‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Ten years and two months after Sam Raimi first brought Spider-Man to life on the big screen we’re back with a new Spider-Man for a new generation!

One of the most popular superhero characters of all time–the star of stage and screen and comic book page–spawned the most lucrative comic book movie film franchise to date and in the time honored comic book tradition of rebooting for a new audience, Sony has handed the task of reintroducing the world to Spider-Man to indie director Marc Webb.

(I swear, if this movie makes me spend days obsessing about my ex-girlfriends like 500 Days of Summer did…)

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Are you going to see The Amazing Spider-Man? Of course you are! So let’s talk about it!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet be forewarned – there be SPOILERS ahoy! So don’t scroll down any further if you are sensitive to that kind of thing.


  1. I thought it was incredible! A lot better than the 2002 movie. I liked that Andrew Garfield looked and acted like a high school kid, and Emma Stone as Gwen was perfect casting.

  2. There was allot of good. But I am sorry you do not make a Spider-man movie with out uncle Ben saying “With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity” I know he more or less said it but for me personally you can change allot and I won’t mind but was it really to hard to find a way to include those 6 words?

    • Avengers didn’t include “Avengers Assemble!” and it still worked. As long as the feeling gets across that’s all that matters.

    • I haven’t watched it yet but think everything I’ve seen looks good and edgier than Raimi’s and I loved Spider-Man 2, 1 was a good movie but could’ve sped up the origin part with the making the costume and wrestling and everything with uncle Ben but all that stuff does give more meaning to his story later so whatever and really enjoyed Green Goblins scenes and loved that they ended the 1st one with Peter walking away from MJ at the end (and here’s my point, agreeing with newtype1089) honoring and giving true meaning to “with great power comes great responsibility”. 3 had its moments but didn’t ever have a rhythm and the cheesy “emo” scenes had me feeling like someone just stuck they’re finger in my ice cream. All that said, I’m sure they can pull off a good movie without the phrase but it is detrimental to his motive I also agree with USPUNX cause capturing the essence and demeanor of the character is whats most important to me. I thought they said assemble at some point in Avengers?

    • I was also bugged about the no “with great power” line but then I had a thought… If that line was in the film it would have to be the THEME of the film. But the THEME, instead was DESTINY… demonstrated by that last Uncle Ben monologue.

      Maybe I’m looking too much into it.

      Anyone else?

  3. I thought it was pretty good. I didn’t mind any of the changes and only a few scenes stuck out as corny to me. I actually really enjoyed the romance between Gwen and Peter more than anything. I also liked the Lizard much more than I thought I would.

    DO NOT WATCH THE AFTER CREDITS SCENE. That’s just my opinion but it left me with a bad taste, it came of as very cheesy and not in a good way. Plus I believe I know who that was suppose to be but eh just pointless honestly.

    I’m mostly excited for the possibilities of sequels. This was better than Spider-Man 1 in my opinion so that’s a good sign. Spider-Man 2 is still the best though.

    • I swear the post credits scene was in some of the trailers…

    • @minion if that’s true they should be ashamed, for that reason, and the fact it was as corny as it was lol.

    • Not sure what was corny about it. And also who did you think it was supposed to be?

    • @minion I definitely remember it from one of the trailers.

    • @nmoline I just think it felt forced and the dialogue was keeping him in the shadows was weak.

      I thought Electro but the story made it seem like it was Osbourne. I’ve heard some suggestions of Chameleon however because of his outfit.

      I somehow want it to be Mysterio though.

    • Seems like it’s now required to have a credits scene in a Marvel movie, so they put anything in.

  4. I walked away severely disappointed. I don’t think this Peter Parker was anything close to the Peter Parker I care about.

    I’ll just have to wait for the next re-reboot, I guess.

  5. It was fun with plenty of nit-picks to be had. But a very positive experience. The dangling plot thread I want most addressed in movie 2? Whatever happened to Lizard-Rat?

  6. I really enjoyed the film a lot, and felt Andrew Garfield really knocked it out of the park in terms of bringing a fresh but familiar take on Peter Parker.


  8. Good. Much better than Spider-man 1 (and 3). Spider-man 2 is the all-time greatest.

  9. I’m so torn on this movie that I left the theater not quite sure how to feel about it. It’s like it was written by 2 different people who didn’t really like each other.

    On the one hand, you’ve got really great character moments and relationship building. I like how they established Uncle Ben as the wise yet practical uncle, how Gwen and Peter’s relationship built (him telling her he was Spider-Man was fantastic), Peter learning to use his powers in creative and exciting ways, and Dr. Conners’ really stood out as a man who wasn’t evil, just driven and pushed too far. I even liked Capt. Stacey slowly learning to trust Peter.

