The Best of the Week in… Covers (07/02/09)

These are the covers I liked more than any others this week and why. Obviously, your mileage may vary.

The Mighty #6
Cover by Dave Johnson

You know in Superman II when the Kryptonians go after the astronauts on the moon, demanding to be taken to Hooston? That’s some scary shit. Dave Johnson, a living cover master, knows that, and this is just a beautiful piece. It relates to the story inside, is a great image all on its own, and looks great on the stands.

Irredeemable #4
Cover by John Cassaday

Saying a Cassaday cover is great is a little like talking about how good The Beatles are. It doesn’t need to be said, and there’s nothing left to say. Except, I’m this close to suffering Cassaday cover burnout. Every single cover they put out at Dynamite is another Cassaday piece, and he’s going to become Alex Ross before too long, and we won’t even notice them. Then again, check out this beauty. The figures are at an interesting angle, where we’re looking down on them, but not necessarily actually looking down, and then there are a number of big, scary jets coming towards us. It tells a lot of story, and builds a lot of suspense in a short time. There must be a reason they want him to do so many covers, it would seem.

Destroyer #4
Cover by Jason Pearson

Alright, maybe this isn’t the best cover of all time, but it’s got a very strong composition. But more than anything, I love that the main focus is on Destroyer, but then, when your eyes start to wander, you see that poor son of a bitch screaming with terror in the corner. It’s a funny cover, and that can go a long way. Funny to me anyway. I’m weird.

Come back next week for more cover talk!


  1. Of those three Irredeemable I like the best. Echo also had a bodacious cover.

  2. I love that Mighty #6 cover. 
    I also really enjoyed the cover of Star Wars: Invasion #1.  It is simple Luke Skywalker badassness.

  3. I saw another cover with "Destroyer" on it at the store, I think.  It was Marvel, and it looked cooler than this one.  One of those 1 shots they been doin’.

  4. @ s1lentslayer – Echo was a bit too cheesecakey of a cover.  It had her butt on it.

  5. I’ll go with Irredeemable

  6. Hey Josh – the Destroyer cover is by Jason Pearson.  I’m just saying…

  7. Of teh three, Destroyer. I’d have picked Secret Six or Invincible iron man, though.

  8. The Mighty cover reminds me of the Y The Last Man astronaut cover from a few years back…

  9. If I had to choose of the 3; it would go to The Mighty. Nice composition of the superhero(villain?) about to kill the astronaut.

    But of the covers not chosen, and I know people are gonna groan; but Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth had a great cover. It’s a nice call back to the old horror comics of the 70’s. Old Vampirella comics come to mind. I guess I am a bigger fan of Arthur Suydam then most people

  10. @ KickAss

    Check out my response to your "cheesecake" comment on the latest audio podcast. I think you’re going a smidge overboard.

  11. It’s not a contest people.  I say some I like.  You say some you like.

    Always a competition!

  12. @target242

    Yes! The first thing I thought of when I saw it was Y:The Last Man. But then again, I think about "Y: The Last Man" about every 6 seconds. 

  13. @torippu – well spotted.  And adjusted.  Thanks!

    @target242 – That might have been in the back of my mind as to why I liked it.  It’s funny, but I hate skulls as part of drawings.  They just creep me out, so I guess, in a way, I like this better.

  14. I got the "B" cover to Irredeemable. I think I like that one a bit more. Very old school "Vertigoish" style cover.

  15. @ captbstrd – Did you SEE the buttcheeks on Echo?  They’re not even hiding the cheesecake, it’s right on the cover!  I mean I usually love that book, but now I know to shake my head at such cheesecakey things.

  16. "There must be a reason they want him to do so many covers, it would seem."

    could it be the speed at which he draws a monthly book? 

  17. Yeah, The Mighty really did it this month…

  18. I don’t think Cassaday will come near Alex Ross burn out for a long time because he does plenty of action covers with varying compositions.  Alex Ross is hired to do the iconic thing, great but can wear out after so many variations.

  19. The Mighty does it every month!

  20. @KickAss
    No, actually. I’m not reading Echo presently, so I only saw the cover put up on the iFanboy listing which appears to be a silhouette with the metal thing shown in white (which frankly is a nice cover, worthy of consideration for best in the week). Since there is absolutely no butt-shot on it, I can only assume there’s some variant out there.
    I did a quick Googley search w/ no cheesecake results thus far, so if you can link me to a picture that’s as bad as you suggest, I will eat my hat! (sucker… I don’t own a hat!)

  21. My copy of Echo 13 has her standing naked from behind with the alloy dripping down her. I couldn’t find a pic online.

