Teaser Trailer for ‘Red’ based on Warren Ellis’ Comic

You may or may not remember the Warren Ellis/Cully Hamner mini-series, Red, from Wildstorm back in 2003, but they made a movie of it, starring a lot of big name actors.  It's the story of a retired CIA agent who ends up back in the thick of things when the new regime CIA regime tries to take him down.  The trailer looks a hell of a lot funnier than I remember the book being, and I suppose we'll see where that gets them.
Now, it should be noted that a good number of these big stars also recently starred in comic adaptations that I didn't think were so good.  You've got Bruce Willis coming back from The Surrogates, John Malkovich fresh off the stinker that was Jonah Hex, and Mr. Loom of Fate himself, Morgan Freeman.  I can't say that bodes particularly well, but the trailer doesn't look so bad, so who knows?


  1. I read the book and this is not the story I remember.  Maybe I’m being pessimistic but this looks like a flop waiting to happen.

  2. Guys this has Dame Helen Mirren using submachine guns and kicking all sorts of ass.

  3. Wow, that is NOTHING like the comic :(.

  4. Uh guys, even Warren Ellis admits that it needs to be different in order to be a movie. So the "ugh, it’s different" defense isn’t exactly watertight.


  5. Maybe not, but it looks pretty sweet. Helen Mirren with machine guns! Morgan Freeman and John Malkivich! Bruce Willis without hair! And it has Warren Ellis’ approval, according to something he tweeted tonight, and that’s good enough for me.

  6. yeah, it definitely looks like we have a lone gunman kinda story that been turned into an (possibly more marketable?) ensemble piece.  very strange.  but I bet it will actually do well given the star power.

  7. You know, this whole ex CIA types banding together to take down the man sounds mighty familiar…..

  8. @hakaider and MisterShaw- Wanted had Mark Millar’s approval, so while I agree with that principle, it can lead to looms of fate.

  9. guys guys GUYS!

    thats hellen mirren w/ a gun! There is no way I’m not seeing this movie. (marylouise parker aint bad either mmm)

  10. I jusy saw Mary Louise Parker in something other then Weeds so I am happy.

  11. The comic is pretty short and sweet, so expanding it like this is probably the right move. I’ll probaby see it because of the cast, but won’t see it as a comic book movie, but just a movie.

  12. "Why’re you trying to kill me!?"  Isn’t that the horrible "Dark Knight" dialogue?

  13. @KickAss: That’s what Batman was saying?!


    @ABirdseysView: Mark Millar is also 93% insane. But I mostly liked Wanted movie, excepting the Loom of Fate, while I strongly dislike the comic.

  14. I actually feel a lot better about this after seeing the trailer. The comic is short and just wouldn’t have enough content for a 90 minute movie. The fact that the Bruce Willis character is pretty much on his own for the entire movie means you’re gonna have very little dialog if it’s kept the same. The idea of putting together what is a great ensemble cast to bump up the dialog and story is great as far as I’m concerned. Anyway my attitude about these movies is that if it sucks we’ll always have the comic, and it’s not like a bad movie will hurt a 7 or 8 year old mini-series anyway.

  15. Looks like fun.  Helen Mirren beating ass is going to be awesome.

  16. hmmmm, looks alright.

  17. Looks like a slightly more entertaining version of Bucket List.

  18. Any Mary-Louise Parker is good Mary-Louise Parker – except for that Whopie Goldberg movie she did like 20 years ago. Girl has certainly gotten better with age.

  19. Never read the book, always wanted too, but I gotta say…..

    This could be the best comic film of the year just judging by this trailer. Sorry for the hyperbole but….how can you not get excited for this film?

    Richard Dreyfuss and Ernest Borgnine are also in it!! Kick-Ass!!

  20. @supersnac90 you do realize she’s been in a ton of other stuff besides Weeds, right? Here IMDB has things going back to 1975. 

     This movie does look pretty awesome though. I wouldn’t go as far as TNC in saying that i’ll be the best comic book movie of the year. Simply because Scott Pilgrim is also coming out. 

  21. That looks like a lot of fun

  22. @josh: I agree. I’ll watch it. DVD that is. Just doesn’t have that "gotta see it now" vibe.

  23. Yeah probably too much hyperbole there. Let me rephrase it:

    Most excited to see a film from a trailer this year. For me at least… 

  24. I haven’t read the book but this looks like a good fun movie.