The Best of the Week in… Covers (08/05/09)

Tons of comics this week, but not a ton of great covers. But still, amid the morass were a few gems.

Captain America: Reborn #2
Cover by Bryan Hitch

It’s really enough that this spectacular wrap around cover features Captain America choking out Adolph Hitler and Bucky machine gunning German soldiers. There really isn’t a lot more that needs to be said than that.

The Mighty #7
Cover by Dave Johnson

The Mighty could be the creepiest book that I am reading. And this cover from Dave Johnson is damn creepy. Alpha One is a hero who has gone, as they say, ’round the bend, and the shadow darkened image of him holding the bloody skull with attached spinal column is not only scary if you know what’s going on in the story, but it’s pretty bold imagery for a cover. And I know that it goes against conventional wisdom and there are all kinds of talk about it hurting sales to not have the title across the top, but I love the strong typography going vertically down the left side of the cover.

Iron Man: Armor Wars #1
Cover by Skottie Young

I haven’t really seen much of Skottie Young’s work until relatively recently — mostly in the last year — and I assume that was because he did a lot of work on Marvel books that I had little-to-no interest in. Well, now he’s suddenly everywhere or, at least, now I’m finally noticing his work. I’m really a big fan of his totally unique and stylized take on these characters who can, at times, become overly familiar. It’s like a breath of fresh air seeing him draw people like Tony Stark. I really love the way he draws the classic red and gold armor on the left. I love the way the big shoulder pieces, gloves and boots contrast with the skinnier limbs. I also love the somewhat forlorn look on Tony’s face. A cover like this will make me think twice about a series that I would almost have assuredly passed by.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. I like how w/ the Skottie Young piece it appears as if all the armors are passing judgement on Tony. That and I swear you could see the wheels turning in his head as he contemplates his next upgrade.

    Good selections.


  2. LOVED the cap cover and the mighty one. another personal fave was the doom patrol one, the cool spy looking marvel projects one,  spidey, savage dragon, chew, and jonah hex

  3. The Mighty cover is really really creepy

  4. I also found the Mighty #7 cover creepy and enjoyable. It perfectly reflects the feel of the book. Good pick.

    I also liked the Chew #3 cover. 

  5. That is a pretty violent image for a cover with The Mighty. Even the skull with blood all over it in Blackest Night #1 is tame compared to that.

    But I agree with all of your picks! The rest of the covers this week didn’t do anything for me.

  6. My favorite cover of the week was by J. Scott Campbell on Amazing Spider-Man #601. I haven’t read ASM in months, but this issue caught my eye. Too bad the interior art by Mario Alberti wasn’t as nice.

  7. IRON MAN: ARMOR WARS definitely takes Cover of the Week for me.

    I also enjoyed CHEW, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN.

  8. I really liked the covers for Cap, The Mighty and Spidey this week.

  9. Best thing about the The Mighty cover? It’s correct, in that the mandible is missing. I love when people get that right. 😉 All three covered are good, except that Cap’s face looks a little melty and his helmet looks weird. 

  10. Awww come on, Deadpool Merc with a Mouth cover was AMAZING!

  11. Invincible Iron Man and Secret Six. Good covers that hint the story, don’t tell it and are dynamic and engagign on multiple levels.

  12. It’s always hard for us "monthly people" e.g. those who get there books from an online service like DCBS to participate in this conversation or the weekly reviews for that matter, but the cover of  X-Factor #46 is fantastic. Two girls fighting in close-up…facial expressions dead-on and did i mention that it as two hot chicks fighting? *You may now return to your regularly scheduled PC programming*

  13. Yeah, I loved that Deadpool cover the first time I saw someone do it, with Tony Moore on XXXZombies last year.

  14. Dudes, that Ghost Rider cover was the sickness.  Jae Lee is so awesome.

  15. Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #2

    Amazing Spider-Man #601


  16. I really like the Cap Reborn, Mighty, and Jonah Hex covers this week.  I took one look at the reborn cover and knew it would be a cover of the week.  I want a poster!!!

  17. That Reborn cover is absolutely off the wall. Incredible.

     I really liked Chew #3 and Citizen Rex #1(I know that came out last week but my store got it this week).

  18. I thought Jersey Gods and Chew had incredible covers.

  19. You can’t beat the CA cover but the one thing that bugged me about it was that Bucky’s face in particular looked kinda skeletal. I do love Cap’s old helmet style mask.

    I have yet to read an issue of The Mighty but the covers are almost always nice.

    I love love love the cover for Iron Man.

  20. Really, any cover with Hitler getting schooled by Cap is an instant winner.

  21. that skottie young cover gave me chills.

    @josh: i totally noticed that too. what an actual letdown to an otherwise fantastic series!

  22. <snigger>

  23. Any time Hitler gets his ass handed to him it’s a good cover. All the covers you picked are great. I can’t think of my own favorite though, nothing really jumped out at me.

    Well Mary Janes breasts jumped out at me. They followed me around the room like the Mona Lisa’s eyes. Almost 3D and spooky. 

  24. The Cap cover was a nice modern update of the all time classic cover with Cap punching hitler from captain america #1. One of the best covers in history and this cover was a nice take on the same concept. And the skottie young cover was excellent. I’m a huge Iron man fan, so seeing his take on al the different armors was great.

  25. The Armor Wars also has a nice Hamlet vibe with the holding of the helmet and all of the other armors staring down at him.  It gave the whole book a real sense of gravitas and a sense of Tony being haunted.

  26. @josh: agreed that the Deadpool Merc With A Mouth cover is unoriginal, and almost a direct rip off of XXXombie’s Jaws homage.  But this cover just looks better than that one.  More attention was paid to making it look cool than the XXXombies cover, which seemed almost thrown together at the last minute.

  27. I like it people are saying Deadpool: Merc with the Mouth #2 is just a rip off of XXXombie’s homage cover.

    How about anything that has a Jaws homage is just an homage to Jaws? Otherwise we would be like:

    ‘Did you see that cover for Deadpool? It was such a rip off of that homage from XXXombie’s, which was a rip off of the homage in Family Guy, which was a rip off of….’

    And on and on and on.

  28. It was the exact same design as the earlier cover that was an homage, featuring zombies.  No, I don’t think it was intentional, just unfortunate.

  29. @josh: I’m not saying it’s intentional either. I just think it’s funny we’re finding this a ‘rip off’ of a XXXombie’s cover when it’s:

    An homage to an homage to an homage to and homage to an homage (repeat this 1,000,000 times)

    to an original poster.

  30. It isn’t though.  You’re missing the point. It’s the same homage.  That’s the problem.

  31. @josh: Gotcha….I think. My head hurts…

    Oh and there is a cover you guys toally forgot to praise! Dark Zodiac #2; it has Zodiac playing ‘Mouse Trap!’ and the trap is a helmet of Galactus. What the hell not putting it up on here? That is all 🙂

  32. Zodiac came out?  I missed it!  Thanks for the heads up.

    Also, instead of "You forgot", you can also use phrases like "I also liked" which eliminates the blame factor, which is extremely tiring.

  33. @josh: You say "I also liked", I say "You forgot". It’s goes both ways 🙂

    (note: It doesn’t)

  34. Zodiac doesn’t come out on the West Coast till next week (distribution cock up), so you could always pick it next week on a technicality.

  35. Are the interiors to Captain America:Reborn as good as the exterior artwork (which should be turned into a poster).

    The "Iron Man Armor Wars" is a piece which really strikes a chord with me, I’ve always liked stylistic artwork but it can be hit and miss, this one is definitely a hit.


  36. i like the ironman cover.

  37. I like turtles!