  22. Naked doesn’t automatically equal cheesecake.

  23. @ohcaroline: !? Explain….and dont skip on the nasty

  24. Good call on The Mighty   It really grabbed my eye this week, and attempted to remove it from my sockets, perhaps it was sitting too close to my copy of the Daredevil Father trade.

  25. @KickAss – When I see cheesecake I shake my head too… I shake it up and down! Then I say "hell yes!" and bring it to the register.

  26. You can see the ‘Echo’ cover here:

    It’s a picture of the female form and you can see a lot of skin and the contours of the body.  But it realistic, it’s not hypersexualized, and it’s relevant to what the story’s about — the alloy merging with Julie’s body.  There’s a lot of art from every era that depicts naked bodies, and it’s silly to dismiss art because you can see skin.  I like the cover a lot.  

  27. I’m not diggin the Cassaday cover-i feel like I’ve seen that pose before.

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You know what I’ll never get tired of? Gary Frank covers. And next week? Badass of New Krypton!

  29. @ohcaroline – I have certifiable proof beyond any argument that any representation of the exposed femal body is, in fact, cheesecake. It’s time for you to see the face and deal with it…

  30. I’m getting all 3 of these trades.  My LCHS just doesn’t stock this stuff.  Sigh.

  31. @ohcaroline: You didnt bring the nasty 🙁

    But I understand what your saying and I can believe it…..but I still think it’s cheesecakey….if that is a word

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s not cheesecake. 

  33. Once again, KickAss, my rival in this crusted, cream cheese-filled game of chess that we play, your point is rendered moot. "Moot" I say! Upon seeing the cover I surely agree that it lacks any cheesecakery whatsoever! Furthermore, it lacks the nudity you so claim decries cheesecake, as the main character has her bottom well covered. Skin tight, as the alloy appears to be, we do in fact see the shapeliness of this young lady’s hind area, but this is no different from a back-shot we might see of any superhero clad in tight spandex, male or female!

    I know your game, Sir KickAss, oh I know it well… You are obviously not offended by this image of a woman’s ass; (why the very word is in your username!) you’ve simply taken umbrage with something that you enjoyed that the iFanboys considered ‘cheesecake’. You’ve decided that since this scene apparently  possessed an uncovered buttock or two, iFanboy must be leading a crusade against such lack of pants. In an act of fecetiousness, you have been crying, "Cheesecake!" where cheesecake was not present! For same, KickAss, for shame…

    I rest my case.

  34. @captbastard  Ahh, now I understand.  Well, sort of.


  35. Okay in all seriousness, let me just go state this for a second.

    We need a book, or a pamphlet of some kind to explain what is cheesecake and what is not.

    I’m sorry to go off topic but I just needed to state that it’s getting confusing what is cheesecake, what is lime (for all you anime fans), what is pure cheesecake, and what is porn. Okay so the last part is easy to tell….but the other three I just have no idea!! Okay sorry about that rant, carry on.

  36. Start a thread on the forums if you want.

  37. @KickAss

    Destroyer is from Marvel.

    The Mighty really brought it this week. It was scary as anything man.

  38. @ Captbstrd – I laughed out loud a couple times reading your response.  You have an enjoyable way with words good sir!  You’re right, I was just playing.  Purposely going overboard with the cheesecake, which I think other people have been doing.  I think it’s a lame complaint that should be retired really.

    Echo was great, though I suggest reading it in paperbacks.  Also, she has some great ( @ Y @ )s!

  39. I like the Destroyer cover

  40. My LCS had multiple copies of the entire The Mighty series and they always put together grab bags of different series, so I told him if he put one of those together I would buy it.  He was like 1/2 half the entire series and I was like SOLD! 

     Was gonna trade-wait on it, but it might be 3 years before DC gets it out.

  41. ***1/2 off the entire series***

     hate when the brain gets ahead of the hands

  42. I meant to say before, that MIGHTY cover is amazing.  I’m really only dimly aware of that series and it jumped out at me from the shelf this week.  I’ve heard people talk about the series but this is the first time I actually noticed it in the store, which means it’s doing what a cover is supposed to do. 

  43. Love ALL the Mighty covers. That’s the best Iredeemable cover yet. You’re not alone Josh, it’s a funny cover indeed.

    The Greek Street cover looked cool. Good design, pretty scary. Of course it could be argued that the only reason I like it is because there is a naked woman on it, and I’m a horny bastard, which I would like to deny by the way. *sigh* I should really just delete this paragraph…

  44. Irredemable


    + Alex Ross still p0wns.

  45. I actually liked Irredeemable Cover B better. As far as Cassaday though, How about that Reborn cover! Holy crap!