The Avengers to Spider-Man: YOU’RE FIRED

It’s been a rough week for Spider-Man and some of his fans and just when you’d think it couldn’t get any worse for Peter Parker, Marvel releases this teaser:



Peter Parker just CANNOT catch a break! It would seem that while Peter’s battling back to take control of his body from Doctor Octopus, ol’ Doc Ock will get Peter kicked out of The Avengers, which is tough because they’ll take anybody. Even Triathlon. What else will Doc Ock do to Peter’s life while he’s in control of Peter’s body? Wreck his credit score? Fall behind on his student loan payments? Run up his credit card debt?

Peter’s screwed.


  1. How’s Hickman’s Avengers going to work now? The Diagram already has the Spiddy logo on it!

    • I’m slowly getting the feeling that alot of Marvel NOW rests on very loose continuity between the books. Allowing Mr. Fantastic to be missing in FF and also be a member of New Avengers. Iron Man can be in space with the Guardians and on earth with both avengers teams.
      Which is all fine. The books are allowed to be as creative as possible without editorial restrictions.

    • It’s uh… Spider-woman’s that’s it!

  2. Somebody please remind Doc Oc….uhem…Spider-man that he needs to return his Avengers ID Card and all related items to Carol at HR before 6 today. Thanks!

    • lets hope he didn’t lose his key FOB thing to the Avengers Garage. They really charge ya for those!

    • “Now, I know this is hard Spider-Man, but I’m going to need you go back to your Spider-Desk and clean out your Spider-Things. Also, look through that packet. There’s actually a lot of good tips in there to help you transition to the next phase your Spider-Career.”

  3. I like the toe bit on his costume.. wait.. i don’t. Also i don’t like this whole teasing storylines before the book is even out.

  4. You know the economy’s bad when you see Spider-Man in the unemployment line.

    Tough break, Pete. Where’s your buddy Barack when ya really need him? 🙂

  5. Thus launches Doc Ock’s next great rivalry, culminating in him finally switching brains with and defeating Carol from HR.

    As a Spider-Man fan, I’m along for the ride and I plan on enjoying it. If its not good, it’s $3.99 I save each month to try something new – just like every other title. But I’ve been digging Dan Slott’s work and I like the art teams lined up for this, so remain optimistic that work speaks for itself. Bring it on!

  6. Look, as long as Thor has a beard, I’m in.

  7. Spider-Man has Nightcrawler feet!

  8. Knew this was coming.

    Next, no money and hated by everyone in the city.

  9. Wait…. What happened to the Ifanboy logo?!?

  10. So this means the finale Avenging Spider-Man comes out in April?

  11. They didn’t even fire Gilgamesh!

    • Bet you “forgot” about him, huh?

    • Or Scarlet Witch. Or Vision. Or Hank Pym. Thank god no one is itching to bring back Starfox.

    • If I ever wrote the Avengers, I would have Starfox in the line up in a second. His super power is that chicks dig him. If he isn’t Earth’s mightiest hero, then there is something wrong!

    • He could “stimulate the pleasure center” of Spider-Woman, while she “phermones” him to climax. Create a limited series of “The Spanish Fly Avengers”, and they can fight Purple Man and Puppet Master (if either are still alive…I think they’ve died a lot). We may need a mature imprint for this one.

    • I have this image of Star Fox as part of the Great Lakes Avengers. He goes to GED with Bertha when she’s a supermodel, then wakes up after she blogged out and has a heart attack lol.

    • @bub64882 …damn, dude, that is some funny stuff. Spanish Fly Avengers forever! Ummm, yeah, mature imprint.

  12. Not really a surprise, makes sense with how I expect things to play out with this story.

    • Also, has a huge Spider-man fan, I love that there is so much discussion about the character on the site lately and the ispider-man logo!

  13. Now this has restored my faith in your site. lol I think a lot of people are all taking this issue way too seriously. Love your response on this announcement. lol

    • I literally was on my way to remove you guys from my Reader feed and ask that your remove my membership before this. I am just so tired of reading the hate, and I’m sorry to go on the attack but the story published this morning seemed less like legitimate journalism and more like an attack campaign which frankly some people should just be ashamed of.

    • @HankChinaski: Calm down. It was an opinion column by someone whose opinion you disagree with.

    • Get a grip, Hank. Your antics in the other Superior Spider-Man comment section is embarrassing.

    • cheez…picky, picky.
      People here are generally pretty nice, y’know.

  14. Switching brains is usually grounds for dismissal. Usually.

  15. So much for Doc’s plan to leap frog from Peter’s body into Tony’s. Why be satisfied with smart and strong when you can be smart and RICH instead?

    Also, this group included Dr. Druid and D-Man, who also never got fired. In fact, the only other Avenger I can remember getting fired was Sandman. But that was so they could turn him into a beautiful glass bowl.

  16. Oh man, Triathalon. I totall forgot about him. Ha!

  17. Man, by the time Doc Ock is done with Peter he is going to be out of the Avengers, probably get his security clearance at Horizon Labs revoked, make MJ hate him, and probably make all his friends have him committed for acting so crazy. Should make for some interesting stories once Peter is back. Hopefully he isn’t living in a box in an alley by then.

  18. As long as Ramos is drawing it – I don’t care – I’m in. But what book is it? Is it Superiour Spidey? I assume so since Slott is writing it.

  19. Sometimes I think I’d like to read a Ramos-drawn book, and then I have a good laugh with myself.

  20. There’s too many characters in the Avengers anyway.

  21. @Conor reading your speculation in the main article made me think: Peter Parker probably already has a pretty horrible credit score. He can’t hold a job. He is always broke. He as very little history of paying bills. He lived rent free with his Aunt May most of the time. He has never owned a car, since he doesn’t even know how to drive (yes, I know about the Spidey Buggy.) he also can’t really account where his paycheck from the Daily Bugle went, because I doubt he could tell the IRS he spent his check on web fluid. Cone to think of it, where did Peter tell May his money went?

    May: Peter, can you be a dear and pick up my prescription?

    Peter: I have no money.

    May: you just got paid.

    Peter: it’s gone already.

    May: …….are you on drugs?

  22. I like the new Spider-man idea. I hope it works out.