    On the other hand there’s some really clumsy storytelling. See that device over there you once saw as a kid? It shoots out gas. Gee, bet that won’t be referenced later at all. The traffic reporter sees Spider-Man and instantly knows he’s hurt, where he’s going, and why he’s going there? Was someone worried we couldn’t figure that out for ourselves? Why did Dr. Conners have a 3D model of his evil plan playing on repeat at a computer he was no where near? Why would Peter, a smart kit, walk into a room full of spiders in a crazy science lab without any kind of protection? And what ever happen to all those cops that got turned into Lizards?

    The dialogue, action, visuals, and acting were all really great, but it was all strung together by really questionable plotting. Once they got where they needed to be it was great, but getting there was clunky and awkward.

    • Connors is a scientist first and foremost. He was keeping records of all of his experiments. Turning the city into lizards was just another one of those.

      To Peter walking in unprotected, I think his curiosity just got the best of him and he walked in blind.

      All of the cops got turned back into humans. They definitely showed three of them reverting on screen.

    • If I feel like there were a decent amount of issues the movie had, but many you point out were explained or hinted at.

      Just as @CBiro points out also if the room is full of spiders given how small they are and the lighting I don’t think Peter could see them until he was in there, and then probably thought what the hell is this?

    • i kind of agree. they might have just as well called the cloud making machine the “plot device” because it’s obvious that’s what it was. and i wasn’t a fan of this version of the lizard. but the peter/gwen stuff is pretty great and so was the the stuff with his uncle. i also could’ve lived without the stuff with his parents but i guess it’s going to be more important in spider-man 2.

    • @ C Biro

      I know Conners is a scientist, but is the best record he could keep of his experiments was a 3D model where one picture of himself goes on top of a building, then spreads out to become hundreds? And where did he get a picture of himself? Did he have time to take it, then photoshop it into this program? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Peter to find some actual science stuff, takes it, and figures it out on his own? Then we get to reestablish that Peter is a really smart guy.

      It’s still an door in a genetics lab with a big “KEEP OUT” sign on it. Obviously Peter has to get bit by the spider, but it just seems like a bad choice.

      And we see the cops get turned into lizard men, then later on we see them cured, but we never see what they did as lizard men. Did they pass out and just lie there? Did they attack people? It never goes anywhere. It’s supposed to raise the stakes, but then never actually shows us why.

      I think my thoughts on the movie can be summarized by the 2 scenes with the crane operator whose kid Spidey saved. When he saved his kid it’s a great moment. Peter is selfless, realizes he can do more with his powers, and it all happens during a really tense and visually interesting moment.

      Then later Peter is hurt, and we have this 2 minute section where the crane operators all line up their cranes to give him something to swing on. Why? Is swinging on cranes that much faster than swinging on buildings? Why does Spidey’s hurt leg impede his swinging? If felt shoehorned in as a NY pride moment like the first Spider-Man film, but it ended up just bogging things down.

      I don’t want to be all negative. I really loved parts of this movie. Parts just screamed out to me as sloppy storytelling.

    • As you ask these questions, i get the feeling you didnt watch the movie at all. You have just enough information to be danerous.

    • I have to agree with JASONRAGE. Like seriously. Did you watch this movie? Lol. Raise the stakes? Had they entered an additional scene about what they did as “lizard men” you would’ve simply written about how much you hated that. Lol. And yes swinging thru a city isn’t as simple and far fetched as the Sam Raimi films suggested. I appreciated that crane scene because spider man doesn’t just swing from building to building. It isn’t and shouldn’t be easy. In the first 3 spider man movies his webs shoot onto clouds and swing him around. His webs also go as far as he’d like them to go. Also unrealistic. The humor behind spider man is his realism. Hes a superhero with limits. That’s why he’s riding the top of a taxi car in the new avenging spider man comics – he states the web cartridges are expensive and he’s cutting costs. This movie was way better than any of the Sam Raimi movies (in my opinion). Sure 2 had some good scenes but it also had A LOT OF BAD ONES. Or are we to forget that he stops a train like if his first name was super and not spider? Or the terrible
      Continuity issues in those few mins where he’s stopping the train – which I rather not get into. I appreciate so much about this film. It’s a set up film. It’s a Peter Parker film. Not spider man. It’s him becoming that towards the end. This movie was done well to set up great spider man films to come. I enjoyed watching Gwen Stacy and not Mart Jane. This movie was funny without being horribly cheesy (let us all mourn the scene where “raindrops keep falling on my head” played) Like the first 3. Andrew Garfield was directed much better than Seabiscuit was. He also didn’t make him so god damn depressing all the time. The only knock I have on this movie is the score. I felt maybe at times it could’ve been better or simply felt like it didn’t fit the mood the scene was giving off. Besides that, Marc Webb did well in the relaunch (in my opinion).

  10. seeing it tonite cant wait ive only heard good things

    • ^This. 12 hours from now I’ll have a frosty beverage and an expectation set FAR to high because of The Avengers. I’m hoping I’m not disappointed but I’m sure it’ll be 10x the film Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance was so I’ll probably be happy if it’s somewhere between the two.

    • @markavo

      It’s not Avengers. I’ll say that now, but it’s still really good.

