The Avengers and The Secret Avengers… So Far

Over the last two weeks we've had the new rosters of the Avengers and the Secret Avengers slowly released like some kind of pleasant Chinese water torture. Here's where we stand so far:

The Avengers, brought to you by Brian MIchael Bendis and John Romita Jr.:


The Avengers


And The Secret Avengers, courtesy of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato:


Secret Avengers

Someone is shy.


  1. I haven’t been paying attention the hype for either of these books, so I’m not sure what the speculation is. One of those guys in Secret Avengers looks like War Machine. One is probably Moon Knight. That couldn’t possibly be Deathlok at the end there, could it?

  2. @conor so is Bendis going to be writing both?

  3. Could that be a secret Ms. Marvel with a new caped costume?

  4. Brubaker is writing secret avengers, with Mike Deodato on art.

  5. @vadamowens: Creative teams added.

  6. @HBD – that made me laugh.  i now have this image of Ms. Marvel in a cape, her reason being that you *obviously* add a cape if you’re trying to be a "secret" Avenger. 😀

  7. First one:Beast?

    Third one:Scarlet Witch?



  8. I wonder if the teams are actually only five a-piece. I kinda like that. Nice and streamlined. Well, I’m looking forward to this "Heroic Age." Very curious to see the new status quo, as well as the "take" on each of these teams. Brubaker’s the wildcard here, as his team/super-hero output has been a bit uneven. I hope it feels a bit like Natasha/Bucky/Sharon/Falcon in Cap. that was a sort of loose "team" dynamic, and it worked.

  9. Maybe they never reveal secret avengers and change the name to amorphus blob avengers

  10. my guesses: Beast, Taskmaster, Scarlet Witch, Noh-Varr, War Machine.

  11. Well I’m pretty sure the first one is Iron Man, than it looks like Captain America, Thor, Ronin and I don’t know… Hawkgirl?

  12. So I’m gonna guess that they will take out certain obvious details in these blobs, so here are my guesses for the Secret Avengers
    1. Beast
    2. Moon Knight
    3. Scarlet Witch
    4. Nova
    5. War Machine

  13. seeing as how both 4 and 5 look armored, I’m guessing one is War Machine.  and I guess the other is Noh-Varr.  the question there is, did Bendis set that character up just for Brubaker to use?  not out of the question, but that’s what would be required.  OR I’m just wrong on both accounts.

  14. hmmm apparently Brubaker said #4 isn’t a Dark Avenger so no to Noh-Varr.

  15. Brubaker also said he had no interest in writing the return of Steve Rogers

  16. Guerilla Man on the first one?

  17. @conor thanks. I just realized that I read that in an earlier article you posted.

  18. Alright time for my SWAG on the Secret Avengers.  People will call me crazy for sure.

    1.  Beast

    2.  Sentry (because Marvel won’t let that character go and he needs A TON of redemption now)

    3.  Emma Frost

    4.  Captain Britain

    5.  War Machine 

  19. I really hope that Nova isnt #4. KEEP HIM IN SPACE! I still think it could be Noh-Varr because technically he is no longer a DA.

    That last one is definetly War Machine though.

  20. Beast, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, Hank Pym and War Machine

  21. @jmstump I was thinking sentry as well but he has to die in siege right? Captain Britain? That could be cool, I was also thinking Emma but with all the messiah stuff in xmen and their absence in siege would they pull her into an avengers book? I am thinking that if indeed this “7years in the making” it has to be Wanda.

    Btw good for a chuckle

  22. Nice to see the last image for the SA.

    1) Venom

    2) Taskmaster

    3) Scarlet Witch? I really can’t think of many females to be honest. A lot of websites are saying Valkyrie though.

    4) Wonderman

    5) War Machine. I thought the 4th image was WM, but no it definitely looks like an Iron Man suit in this.

  23. Hey iFanboy,

    How about a contest to guess the line-up for Secret Avengers? 


  25. As said above, maybe the teams are only five members.

    That would be cool.

  26. You guys are crazy. The Secret Avengers are different versions of Deadpool. 🙂

  27. I still think that second Secret Avenger is Osborn as the Goblin.

  28. @Freebozo – Sad thing is, that’s a very real possibility.

