Paul Pope

In general I’m really not a big fan of Paul Pope’s work. It’s a visceral thing, as most reactions to art are. Something about it doesn’t spark with me. But I’ve liked some of the stuff I’ve seen from him, and I really like this cover. What I am a big fan of is interpretation. I like when people who don’t normally draw certain characters take a shot with them and interpret them in their own style. I’m a lot more lenient on detail and costume in those instances that I normally am (i.e. Cap’s shield in the cover), because I appreciate the artistic experimentation. Here Pope takes his swing at a whole passel of Marvel characters and he gives them a look and a feel that you would never get normally. I like that.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. I also thought the Ultimate Spider-Man cover was cool. Then I got vertigo and threw up all over it. (Not really.)

    The Last Resort covers by Darwyn Cooke are just too damn cool:

    I also thought the Barack the Barbarian cover was worth pointing out: Is it racist? Is it sexist? Is it a soulless cash grab? Does it make me embarassed to be a comic fan? Did it sell out at my local comic book shop? I think the answer to each of those questions might be yes.

  2. The Boys cover, though not the greatest from a technical standpoint, was easily the funniest for me.

    My favorite of the week has to be Proof.

  3. In addition to simply being an excellent cover, the Ultimate Spider-Man cover makes spectacular wallpaper. For a while, it was on my phone and laptop alike.

  4. Loved the Aja cover for ‘Immortal Weapons’. 

  5. @Jimski- Did you put it on your walls too? ^_^

  6. paul pope! wow.

  7. I adore the Bride of Nine Spiders cover on Immortal Weapons this week.

  8. Speaking of covers, which cover for Irredeemable did you guys pick this week? I optioned for cover B. My favorite cover was for DMZ TPB vol. 7.

  9. I gotta agree with DrakeDangerz on his liking of BOYS #34.  I didn’t read it, but that’s a nice homage.

    That Spider-Man is very nice though. 

  10. I did like the Spiderman cover. I also liked The Boys cover.

  11. I said it earlier in the week; but this is a damn good week for covers. I love the choices you made but you could easily put any of the other covers for this article. They were all that damn good.

    Daring Mystery Comics beats out Strange Tales just by a slight margin. I don’t know who the artist is or who colored it, but that was a breathtaking peice of artwork. But other books I picked out like Sweet Tooth, Deadpool, Chew, etc had great covers in their own particular way. The only cover I didn’t like this week was the regular Batman book, that’s as generic of a cover your gonna get.

    Great week.

  12. I really like the cover for USM and the one for Batman Confidential. The strange tales, is alright, but not one of my favorites. I thought the Batman #690 and the Ghost Rider cover were real good too.

  13. I really liked the Proof cover and loved the Strange Tales cover.  And even though I didn’t pick it up (maybe in the future) I also like the cover to The Torch #1.

  14. I think I just Strange Tales for the pose Pope did for Spider-Man. Oh and Wolverine starting an epic duel with Dr. Doom.

  15. Paul Pope done did it again….

  16. I love the Best of the Week Covers feature.  I thought Darwyn Cooke’s Last Resort #2 was great, as was the cover for Invincible Iron Man with Tony walking away with chunks of armor left behind.  Between the art and story, I think it’s past due for a Pick of the Week nod.



  17. @OwlyFan; None of us read INVINCIBLE IRON MAN (though we all tried it) so its chances of being the POW are zero.

  18. I have to admit I don’t get the love for the USM cover. Certainly nice looking, but something about it puts me off. Can’t place it. That Strange Tales cover is awesome. But I love Paul Pope. That confidential cover just feels derivative despite its clever use of space/color.

    Invincible Iron Man was probably my favorite cover this week (@Conor Have any of you tried it on the current arc? I can’t recall off hand.) The cover to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #3 is also pretty cool. And Iron Man Armor Wars. 

  19. i don’t know if this is immedicately obvious and i’m not saying it’s a bad thing but that The Boys cover is a homage of All-Star Superman #1.


    Paul Pope is awesome. I just read Batman 100 a week ago…. so good


    It’s soooo good I actually want to be in that cover for a day… this concludes Mangaman’s stupid hour.

  21. I actually read my copy of Confidential twice this month.  I’m glad it got picked.

  22. I really keen to read spider-man story, So i like to have spider -man cover on the cover of the page…….



  23. Ditto on the love for Invincible Iron Man–definitely my favorite cover of the week.

  24. Strange Tales #1’s cover kicked my butt last week. Beautiful.

  25. Chew #4 and The Mighty #8 was awesome