  11. The car jacking scene was brilliant. He just wouldn’t shut up and Garfield nailed it.

    “Yeah climb out the window. That’s it. Yeah you got it man.”

  12. pros: andrew garfield was a better peter parker than tobey mcguire easily. emma stone was a great gwen stacey, and a better love interest than kirsten dunst’s mj (even though i tend to be more of a mj type of guy). their love story was much more believable to me and i thought their awkward flirting was pretty funny. and, oh yeah, spider-man was funny again! like he should be! he was throwing out one liners when he was taking down villains, something he generally didn’t do in the other spider-man movies (seriously, re-watch them, he’s surprisingly unfunny during the action sequences) and he also seemed to fly by the seat of his pants a bit more, which is something i love about spider-man. cons: no jjj! wtf? the lizard was still better than the villains in spider-man 3, but worse than the villains in spider-man 1 or 2. it’s a shame because i like the lizard, but i felt there wasn’t much time actually spent on his character and it made him seem like a weird choice for the villain in the reboot. he should be a GREAT choice because the lizard is the story of a guy who had great power and didn’t use it responsibly, which turned him into a monster. but in the end he just seemed like a random choice. (“eh, we haven’t had a movie with the lizard in it yet, lets use the lizard”) also, i don’t know if it’s just because of the imax theater i saw it in, or if i’m just getting to be a grumpy old man, but the sound mix seemed off during the action sequences. the film score was played pretty loudly and it was distractingly average movie music.

    in the end i still think that it’s the best version of spider-man that we’ve gotten in a movie, and it’s generally better than any of the other spider-man movies. (i’ve recently re-watched the other movies and they don’t hold up well). far from a perfect movie, and not the best summer comic book movie, but i enjoyed it. also, don’t watch the 3d version, it’s pretty unnecessary.

  13. yeah i got stuck watching the 3d and i dont like 3d in the first place but the 3d really wasnt that good. iit was a good movie but I was hoping it would be better. solid 7 out of 10 for me:) which is pretty good when you have the lizard as a villian lol. they didnt seem to explain that much of anything in the movie. they jumped around to much for me other then the gwen realationshp that was fine. just bounced from scene to scene really fast it semed and the action was good but every action scene seemed short especially the final……but even with all that it was a still a good movie. really looking foward to the green goblin who they hinted at:) solid movie but wont blow you away.

  14. It is the best Spider-Man movie so far, but it did have some flaws.

  15. I loved this movie, by far the best spider-man movie. its not going to thrill a lot of people especially those who want a superhero movie to be an action movie. while there is action it’s the characters that are the heart of this movie. There are certainly some plot problems and conveniences but there are in virtually every superhero movie, including avengers and dark knight. If that’s the kind of thing you focus on you will have problems with this movie, but spider-man is about heart and this movies heart is in the right place.

    in many ways i liked it more than avengers. the avengers movie, was better constructed, better executed, faster, bigger and more fun, in the end it ,like the comic, is about superheroes (who really have nothing in common with me or most people) saving the world. this movie, like the comic, is at its best when its about heart, and loss and responsibility and not giving up even when you should, even when the price is too high. They got that right, even moreso than raimi’s version, and with that right i really dont care about the little details.

  16. First modern super hero movie I have no interest in watching. Hopefully if it bombs Sony might sell the rights back to Marvel Studios. I hear they’re desperate for money these days.

    • Even though most people are saying it’s good to great you hope it fails? Why?

    • @Corey well that’s not going to happen because of the international market and they’ve already written the sequel.

      I didn’t have any interest really in it either but now I want to take my girlfriend to see it I enjoyed it that much. I think she actually would too.

    • 3 Spidey films are enough for me. I’d go see it if every critic was falling over themselves declaring it the new Citizen Kane. But I just don’t have the appetite for another Spider-Man movie even if it is ‘above average’ .

  17. Now that I’m more awake. One of the parts I really liked is that he still hasn’t caught the guy who killed Ben. THIS way if they decide to do a Spiderman 3 and make him a character later it isn’t completely ridiculous.

    Another note on the origin. Ouch. This time he wasn’t even stiffed for a few hundred/thousand dollars. He was stiffed for Milk and he let his uncle die because of it. That’s gotta hurt.

  18. I hated the characterization of Flash Thompson throughout the movie. First, he’s the violent douchenozzle who is going to graduate into “most likely to commit manslaughter” territory, especially with that way too violent assault on Peter when he refuses to take a picture of him dunking another kid into his lunch.

    Then, once Uncle Ben is dead, we all of a sudden have sensitive “let it out, bro” Flash. Wut.

    Then, finally at the end, we have a Flash that displays a buddy-buddy attitude with Peter, complete with friendly noogie.

    Was Flash’s entire character arc left on the cutting room floor? The only times we see Flash put in his place is when Gwen publicly reveals that he’s a dummy and he’s getting tutoring from the hot nerd girl in order to get him to back off of, again, his vicious attack on peter that anyone else would get arrested for; and the basketball scene.

