TEASER: Spider-Men Reveals Its First Spider-Man

Marvel sent out this image today with the following tagline:

This June – history will be made for the Marvel Universe.

Well, I’m shocked. It’s Spider-Man.

All kidding aside, that looks a lot like Peter Parker, or at least it’s his costume. Who is the other figure? Miles Morales? Ben Reilly? Another Peter Parker? It’s going to be really funny around here when the other figure turns out to be Topher Grace.


  1. Very Ditko-esque! I approve!

  2. …Spider-Man.

  3. I hope its Miles.

  4. The Chameleon.

  5. You know… with the Steve Ditko-esque look, and the more.. I don’t know rounded look of the other silhouette. I bet this is a 616 Spidey and Ult. Spidey crossover.

    Just a guess.

  6. It definitely looks like the silhouetted figure is facing Spider-man. When they were both in shadow I got the sense they were both facing front.

    I’m still not sure what we’re in for here. Kind of hoping it’s Miles in the classic suit and this is just an Ultimate Spidey thing (maybe he realizes the suit SHIELD gave him isn’t as cool as he thinks it is, or he gets the okay from May/Gwen/MJ to wear something more like Peter’s costume).

    I’m not on board yet, but this still looks cool!

  7. Maybe Kaine, the Scarlet Spider?

  8. He’ll probably just find like Peter Parker’s long lost livejournal or vlog or something.

  9. 16 year old Peter and Present Peter?

  10. I’m gonna go with young MU-616 Peter Parker and young UMU Miles Morales.

    In an interdimensional/time travel story with them both as young, inexperienced Spider-Boys.

    Either that or it’s yet another Jackal clone and MVP.


  11. CaseyJustice: Yes please! And you know that would make a lot of sense too. I mean it would be a genuinely interesting story. Did 16 year old Pete ever believe he’d be a fully fledged Avenger? And would it suck knowing his life more or less stayed the same? I’d read the heck outta that.

    • I like this idea (seriously), but if it’s true, I hope they can make it something different from that old Flash 0 issue where Wally West time travelled and met his younger pre-Kid Flash self. Mark Waid/Mike Weiringo — it’s a great comic.

    • Never read that.

      Though to be really honest I feel this type of story would have been told better directly after Civil War. Right at the point where he is an Avenger but his relationships are strained and he has publically unmasked. That felt like a very, very different more mature, more stretched Peter in a very different sort of world.

      Since OMD the push to revert him more to the classic Pete (which has paid off and is not really the issue) however it feels like having 16 year old Peter meeting him wouldn’t have the same contrast.

      That said I’m pretty sure 16 year old Peter had big wide eyed dreams being the science nerd he is. Has Spider-Man cured any diseases? Or is he still living in a rundown apartment (metaphorically if not literally). He is still very much teen Pete for marketing purposes and that would be interesting to acknowledge for story purposes.

      What happens if he finds out about Gwen and Mary?

      The story would obviously need to end in a mindwipe to avoid paradoxes obviously. Its the way these things go. I want this to happen a lot now.

  12. Well which spiderman is it? Ultimate or 616? I’m fairly confident it’s Miles, but I think it’d be a shocker to turn out to be The Scarlet Spider.

  13. If they just revealed one spider-glove at a time, would you repose those images too?

    I’m sick of Marvel playing these games, and unless I was a website possibly getting some sort of advertising money from page-views, I wouldn’t repost them.

    Honestly, this gimmicky stuff has gotten old and ridiculous. They’re reduced to revealing one shadow at a time now?

    Marvel, if you have a 616/Ultimate Spidey crossover, just tell us. It’s a cool idea. I’d be interested. But series upon series of cock-tease advertising images like this made me stop caring about Marvel on a monthly basis beyond the dwindling number of titles I already subscribe to.

    The last draw for me was when they had those images of Spidey and She-Hulk saying “I am an X-Man”. And it all amounted to one throwaway issue of some series that no one even cared about when it finally came out 5 months after the images did.

    • Take into consideration that it might be enticing to some and especially kids, these teaser images draw attention regardless if you like them or not and hows that saying in Hollywood go Mike? ” There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Its probably Scarlet Spider or Ultimate x-over or any number of spider men that came out of Spider Island but that’s not the point, this is: Its marketing. That’s what they do and it works. But seriously its probably Scarlet Spider cause that book is really good.

  14. Didn’t we just have an arc where everyone in new york just had spider powers?

    every time I think about going back to Spider-Man, Marvel goes out of its way to ensure it doesn’t happen.

  15. It’s your mom!
    Yes that was ridiculously immature, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to make a “your mom” joke.

  16. In all seriousness, I am interested in seeing what exactly this will be. So far I have been enjoying Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man issue to issue so I am waiting to see what this little fiasco is going to be.