PREVIEW: Alpha Flight #1 with Dale Eaglesham Art

Announced a few months ago, Alpha Flight is set to launch with the creative team of Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente joined by artist (and Canadian) Dale Eaglesham.  Launching into the world during Fear Itself, Canadian's greatest superteam goes back to it's roots to help protect the Great White North from the biggest enemy yet, the Canadian Government?

The series is set to be an 8 issue mini-series, but who knows, if enough people enjoy the original Alpha Flight team back together in this format, it could be upgraded to an ongoing. 

Personally for me, I've been waiting to see Eaglesham's art on this project.  After becoming a fan of his work on Justice Society of America over at DC and see it continue to be great at Marvel on Fantastic Four and Steve Rogers: Super Solider, I've been waiting patiently for new art from Eaglesham, and the team dynamic and characters involved in this project have me all excited again for Mr. Eaglesham's artistic talents. And now after seeing Eaglesham draw the iconic characters of Alpha Flight AND Attuma and his hammer? Sign me up!

Marvel Comics sent us an 8 page preview of Alpha Flight #1, which you can see below, along with the issue #1 variant cover by Dale Eaglesham as well.  The issue's cover is to the right with pencils by Phil Jimenez. This looks like it's going to be a good one!


Alpha Flight #1 – $3.99
On Sale – June 8, 2011 



Check out 8 pages from Alpha Flight #1:





  1. Anyone know why the flag on the cover is upside-down ?

  2. @usagi it’s a sign of distress, i.e. Alpha Flight to the rescue!! 

  3. Looks great! I’ve been a fan of Eaglesham since I caught his work on Green Lantern a few years back.

  4. WANT

  5. It’s weird. The only Alpha Flight I’ve ever read was when they all died in New Avengers and Omega Flight, yet for some reason I’m excited about this.

  6. @nick0606  – you and me both.  That’s the power of marketing for ya!

  7. Get off it hosers.

  8. Did anyone suffer through the last (appx.) year of Wolverine Origins?

    If so, and if memory serves – isn’t the Hudson family pretty much inviting a SNIKT injury by showing back up in the Marvelverse? It may prove interesting – but I doubt it.

  9. Alpha Flight IS cool

    I also think Aquaman is cool.

    The problem is that their natural environments just dont seem that threatening.

    Despite the weapon x rogue lab of “evil” scientists I don’t think

    most peope will find the idea of shadowy espionage in the Canadian halls of government

    all that credible.

    Alpha Flight needs more of a world stage.

    Maybe threats to canada’s natural resources- alien invasion- something bigger than the fact that

    75 percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.

    Need something to distinguish here.

  10. I was there when Vindicator was introduced in X-men 109, and I haven’t missed an issue of the flight yet. And there have been some truly horrible ones, including the whole last two series. This team was created around the Guardian, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Aurora, Northstar, Shaman core, and Puck and Marrina to some extent.

    Byrne’s take is still the defining one, but it caused the team’s underlying problem as well: isolationism. There’s only so many Canada-centric stories readers will be interested in. and this mini, while it looks great, still can’t escape that pitfall.

    If it’s going to make it as an ongoing, it needs to be broader in scope.

  11. oh man this is gonna be awesome!

  12. This is wonderful. Just wonderful. I’m so pumped now.

    I’m both awestruck and a little confused at Snowbird turning into a dinosaur, though. I thought the rules of her powers meant she could only turn into animals native to the Canadian North, or mythical Inuit creatures. @haupt, help me out: Did dinosaurs like that ever live in the Arctic?

  13. @kingdomofevan: yes, dinosaurs’ fossils have been found in arctic areas.

  14. I mean, it’s beer references, the CBC and snappy dialog but damned if I fork over $4 bucks for it. This is the type of series that needs to be at $3 dollar price point for folks to give it a shot.

    P.S: Many dinosaur fossils were discovered in Alberta.

  15. What ever happened to Puck?

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @thescimitar  Killed in New Avengers a while back. 

  17. Cool, the classic team, pretty much. I always enjoyed their appearances and the few random issues I had when I was a kid.