    • With the Venom movie rumors. They might be doing working on something with Peter and Flash.

    • The Flash in this film is very much in the spirit of Stan Lee’s Flash. The Flash character has been rehabilitated in recent years.

    • @Mono0521 you can’t have Flash as Venom out of the gate. Flash has to go to war to gain his soldier skills, and, above all else, his humility. To me, Flash became more of an actual human person after he came back from war, both in original continuity and Brand New Day continuity, which is where him as Venom came from.

      @Invasionforce, we must have been watching completely different movies, because Flash had no actual character storyline. He was just there and not consistent at all in his portrayal. It was too jarring, because he was asshole, then sensitive, to buddy, with no storyline to speak of to inform why his personality suddenly was all over the place.

    • @neums. You act like sony gives a shit about the comics. They may make Flash and Peter best buds in the next movie. Then have him go to war and come back as venom. You don’t have to tell me about Venom. Eddie Brock is still the only real Venom to me. But the new comic is making me like Venom again.

    • Sorry for being so out of touch but are you all saying that Flash in now Venom?

  19. I was expecting so much, and felt so robbed. I was expecting the perfect Spider-Man movie, and well, I guess I’m still going to be waiting for that.

  20. Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    The best part of the movie for me was the Peter-Gwen relationship. Both actors were great. I also liked Peter discovering his powers and his early exploits in crimefighting before the Lizard takes centerstage. I think the filmmakers took a lot of cues from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic which is probably pretty obvious to everyone else already, but I tried to stay unspoiled before seeing it in the theater. I wouldn’t have had Peter reveal that he’s Spider-Man to Gwen, but she wouldn’t have been able to help him at the end with the antidote at Oscorp if she didn’t know. Also, Aunt May disappeared halfway through the film and then popped up at the end. Captain Stacy’s dying request felt like a forced plot gimmick and I resented it. Those are just a few of my gripes, but I did enjoy the film and will recommend it as fun if imperfect.

    • I don’t think it was very Ultimate Spider-Man. The writing for this film is a lot more subtle than anything I’ve read from Bendis. This film diverges from Stan Lee’s Spider-Man, but in clever ways.

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      I guess I meant it was like Ultimate Spider-Man in the way that it takes Peter back to high school age and updates him fashion-wise with the hoodie and skateboard and makes Peter considerably more emo (as in sensitive) than just nerdy. Aunt May isn’t a sunken cheek crone, but almost milf-y. That’s a few things, I could go on. Just my opinion anyway…

  21. I wasn’t impressed. The Score, Editing, CGI and some plot points left a lot to be desired.

    • I liked the score, but then it was James Horner doing a remix of “A Beautiful Mind”, which I liked.

      One thing I wish there was more time spent on was Peter and Gwen swinging through the city. That could have been a moment remeniscent of Superman and Lois flying in “Superman: The Movie” and really added depth to their relationship.

  22. Hopefully we get Paul on the Podcast.

  23. I thought there was a lot of good with the movie, but there was a lot left unfinished in regard to the story. The robber who killed Uncle Ben, Aunt May and Peter had some dialogue, but he just kept coming in late. I thought the Spiderman scenes were amazing, but you have to have the staples with “With great power comes great responsibility”. And the scene at the end in the credits left no hints, except possibly Osbourne because he was mentioned in the movie. I left liking it, but felt there was something missing from the character of Peter Parker, not Andrew Garfield who did a great job, but from the script.

    • The way he kept acting at home whenever they spoke ill of Spider-Man, like sulking off, or whenever there was a pitched battle and then you’d see May see Peter with all his cuts and scrapes and injuries, and you could almost see it in May’s face that she was putting 2 and 2 together but she wasn’t saying anything about it.

  24. This was all that I could ever have hoped for in a Spider-Man film. I felt like Ron felt when X-Men First Class came out last year. It is IMO that ASM is superior to XFC for 1 reason & its a biggie, ASM had emotionality. Along with the ending to Captain America, I thought that this was one of the most emotional Marvel films I have ever seen. All of the acting was so consistent with the film that it never felt out of place. Now the only gripes I would say to naysayers is that I agree that it is a bit on the slow side for half the film, yet once that other half kicks in, the payoff is so worth it that I just couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the experience. Garfield completely embodied the Ultimate Spider-Man persona with the quirkiness of the original Spider-Man (616) as well. Emma Stone was so fantastic that I will never EVER watch Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane again. Stone beat Dunst out of the water & into the frying pan she was so great as Gwen Stacy, but it wasn’t a completely faithful rendition of the character from the comics, yet that’s a minor thing & then again what really is. Rhys was very good as Curt & his voice for the Lizard blended surprisingly fluidly. Hi anguish matched Peter’s isolation perfectly. The plot points that are being hinted at for the next installment makes me oh so thirsty for the sequel. I do believe that SPOILER it would be Norman Osborn in the jail cell with Conners at the credits scene, b/c it clearly is a different person rather than a figment of Conners’ imagination (I think?) & no other person could have the leverage, power & money to just walk right into a maximum security cell to talk to an inmate & then vanish. If I am right then if people thought that this ASM was dark (not Dark Knight dark but still) then the sequel will be even more tragic. Can’t Wait!!!! : )

  25. Avatar photo jwt6577 (@jwt6577) says:

    I feel like the words “dark” and “edgies” will used often describing ASM. I don’t feel it’s quite as true, I don’t think the movie is darker, I feel more that it’s more restrained emotionally. Raimi would beat you over the head with the mood, high or low. That’s not a slight, I like Raimi’s style, it’s simply that Webb is using a bit more of a subtle touch. He also takes a bit more time to allow the characters a chance to draw you in.

