That New CW Series is So ‘RAVEN’

I've been trying to turn "That's so Raven!" into a real, viable catchphrase for about eight years now. Victory is in sight. 



Variety reports that the CW and Warner Bros. are ushering DC comics' Raven to primetime television in her own live-action series. CW execs probably took one look at Little Midnight Blue Riding Hood and swept aside all the other comics on the conference table and yelped, "This!"

"Teen Titans?"

"No, just the girl in the hoody."

"It's a hooded cloak, traditionally."

"Right, so a hoody." 

"Raven. She's half demon."

"That sounds angsty."

"Stop smiling like that."


"Because you're freaking me out." 

Just as the WB is racing to find a new film franchise to fill the Harry Potter void, the CW is eager to find a suitable replacement for their departing Smallville. We've already seen test footage for a potential Blue Beetle series (but nothing else) and David E. Kelly is maybe sorta kinda working on a Wonder Woman drama, but that's yet to be claimed by any networks. So it's possible that Raven might find herself a primetime slot sooner than either of those. 

The studio has tapped Diego Gutierrez (The Shield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ABC's V) to executive produce. 


  1. “Kids love tramp-stamps!  It’ll sell like hotcakes.  HOTCAKES!”

  2. Does anyt think this this could work? If it does I would like Summer Galu or Madeleine Martin ( even if she might be a little young)

  3. It’s not April 1st is it. *checks calendar* nope. Well okay. Color me confused.

    Can we give it another go on Aquaman or do a Green Arrow Brave and the Bold style show instead?

  4. I think a Zatanna spin off could be awesome, its superhero fair but also supernatural/horror as well which would fit right in with the CW’s other series.

  5. Alessandra Torresani would be nice in the role.

    Also, the Variety link points back to this page 🙂

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @KGBrAm  Thanks. Fixed, but you need a subscription to read the Variety piece anyway. 

  7. @PaulMontgomery  That’s what sucks about Variety, I follow them on twitter but can’t read any of their articles…

  8. @DarkKnightDetective  I agree, I think a Zatanna TV Series would make a lot more sense than a Raven one, but maybe that’s just me

  9. this could be cool if done, well. Well is the operative word.

  10. I love Raven, she’s perfect for a teen show about how to deal with your demon dad. 
    Please someone make a joke about Summer Glau being the female Nathan Fillion 😉

  11. Wow, that tramp stamp goes ALL the way down… isn’t she, like, 16 in the books?

  12. This makes sense to me. They will pitch it to fans of Buffy. I can see this working.

    Did Raven always have the tramp stamp? When did that happen?

  13. In a very un-Geoff-like move, Geoff Johns gave that tramp stamp right after he brought her back from the dead in Teen Titans. Sadly, he left before he could really develop her.

    Good run. I miss that book.

  14. @DarkKnightDetecitve: Plus, with zatanna, you get hot magician stockings

  15. I would have guessed Bruce Wayne high school age being trained by the best in the world and solving crimes with his High School reporter friend Vicki Vale. 

  16. Raven? Could be very cool! Zatanna spinoff would rock! Jonah Hex? Green Arrow? Spectre? Adam Strange? Any of them could be cool.

  17. I think this sounds like a no-brainer. The fact is that you don’t need the Titans to tell Raven’s story. Teenage angst angle, mixed with the supernatural kick the kids seem to be into, plus the recognition factor from the Teen Titans cartoon? Cast Summer and you can’t miss.

  18. I love a good Fillion joke as much as the next fanboy, but this is getting out of hand. Can anyone explain to me why Firefly fans seem to think that Firefly’s cast is so chock full of acting magic that they can be molded into every nerd-related production from now until the end of time? I mean, good show and all, but can we use a bit more imagination when we try to come up with casting choices. The show’s over. Let the dream die.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I see 0% Raven in Summer Glau. Maybe her ass. But that’s it.

    Never really dug Smallville, but I’d give this a shot if it looked entertaining. I likes me some Raven. I’d definitely be more interested in a Zatanna show.

  19. GOD if this gets popular enough that I can say “thats so raven” Im gonna piss myself

  20. @WheelHands – Ok, ok, point taken… How about Sarah Michelle Gellar?

  21. I think this is a decent Idea but is chocked full of the same problems very female driven show has, Hell Didnt Dc just say how they had to rename all of their direct to video animated movies that had the focus on the female lead, like Superman and Batman Apopcalypse, which should have been titled Supergirl. Yet here we are talking about a female driven show to replace Smallville. That being said if they tied her to the titans and have her start meeting characters like Cyborg from Smallville or Impulse (Bart). That might work well. Tie the show to Smallville with the cameos from the Titans.

  22. @DarkKnightDetective  im with this guy. i would love a zatanna series.

  23. @Crucio  god no,a batman ala smallville? that sounds like the sixties show all over again.

  24. @azrael1981  Actually, The WB almost did Batman instead of Superman. Before they greenlit SMALLVILLE, The WB almost produced a show called BRUCE WAYNE. Same concept – Bruce before he becomes Batman. But the WB decided to go with Superman instead and thus SMALLVILLE. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the BRUCE WAYNE pilot script for years. I’ve heard it was rather good. And it sounds nothing like the 60s show (which is excellent in its own way).

  25. I’m shocked a Batman show isn’t around even to this day.

    I mean The Dark Knight grossed a billion dollars and won an Oscar! Yet WB made no attempts to do a Bruce Wayne show afterwards. Weird.