  29. I was thinking the first one was Goblin, but now I’m really thinking Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady) or even possibly Wasp (Hank Pym)

    and #3 is Scarlet Witch.  the pose looks like her, what we can see of her costume looks like her, and who else would be saying that quote?  who else needs more to convince us readers that she is in control?

  30. The Secret Avengers quotes all sound like 12-step testimonials.

  31. @ TNC – Thanks. Now if that’s not Wonder Man I’m going to be pissed.

  32. and there is a sixth teaser image! literally could be anybody, although maybe someone else can ID the wrist technology

  33. Yeah i gotta go with Noh-Varr for the 4th one. They wouldn’t have given him that costume change and higher power level and not put him in an ongoing. 

  34. @countabyss:

    replace nova with Noh-Varr, as cosmic Marvel takes place away from Manhattan.

  35. Although I will definitly be buying both of these, I’m just a little bit more excited for secret avengers.

  36. @ABirdseysView    Where is this 6th image of which you speak?

  37. Newsarama and CBR both have it

  38. 6th is definitely Steve Rogers

  39. they just annouced two more avengers no surprises

  40. If this is the Heroic age why are these Avengers Secret?  Does Civil War still matter? I would think Steve Rogers or Tony would convince everyone to register or Marvel will throw out the superhero registration all together.  So what are they hiding from? Is this where the Dark Avengers run to at the end of Siege? Is one of the armored looking silohettes Norman Osborn!?

  41. I’m running with my Dark Avengers=Secret Avengers theory.

    1. Venom

    2. Green Goblin

    3. Ms. Marvel/Moonstone

    4. Sentry

    5. Iron Patriot or American Son either one is probably Harry Osborn.

  42. Yeah, so the two new Avengers showing up on the cover of Avengers #1 are Spider-man and Wolverine. I’m glad for it, honestly, because I do like the interplay between Logan and Peter and the rest of the crew. I’m a big fan of writers picking the characters they feel they can write in the most interesting ways, NOT basing it on some myth about what’s "proper" or pickin the team based on baseball-card-style statistics. Or filling quotas. Although, that said… I’ll really miss Luke Cage (assuming he’s only in Thunderbolts).

  43. I’m with daccampo on that.  Spidey and Wolverine have been fun additions to the Avengers.

  44. I like lanterns idea. Could be good.

    Also glad wolvie and spidey made it. They are fun together, and bendis can write the hell out of spidey.

  45. I am really hoping the guesses are right about Beast being on Secret Avengers. I like when he is bouncing around the Marvel world outside of just the X-Men. Oh, I hope there is bouncing, as that is the Beast I know and love.

    I am also thrilled that Bendis is keeping Spider-Man in the Avengers. Yay!

  46. Looks like Ares if he wasnt ripped in half. and the quote fits him

  47. 2 and 3 of the secret team = Cloak and Dagger

  48. if Man-thing is a Thunderbolt then anything is possable 

    #1 Beast   

    #2 Blue Marvel

    #3 Scarlet Witch

    #4 Wonder Man

    #5 Colossus

    #6 Hank Pym


  49. 3) Songbird

    5) War Machine

    6) Steve Rogers 

  50. @swindle
    I would have a total geekgasm if blue marvel is on the team. But alas I don’t think it’s in the cards. On cbr brevoort or somebody was talking about a “heroic age” anthology featuring characters that have ties to the status but not a means to tell their stories. Some of the stories they discussed were mi13 and the blue marvel.

  51. I know that Brubaker is writing the book but we all know Bendis has a hand in it. Look at what Bendis has done with the Sentry, the Hood, Luke Cage, Spider-woman and Echo. So it wouldn’t surprise me if this happens again with this series. Harry Osborn in American Son armor for example as well the Blue Marvel. Marvel is really pushing this Heroic Age im thinking more heros than reformed villians.

    @ ShaunR.  I love to see Songbird as an Avenger but i dont think its her time. Damn that Avengers Forever book.


  52. i’m a sucker for Blue Marvel as well.  