    As a result, the film feel moodier.

  26. Really enjoyed the movie. But felt like it was more set in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe. Will see it again. Spider-Man 2 still my favorite Spidy movie though.

  27. Saw it today and loved it. As great as the firts two Raimi flicks and by far better than the third.
    Lovedd the feel of Spidey ‘in motion’ vibe, like I was watchy a comic book dome to life when Spidey was swing around. Some of the poses looked to be pulled exactly out of the comics. Planning to see it again thia weekend.

  28. Saw it and loved it. My favorite Spider-man movie by far. Loved the chemistry between Gwen and Peter.

  29. When I heard that Marc Webb got the nod to direct Spider-Man, I thought that a “500 Days of Summer” version of Spider-Man might be my favorite superhero movie ever. That’s what I got and I loved it. Though its not perfect, it is is centered on a relationship between Peter and Gwen that was believable and one I cared about. Though there were parts that did not work completely (the later C. Thomas Howell sequence), this was a great movie. Can’t wait to see it again.

  30. This is easily the best Spider-Man film yet made. Marc Webb stands head and shoulders above Sam Raimi as a filmmaker. This film is elegant, poetic and emotionally satisfying. The film looks beautiful, the acting is first rate, and the script is smart. Three screenwriters are credited with the script, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least one more. I suspect an old Hollywood hand wrote some of the dialogue, just as Joss Whedon was brought in as an uncredited scriptdoctor for “Captain America.” The scene where Peter sits behind Gwen in class and says that he isn’t good at keeping promises, prompting her to smile, is just lovely. There are several moments like that in the film. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Sally Field in particular all give standout performances, although I think Garfield overacts at points. I suspect that Garfield has done a lot of stage work because his performance is a bit big for the silver screen. Several critics have criticized the special effects. I don’t know what they are talking about. I thought the effects were first rate. I loved how Garfield or a stunt man struck some of the signature, double jointed Spidey poses.

  31. Despite very appealing performances, this movie did suck. Come on, how many high school girls can whip up a cure for reptileism, and is it a virus that causes it, and then would there be a ‘cure?’ It was just too stupid for me to buy. Further, why did they need to do a reboot? They have had several Bonds and they didn’t recreate the story for them. Further, where was J. Jonah Jameson? And for crying out loud, why is it Spiderman kept his mask on for thousands of comics and can’t keep it on for a single movie?

    • “…why is it Spiderman kept his mask on for thousands of comics and can’t keep it on for a single movie?”

      Because it’s a movie and they pay a lot of money for those pretty faces.

    • I know why they do it Conor, i still don’t like it. But come to think of it, if Spider-man was real he might pull that mask up a lot. It’s uncomfortable wearing a mask over one’s whole face. Hot.

  32. I was worried this was going to suck, but I really enjoyed this. Not sure where I would rank it compared to the first 2 Raimi films, but I will say for sure that the actors in this movie were better in my opinion….especially Garfield and Emma Stone. Can’t wait to see this again!

  33. I loved this movie. I thought the cast was really strong and the characterizations were phenomenal. I understand what people are saying about the plotting, but I can forgive it for the humanity that was brought to the characters. Garfield and Stone were definitely superior to Maguire and Dunst individually and as a couple, and the directing just felt more….I guess dynamic? particularly the web-slinging and action sequences. I LOVED Martin Sheen and Sally Field, and while the similarities between Curt Connors and the Raimi version of Norman Osborn made me chuckle, Rhys’s portrayal was very good, especially as Connors (the Lizard, take or leave it)

    Side-Note: I think we have a new “Wolverine’s Jacket” with “Peter’s book bag.” He makes out with Gwen on the roof: no book bag. He hears sirens, leaps into action and jumps off the roof. He is next seen at the bridge: book bag in hand to stash his clothes and appear as Spider-Man. Just thought it was funny.

  34. Oh and was this the best Stan Lee cameo of all?

  35. I completely loved it, I thought it was excellent. I gladly eat my words regarding any negative skepticism I had about this movie – it was really good.

  36. It is a fascinatin’ fact that Sally Field and Cher are the same age! Sally appears content to play grandmas, while I suppose Cher feels more pressure to look young in her music videos.

