The Best of the Week in Covers – 02.15.2012

Who can take tomorrow? Dip it in a dream? Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream? 

The Cover Artist can! 

The Cover Artist can cuz he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. And the world tastes good cuz the Cover Artist thinks it shoooooooould!

Batman #6
By Greg Capullo

A striking, nightmarish image . It’s not a direct tease to the story within, but a tonally appropriate metaphor for the horror and confusion Bruce is experiencing deep below the streets of Gotham.

The Avengers #22
By Stuart Immonen

I can’t get over the detail in Cap’s glove, from the sheer number of creases and their varying depth to the way light dances along the contours. The claustrophobic framing heightens the drama of the moment and speaks to the velocity of this brawl. That katana is also perfectly placed to make sense of the tangle of bodies.


DC Universe Presents #6
By Ryan Sook

Sook tells a cool little story here. That mountain isn’t just a distant threat. It can swat a helicopter from the sky. It’s a thrill to see one of the best cover artists in the capes genre take on something a little different with this stirring depiction of high adventure.

X-Factor #232
By David Yardin

Salivary glands: activated. Where’s that Fruit Stripes gum?


  1. I pull comics every week for subscribers. I see a lot of comics. This weeks cover choices are spot on! All week I gushed about the X-Factor and DCU Presents covers. great choices this week!

  2. That X-Factor cover is insane. Fruit Stripe is totally right.

  3. The mountain on the Challengers cover looks like he could be Treebeard’s brother

  4. All great covers! Special shout out to Campbell’s Glory cover, too.

  5. I much preferred the subtlety of the earlier Challenger’s cover. I guess it was a test mock-up thing before the final was approved. I know this happens a lot but it seems some of the mystery, the ‘unknown’ if you will, was replaced for the action and adventure.

    As far as a cover goes the one Paul posted is eyecatching and does the job well. I know its probably just my personal preference but the sheer fact I didn’t see the face the first time round in the one I just posted makes me like it a lot. I like things to be hidden in the image, especially in a secret-mysteries-of-the-world context

  6. Proving again that Immomen and Sook are at the top of their field and should always be treated as such. That X-Factor cover is also stellar. I bet it stood out great on the stands.

  7. These plus Wonder Woman #6.

  8. Almost bought x-factor cause of the cover and i’ve no idea about x-factor. It stands out on the shelves this week.

  9. As art, the Avenger’s cover is beautiful. But nothing like this even happens in the book. The other character portrayed on the cover isn’t in the book at all. I don’t overall mind the cover not having a strong connection with the interior story, but at least use characters on it that are in the story.

  10. For me, X-Factor has a cover ‘so bad, it’s good’ appeal.

    I can’t say I want to have that as a poster but it’s an interesting idea that wasn’t fully executed well.

  11. I think that the X-Factor cover was the best cover of the weeeeeek!!!!

    On the other hand, I HATED the Avengers cover. Too busy, too much, not eye-catching at all.

  12. That Challengers of the Unknown cover by Ryan Sook is great.

  13. The X-Factor cover looks like a trading card.

  14. That Batman is scary, but I like the psychedelia feel to the 60’s with the X-Factor.