Now that Alpha Flight has been upgraded from a mini-series to an on-going, they’ve been added to the Wolverine Guest Star List! At least this one makes sense — once Wolverine hears all about the shenanigans going on up north of the border he’s going to have to head up there and sort some shit out.


Alpha Flight #5 is written by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak with art by Dale Eaglesham and hits comic book stores on October 12. Alpha Flight #6 follows on November 23.


  1. ” I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ” Shenanigans.”

  2. absolutelt LOVE Eaglesham’s work on this and Pak is doing a solid job on the story! I’m in!!

  3. That is a cool cover but it confused me for a moment.

    Thought it was Wolverine coming through a glass window not reflected in it.

  4. So happy to see them come back to the Mac/Wolverine relationship. This will be sweet.

  5. Shields up, Guardian! Shields up!

    Oh no! He’s dead!

    Oh well, better break out the cloning kit, Heather. We’re going to need a new Guardian!

  6. Someone better have their jersey pulled over their head or it won’t be ‘authentic’.

  7. i should be tired of wolverine in everything but who i’m i kidding.

  8. This issue will pay for John Byrne’s Venti Cappuccino.

  9. Love it! Very excited for this issue! And love that cover, want it as a poster ha ha