  37. The franchise has potential. I loved how his shooters broke in malfunctioned in the movie and I loved Gwenny. Thing is, he didn’t crack enough nervous jokes, he kept taking his damn mask off, and The Lizard never ate Billy.

  38. After a lot of thought I will see Ted today instead.

  39. I really enjoyed it, probably my second favorite amongst the films. Do I have some minor quibbles? Of course, but I do think stronger characterization and and a fresh start over come those. I do think the biggest problem with this film is that it feels like a part, or a set-up, for the over arching story. Unlike Prometheus though, it suffers significantly less. Also, I think there may have been a slight over use of his powers at his school, breaking the backboard or denting the goal post, but that’s just me. Was there supposed to be more to the Curt Connors story thread? I noticed the wedding ring and I think IMDB had a listing for his son at one point. I just think there was more of an opportunity to make him a tragic figure and earn his redemption, I guess. Anyway, glad to finally have my fun, quip-throwing Spider-Man. I hope Marc Webb get’s to come back to the director’s chair to see his full vision, directing style, and characterization, again.

  40. i loved it

  41. It was a good movie. As good as the first, not as good as the second, and definitely enough to wash the taste of the steaming pile of garbage that was number 3 out of my mouth.

    It had some issues…the whole thing with the crane operators was stupid and bogged things down, Sally Field was pretty weak as Aunt May, and Pete took his mask off way too often. A lot of this was balanced out by Emma being so much better than Kirsten, Flash Thompson being a character instead of a caricature, and removal of some of the campier elements that I didn’t like from the Raimi movies.

  42. Did any minorities have speaking parts in this? I don’t remember any.

  43. Was Dr. Ratha’s limo driver the robber who killed Uncle Ben from the original trilogy?

  44. does anyone think the villain after credits was hammerhead?? Same hat as he wears, he was kinda short…. or electro cause thunder appears so does he, then thunders again and he disappears

    • You could tell the guy had some wild hair, so I doubt it’s Hammerhead. Electro’s interesting though.

    • I thought it might have been Mysterio because the coat looked Purple in some shots and he seemed to vanish into thin air. The cool thing is it could be anyone really. We know it’s not Norman because he’s apparently dying and he doesn’t have long hair. When Peter was in Oscorp they showed a silhouette of Norman and he had short hair.

    • When the lightning struck and the wild hair came out, my first thought was Electro. Other than that, there wasn’t really much of a clear indication of who it was.

  45. Ted was sold out

    • When I went to buy my midnight ticket, Ted was about to start, so I said “Screw it” and went and saw that, too. So much better than ASM.

  46. Aside for really dropping the ball with the villain and that ultimately retelling the origin again does seem redundant, I really loved this movie. It has its flaws but the good stuff – especially the casting – was really, really good.

  47. I thought it was great. Yes it had it’s cheesy moments that were made worse by the questionable soundtrack but overall I thought the film was terrific. Andrew Garfield was perfect and his chemistry with the sublime Emma Stone was the highlight of the movie.

  48. What the eff is wrong with you people? EVERYONE is nit picking this movie into so many ridiculous useless pieces. IT’S A MOVIE! Not to mention a REALLY GREAT movie. Spidey was FINALLY portrayed as the snarky, talk-too-much smartass that was introduced in the comics. As far as the whole ‘Flash’ thing goes, it’s the first movie which OBVIOUSLY is going to have sequels. That is made VERY apparent. This first movie is all about introducing characters and basic building of back stories. Flash isn’t a major part of the story, YET. Of course we all know he will be later. There is only so much you can put into a movie (granted it was a little on the lengthy side). This movie goes back to the real roots of Spiderman which is great. The music was fine. The corny parts were fine. It’s part of the movie. I loved the fact that they chose who they did for the villain because the origin predates to the Spiderman animated series from my childhood. Episode 1 even. I think even episode 2 if I remember correctly. If you watch those two episodes you get the movie. Now stop picking apart stupid stuff like it’s surgery. It’s just a movie. Meant for entertainment.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      The only way we get entertaining movies is by talking about the movies we’re making, what we’re getting right or wrong and why. If everyone was so complacent as to say, “It’s just a movie! Meant for entertainment!” movies would stop being entertaining very quickly.

  49. Rhys Ifans is now denying that Norman Osborn was at the end credits scene, but he does say that he was “am employee of Oscorp.” So I started speculating possible villains & I just thought of something awesome, but I want the iFanbase & possibly the iFanboys to weigh in on this possibility, but what if that guy in Conners’ jail cell was….Alistair Smythe! Think about it. An employee of Oscorp, which would mean he’s probably a scientist & most likely they are not going for Doc Ock at this point since it would be too reflective of Raimi’s Spidey Trilogy. So Smythe was my guess for our maybe not “main”
    villain for the sequel, but possibly the second tier foe. Lord knows that Michael Massee (actor who was playing the mysterious man in the scene) would nail Smythe! Ooooooh I just can’t wait! I feel like how Conor probably felt when he first saw Batman Begins! Thank you Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone! Thank you! lol : )

    • …even though I wasn’t too impressed with this movie, I could get behind a movie with Spider-Slayers.

