The Best of the Week in Covers – 08.31.2011

Something in the way she moves / Attracts me like no other cover. / Something in the way she woos me.

The Rocketeer Adventures #4 Cover by Alex Ross

Don’t lie. You would eat at this establishment every day if it was just off your airstrip. No bones about it. Beyond the amazing architecture, I’m tickled by the notion that Cliff is posing for some kind of photograph here.

Uncanny X-Force #14 Cover by Esad Ribic

Archangel has assembled quite the malevolent posse here. Another fine example of Ribic’s mastery of Chiaroscuro or bold, dramatic lighting. His vision of Decimus Furius, the Minotaur horseman known as War ranks among the scariest looking characters in superhero comics. And Archangel isn’t too far behind.

Zorro Rides Again #2 Cover by Matt Wagner

Zorro has a secret. A sexy secret.


Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom #2 Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Francavilla’s covers are popping up all over the place, and seeing his take on each additional title and character is a true delight. He seems especially well suited here, depicting a fallen Thark warrior amidst the crags of old Barsoom. But what puts this one over the top are those pitch perfect hand-lettered logos. Give me this over the nonsense that’s made Marvel notorious, any day of the week. But especially Wednesday. That’s when comics come out.



  1. Sexy secrets are my favorite kind.

    I love that Rocketeer cover.

  2. This is my favorite thing Alex Ross has ever done. It makes me want to take back everything I ever said about him. The pose is so perfect, and that is one fine rendition of a bulldog.

    • The bulldog gazes happily at Cliff. It is very charming, I had a tough choice between this one and the other one. Both were cool. The other one had better typography. The bulldogs sold me this one.

  3. Love that Rockeeteer cover. I’d love to have that Ross painting. I’ve always been fascinated by programmatic architecture like that, and the good old Bulldog Cafe is all time classic. One of my favorite parts of the rocketeer movie.

    Zoro could be up to secret sexy shenanigans (by the seashore)…we just don’t know.

  4. That copy beneath the Zorro Rides Again cover? That made my morning. Good use of italics.

  5. “Consumate Vs. I said consumate Vs. Guy wouldn’t know majesty if it bit him on the face.”

  6. The Rocketeer cover = AMAZING art. Not that Crazy about the Uncanny X-Force (although the issue is fantastic). All of the covers are starting to run together.

  7. Rocketeer-
    Example of photo realism.

    • eh i’d say thats borderline. If you look up true photorealist painters, Ross’ work still looks like an illustration whereas there’s look like rigid photographs. He has more in common with Rockwell, Wyeth and Leyendecker than some of the photo/hyper realists working in that movement.

      Either way it still kicks ass.

  8. Cliff looks like Patrick Warburton, right?

  9. Paul pwns this feature every time.

  10. Glad to see a litte bit of Zorro love here; I haven’t finished my other books yet, but I suspect that it’ll be my pick of the week. I’m quite happy to see Wagner back on the character once again

    That Rocketeer cover was pretty strong as well; I’ll have to send a copy to a non-comics, though bulldog obsessed friend . . . After reading all the positive comments about this series, I wish I had enough money to pick it up as well. All the issues are made up of stand-alone stories, right?

  11. A sexy secret.

    You slay me PMont.

  12. No Justice League cover? Oh, right, because it looks like it’s from 1994

  13. Great covers. What’s Zorro’s sexy secret, then?

  14. Since a comic web site is the perfect place for declarative hyperbole, I offer this: Francesco Francavilla is the best cover artist working right now. Phew. I’d say that I’m not really comfortable stating an opinion in such a strong manner, but it’s really more fact than opinion.