  53. Beast has hairy tiger-man hands and claws.  I don’t think #1 is Beast.

  54. @ spiderphilman
    I know that was such a great mini! Perhaps I shall go reread it! I would love if he showed up and beat the sentry like he owed him money

  55. Anyone think that 6th one might be Captain Britain? (I know it’s just wishful thinking…)

  56. Given what looks to be a leg pouch and straps on the wrists, I’m guessing whoever #6 is happens to be wearing a SHIELD outfit.

  57. I’m going to miss the big group of avengers we already had. If anything Bendis has proven to me that a big team story can be executed flawlessly. I hope the smaller line ups fill up that gap pretty well.

  58. 1- Beast

    2- Moon Knight

    3- Scarlet Witch

    4- Wonder Man

    5- War Machine

    6- Captain Britain 

  59. Nowadays, Marvel is all about trying to create synergy between their comics and movies.  With that in mind, I suspect that the big boobed babe is Valkyrie, a.k.a. Brunhilde, the captain of the Valkyries.  Although it does look like she has had a costume redesign because her trademark pointy breastplates are missing.  Marvel is going to want to raise the profile of their characters from Norse Mythology now that Thor is going to become a movie.  Perhaps Brunhilde will even appear in the Thor film.  War Machine is a no brainer for the Secret Avengers, since he will be in the next Iron Man movie.  I think the double jointed dude is Spider-Man because I suspect that the Secret Avengers will be underground, and not paid by the government or Tony Stark.  Marvel wants Peter Parker to remain poor so that he can retain the image of the “lovable loser.”

  60. 1.Beast



     Thats all I got

  61. The sixth image…..god that’s really hard….

    It looks like he/she is wearing shoulder pads and gloves….I’m going to say…..

    Steve Rogers. Or the long shot it’s USAgent.

  62. Honestly, the bottom 3 Secret Avengers look like they could be the same person in different poses.

  63. sixth image could possibly be Iron Fist?? No.

    I really hope Wonder Man is in this. Leisure Suit ONLY!

  64. @Tiocore: Your right, they do look the same…..

  65. Isn’t Scarlett dead? Or did I miss something?

  66. 1. Slapstick

    4. Superpro

    6. D-Man 

  67. 1 black panther, 2 Harry osborn as a goblin. 3 storm, 4 namor, 5 war machine, 6 Steve Rogers as nomad.

  68. Bucky is Taking over offically as Captain America in the Cap Book and Ed Brubaker is writting the Secret Avengers
    "I Lead By Example" has to be Steve Rogers most likely as the new Directer of SHEILD
    Taking a cue from Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, the Secret Avengers i think will be Steve's black ops group team
    "I focus on the solution not the problem"

    "I excel through adversity"
    -Captain Marvel

    "I act upon my convictions regardless of personal consequences"
    -War Machine

  69. @ magan

    i  love jrjr but honestly not loving thor spidey or iron man on that cover

  70. I’m wondering if anybody else really hates Deodato’s art? I don’t avoid many artists, but he’s a book killer for me. I think it’s just because of that Gwen Stacy story, but whatever it is I really can’t seem to move past it.

  71. 2) Grey Gargoyle

    3) Songbird

    4) American Son

    5) War Machine

    6) Steve Rogers 

  72. Cap’s team in the Civil War were the original Secret Avengers.  One might be Iron Fist bc he was on that team.

  73. @gleepglop  i used to hate it myself but his work on Dark Avengers has made me really appreciate his layouts. He keeps getting better and is leaps and bounds better than he was when he was on Amazing Spider-Man with JMS

  74. oh! could one of them be Rescue?

  75. Avengers:

    Bucky, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor (guests: Spidey & Wolvey)

    New Avengers/T-Bolts:

    Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, heroine, other dude

    Secret Avengers:

    Rogers, Fury, Pym, Namor, Wonder Man or Osborn (leader)

    War Machine or Iron Patriot (convictions)

    capeless Vision, Iron Patriot or Original Human Torch Android (adversity)

    Sif, Carmilla Black/Scorpion, Valkyrie, Enchantress, Lyra, Scarlet Witch (control)

    Moon Knight, the Hood, Doctor Doom (redemption)

    Daredevil, Beast (solution)

  76. But then again, it could be:

    Venom or Black Panther

    Rescue or American Son

    Captain Marvel or Blue Marvel


    Sentry or Green Goblin

    Hawkeye as Clint after being tossed from the Avengers (again?)