    • Maybe the Enforcers? Don’t see how they can carry a full movie though, despite the fact that I would love to see Fancy Dan committed to film. Maybe I’m just on a street-level Spider-Man villain kick but part of me wants that person in the shadows to be Kraven the Hunter. That all said, part of me thinks it might be the Jackal, just to further emphasize the whole science thing

  50. I liked this movie. Putting the bizarre pacing issues of the movie aside, I would have loved the film were it not for the contrivances riddling the plot for convenience’s sake (Newslady knowing exactly where Spidey was headed and that he was badly hurt and then conveniently delivering the information in perhaps the clunkiest line of dialogue in a Spider-Man movie- yes, even worse than the newschick from Raimi’s third movie-, the unclear/undefined/nonexistant difference between Conners and the Lizard persona, the fact that the Lizard really had no reason to do what he did in his initial transformation followed up by the Lizard promptly deciding to turn everyone into Lizardpeople without the audience really getting clued in on the reason why, and perhaps most obviously the events surrounding brave old Larry the noble crane operator and his jollyband of friends who all decided to defy evacuation orders and make a path for Peter despite the fact he probably could have just hitched a ride on the bottom of Captain Stacy’s chopper.) That said, I loved the chemistry between the nonevil human characters (I want Martin Sheen to be my uncle now) and Spidey himself, fluid, acrobatic, and a chatterbox.

  51. **COMMENT MODERATED** This was bad in the same way Ghost Rider, the first Hulk, the Punisher movies and Jonah Hex were all bad. BAD CGI, BAD script, CHEESY fight scenes and they botched the origin story! How much worse can it get before fans admit this was a giant turd? Anyone who thinks this was good is a blind Marvel zombie who prob raced to do see Ghost Rider 2 on opening night.

    • Thank you!! someone who knows a poorly made movie when they see one. props man

    • i guess that means that Roger Ebert and 72% of movie reviewers are idiots and Marvel Zombies that don’t know a bad movie when they see one. Im so glad we have you two to point out how dumb we idiots are. Was this gift of insight from years of training and study or just a god given gift?

    • Honestly, if DC even makes a mediocre movie the fanboys jump down their throat and point out everything wrong with it. Marvel spits out a giant turd like The Amazing Spide-rman and you all dig in with a spoon and a giant ear to ear grin… I honestly don’t get it. THIS WAS A HORRIBLE MOVIE!!! Why is it that only a few of us realize that this was a prime example of Hollywood bastardizing a great character we all know and love? It was all around awful; bad plot, bad script, horrible horrible CGI (The Lizard made Ghost Rider look good, because it was so bad…), and to top it off they messed with the origin story and still there are fans that say it was great? I guess that’s why Hollywood will continue to put out giant crappy superhero movies because as long as it has Spider-man in the title fans will blindly go see it.

    • @ Scarface’s first comment…On my way home after seeing ASM, I was thinking “Why the hell Green Lantern got so much hate…and ASM will get so much love”…WTF???

  52. It’s so much better than most are saying. I loved the balance between the Peter Parker of the Ultimate U. and the main Marvel U. Peter Parker. It’s head and shoulders above Raimi’s film of 10 years ago.

  53. no disrespect to anyone. But i did not enjoy this movie. i love spiderman. but this was (to me) a very poorly written and directed film. i almost saw this coming because the man who directed this picture has had no experience in making a film before (marc webb) all he is known for are documentaries about celebrities in the music industry. that is not close to the amount of experience u need to make a 200 million dollar action movie, especially spiderman. i wish people today could recognize a poorly made movie when they see one. but all they’re looking for is a movie with cool effects and funny lines.


  54. When I saw the first trailer for ASM I knew I’d wait to watch it on home video.
    BTW, June 20th is right around the corner. “Why so serious?”

  55. Amazing Spider-Man? More like Only Alright Spider-Man! AMIRITE?!?

    Seriously, though, it was alright. Nothing fantastic, but with how short of a turn around they had on this thing, we should be amazed that it’s even that good. Maybe if Sony didn’t only put this out to keep the film rights and to also make a shit load of money, we may have gotten a better product. Who knows. I’m just glad that it didn’t feel like I was watching the same movie that I saw 10 years ago.

  56. Good cast, enjoyed it. Seemed a bit slow to start with but I think this has more to do with a certain level of familiarity and expectation.
    Seemed very grounded compared to the previous franchise, defiantly not for kids. I would describe it as “One part Nolan to two parts Twilight with a big twist of angst.” but for me it worked.

  57. This didn’t do it for me. It felt like it could have been better as an HBO mini-series or something. Meh. TOO much character development that took a huge chunk off of the time that could have been spent on a decent plot.

  58. I don’t know, I really enjoyed it a lot. I liked it way more than the Rami first film. It was a lot of fun, well acted and well…fun.

