Teaser: Bendis & Bachalo Have Something “UNCANNY” Planned for February

What’s this? A new adjective teaser for a Marvel NOW! title?

So, what do Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo have in store for February? Could it be the return of Uncanny X-Men? Have they wrested control of Uncanny Avengers from Rick Remender and John Cassaday? Is Bendis poised to dominate the mutants in the same way he made a brand of the Avengers?

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney are gearing up for a new title of their own for Marvel NOW! And the branding is quite curious indeed. Here’s the teaser from Newsarama:

Further fallout from Fear Itself? Bunn certainly has a history with those elements. Or could Marvel be shaking up the celebrated Daredevil title? He is the man without fear after all.


  1. Well, Marvel did say there was going to be one more X-Men book focused on Cyclop’s X-Men. I guess it’s Uncanny. I’m glad they didn’t do away with the book.

  2. You know, I was just thinking about what Chris Bachalo was going to be up to next. He’s done some great work on X-titles before, so I’m definitely interested in hearing more about what this new Uncanny book will entail (the red graphic makes me think something Cyclops-related!).

    Not sure what “fearless” is all about. Valkyrie was the lead from that other Fearless series Bunn wrote, right? Black Panther was also the “Man Without Fear” for a while too.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Guys, if it were a Cyclops book, surely the adjective would be “FILTHY”.

  4. Pleeeeeease Marvel, don’t do yet another X-men title. Now (with the launch of Marvel NOW) would be the perfect time to pair things down a bit and clean up some continuity for new and returning readers. I mean do we really need one more X-title at this point? That is, I mean unless Wolverine is in it. Then it would be totally original since 9 other monthly books with Wolverine are not near enough. 😉

    In all seriousness, I’m really hoping Fearless turns out to be a Daredevil title. Maybe something not inspired by the Frank Miller runs (although I love those a bunch, just time for a new take on the character, IMO).

  5. The colors on the graphic make me think it won’t be Daredevil, unless he gets a new grey costume. But I think an X book focusing on Cyclops is perfect for me. Hopefully he can get back to the Whedon astonishing x-men levels of badassery.

  6. I need details first. The selling points for me with “All New” were Immonen and the plot points. Bachalo is good, but not quite the insta-buy that Immonen is, at least to me.

    This will probably dovetail in and out of “All New” though considering how New and Mighty/Adjectiveless Avengers worked, so I may end up getting both just, just to test em out. I’ve been pretty down on Ol’ Bendy but I feel like this is his chance to make it up to me. Me, personally. Nobody else.

  7. Bachaloooooo!!!!!! I’m a sucker for more Bachalo. Shut up and take my money, Marvel!

  8. With Bachalo now on Uncanny I think we now know where are all the major Marvel artists are except for.Marcos Martin and Olivier Coipel. Anyone know anything about where those two artists may wind up?

  9. Yay! Uncanny X-Babies!!

  10. Wow, MORE NOW! books? I thought they had already announced them all.

  11. Yes to anything with more Bachalo art!

  12. hope this is cyclops going underground and wrecking house.

  13. It seems like twice a day everyday come up with a way for me to part with my money. First Hickman’s Avengers now this. What next?

  14. And with this announcement i officially will have to pass on Trying out the Bendis X-Men books, with another series being introduced and possibly double shipping ill stick with Wolverine and The X-Men after Remender Leaves X-Force for my X-men fill.

  15. I keep waiting for one of these to just say “CLOSET.”

  16. Oh man, this may be too many X-books for my pull list, but it appears adjectiveless is ending, so.. okay. Bendis and Bachalo teamed up for the Dark Avengers annual, and that was spectacular, so I’m looking forward to this.

    Fearless could be for another Marvel daredevil. Bunn on Ghost Rider is something I could get behind. What else has Will Sliney drawn?

  17. I don’t like Bachalo’s art, but I cannot skip on a Cyclops’ X-Men book. Make mine Marvel!

  18. I will check out this one also in Trade format. I don’t think I will be getting any of the Marvel NOW! books in monthly issues except for Morbius.

  19. It kind of bums me out that Bachalo is on Uncanny X-Men instead of Wolverine and the X-Men. His style suited that book so well. Both the story and the art was a bit zany and crazy and that’s what made it fun. But oh well. At least he’s on something.

    • I agree. I was always in favour of bachalo’s art over bradshaw’s, though I think I’ve grown a touch more used to bradshaw’s stuff recently. Watxm is the perfect book for offbeat artists though, case in point allred’s recent issue.

    • Bachalo is my all time favorite artist, but I have to say Bradshaw took that book and made it his own. Bachalo’s issues were good but Bradshaw’s were standouts. Their styles seem pretty conflicting to me but Bradshaw’s seems more appropriate to the all around “fun” feel of Wolverine and the X-Men. Personally I’d like to see Bradshaw rotating with someone like Humberto Ramos, while Bachalo takes on a book with a darker tone (something I don’t imagine this Uncanny project will be…but I won’t lie I’m excited regardless).

    • I agree Bradshaw has really stepped up and made the book awesome. At first I wasn’t all that excited about his art, but I think after the second arc with the space casino, I was totally into it and his art was just plain awesome. That being said, I just think that Bachalo is better suited for a book like this rather than something more serious, which I’m guessing Uncanny X-Men would be.

  20. Yeah baby! Cyclops for the win

  21. It could be Cyclops leading an underground X-Men team while reporting to Captain America in kind of you do this stuff for me and i’ll release you from prison.

    • Are you reading AVX Consequences? I’m with you on it being Cyclops’ underground X-team, but unless there’s a swerve in the last issue of Consequences, I don’t think Captain America will be making any deals with Scott.

  22. I really hope Fearless is a Valkyrie book.

    A quick Google search for Will Sliney reveals he could be a great fit.

    • I think it all adds up. Cullen Bunn wrote Valkyrie in The Fearless series last year, the silver and blue color scheme is kind of a match, and Marvel has said a couple times that they intend to have more books with female leads.

  23. Anyone else notice that red visor line behind the Uncanny logo, looks like Cyclops to me.

  24. If this is Cyclops on the run as a mutant terrorist, I’ll definitely have to pick it up. Could be a really cool way to take a look at the seedier side of the Marvel U.