  59. Put me down for good but not great. Not as good as SM2 but better then SM1 and miles ahead of SM3. Think we may all have to reserve ultimate judgment until see all movies in the trilogy and see how everything plays out.

    Andrew Garfield is a much better SM then Tobey Maguire. He is actually funny (although he did say “oh boy” at one point which was pretty much all Tobey said in his 3 films). Emma Stone was much more likable then Kirsten Dunst.

    What is the issue with the alleged change to the origin (specifically Uncle Ben’s death) that everyone is talking about? Uncle Ben dies b/c Peter does not stop an armed robber. In the original storyline, didn’t the robber kill uncle Ben when he breaks into their home? So the Raimi movie did it differently too and I don’t recall anyone crying about that (I’m talking about the 1st movie – I know everyone thought the change in the 3rd movie w/ sandman ultimately being responsible was rightfully criticized).

  60. I thought this movie was great fun. The fight scenes were a blast, especially the school scene. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had a ton of chemistry. I thought the whole cast was solid and I loved Garfield’s Peter Parker.

    I thought that mid credits scene was a waste. That being said I am going with my original thought that it was Mysterio (although I do like the Electro idea).

  61. I think this was a good movie too not great but good, best Spider-Man film after Spider-Man 2. I thought the directing was good and think Marc Webb was a good choice. I think the writers were all good and for a summer blockbuster it was about as a good of a script as your going to get. I’m not sure if I was say Garfield was a better Peter Parker than Maguire but he was as good and I think the character was developed more in this film. I also liked that they saved Gwen Stacy’s death for another film and I kinda hope they leave MJ out of these movies.

    I know the mid credit scene villian wasn’t Kraven but I really would like to see Kraven’s Last Hunt done in a movie and I feel it would work well with the tone Marc Webb set in this film.

  62. Saw it yesterday it was 3.5/5 for me . The villain was no where near spider man villain in comparison. The obvious hero cop death, meh. The kid being saved was cool. His mask was off way to much. The only
    Real important part was him becoming Spider man , the cops death and saving the city. The rest was
    Meh. Gwen is better than MJ. That’s the only plus for amazing spider man

  63. Strong first week for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, but it’s still got a looong way to go to match any of the Raimi films.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 3D (Columbia/Sony) PG13
    Week 1 [4,318 Theaters]
    Friday $20.6M, Saturday $23.8M, Weekend $65M, Cume $140M
    International Cume $201.6M, Global Cume $341.2M


  64. I liked this movie, it was well done but I have to admit it was a bit of a drag, maybe because I remember the Sam Raimi’s versions like it was just yesterday I saw them, which had all that similar back story and a love interest and….it felt like I was watching Spiderman 1 and 3 mixed together (kinda) for some reason especially in the first part leading into>>>>>
    >>>>>>By the time it got around to Lizard and Spiderman – The Hero vs. the Villain I just didn’t care anymore and wasn’t all that amped up any more, but I must admit it had some great action scenes between the two, reminds me a lot of when I just saw Spiderman 2.
    If I was 16 or younger or had not seen the Raimi flicks I think this movie would have been flawless imo..but at my current age the first part of the movie which was well done (even to point where it was better than the hero vs. villain interaction) was not for me..it was going along fine but just went on too long.
    The Amazing Spiderman 3 or 3.5/5, that’s not so bad.

  65. Great performances in a fair movie. When Webb was announced as director I really thought this would be a character/relationship driven film, but none of the relationships where really fleshed out well at all. Emma Stone is one of the best young actresses in Hollywood today, and she was severely underused.

    And when it came down to it, I don’t think I wanted to see anotherParker/Spidey origin story. Seeing Peter get bullied again, get bit by the spider again, then Uncle Ben getting shot again– all I could think of was how refreshing it would have been to see a Miles Morales/Spidey origin story on the big screen.

    Overall, the movie was entertaining. But nothing I would recommend or desire to see again.

  66. I liked the movie, it was a fun watch. I didn’t like the characterization of Peter Parker. To me, his reaction to Uncle Ben’s death and his treatment of Aunt May was awful and not at all what I would expect from him. He drives Aunt May to tears and then runs off to tell Gwen his secret? He didn’t seem to care about her at all until he took the eggs at the end. And the only reason he seemed to do that was because he wasn’t going to be seeing Gwen anymore. As for Uncle Ben…I blamed him more for the death and other than looking for revenge but not feeling the responsibility for it.

    • Grief is a pretty hard thing to deal with. My dad died when i was 19 and for about 2 months i treated my mom like she was invisible. it happens. I thought peter’s reaction to Uncle Ben’s death was spot on considering all he’d lost already.

    • I don’t have a problem at all with “a person” dealing with grief in their own way. I think that the characterization of Peter Parker, who has been well established to become hyper responsible after Uncle Ben’s death especially toward his Aunt, was way off. This wasn’t Peter Parker; this was some other teenager who was far too self absorbed. I don’t think Peter Parker would have rushed to Gwen. They left out “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” . I think this Spider-Man could have used it.