Talking Pull Lists for 02/20/08!

Now that we’ve all got a way to make our pull lists, let talk about this week’s new comics! What are you most excited for? What are you most intrigued by?  What book should more people be buying? What’s on the chopping block?

Make your case here!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron & To– er, Josh. I’ve got the Pick this week!

Bonus Question: How do you like your ice cream — in a sugar cone, in a waffle cone, or out of a cup?


  1. So far (well, for two weeks), "Avengers" books seem to keep out-pulling everything else.  Just an observation (that anyone could have made.)

     That having been said, I noticed two things way down the list: 1.) I appear to be the only one pulling "Wonder Girl", although it’s early yet.  I’ve enjoyed the mini.  2.) Nobody has pulled Jenna Jameson: Shadowhunter #1 yet.  (Insert pulling joke here.) 

  2. I think it’s becoming pretty clear that the Avengers books are Marvel’s flagships and if you want to have your pulse on the Marvel Universe – i.e. Civil War & Secret Invasion – then those books are required reading.

  3. Not that good of a week, I’m most excited for Checkmate and Invincible (close second).

    Chopping block? hmmm I would say Robin.  I kept up with Robin ever since the days of Spoiler, and recently I realized that I pick up Robin for… well, not sure, really.  I can’t think of the last great event in Robin.  So, Robin’s turning into a useless book to me.

  4. Nine books… It feels a lot lighter when you look through all of them…

    The one I’m not anticipating most is Robin. But otherwise looks to be a strong week for books.

  5. Nothing too intriguing this week, but I do continue looking forward to The Incredible Hercules. I’m really enjoying the way they’re weaving in the mythology with the story, especially the rivalry with Ares. One of those books you can tell the writers are totally having fun with. Meanwhile Hulk is already on the chopping block – with considerable shipping delays already for the next couple issues and Loeb teetering on hackish at times, I’m not optimistic.

  6. This will be the last month that I get Justice League, kind of sad really, but I just don’t enjoy it, and I’ve made a point to not buy books I don’t enjoy. I am looking forward to Runaways, but I’m pretty sure I have no idea what’s going on anymore. 

  7. I’m pretty hyped about the M. Avengers and the Green Lantern Hardcover.

  8. I just realized how light of a week this is going to be for me.  It always makes me sad that I can read my entire pull list in the first day.

  9. Really looking forward to Checkmate this week. Followed very closely by Batman & the Outsiders.

    Excited for where both series are going right now. Love this side of the DCU. 

  10. Dude, I’m so let down that they are doing the sinestro Corps War in volumes….. What the hell!!! Does anyone know how many volumes is planned sinestro corps war collected?

    Anyways, Checkmate this week, yesss!!! Is this book out of the "death watch" yet? It seems like it’s been picking up steam.

    This week is nothing special but next week I cant wait to check out Kick Ass!

  11. @patk-I can’t wait for Kick Ass next week.  Definitely my most anticipated book of the year so far. 

  12. I dropped JLA already.  It just hasn’t been good, I’d argue since the relaunch.  It’s a shame that JLA isn’t as good as Avengers, since there’s almost no reason it shouldn’t be.

  13. Argh~! This new format throws my Bonus qestion rhythm off.

    Bonus: Waffle cone. Those sugar cones taste are like styrofoam. And what’s the point of a cup if one is simply enjoying ice cream sans accompaniment? 

  14. Cup.  Cones get too drippy.  Waffle cone second.  Who eats sugar cups?

  15. Looking forward to Phil Hester and B Clay Moore doing Superman in Confidential.  I think Superman Batman is on it’s last legs for me.

    BQ: I’m all about the waffle cone.

  16. i know invincible will be awesome as usual. but i’m most curious about immortal iron fist: orson randall and the green mist of death (that’s a long title!). i don’t love the number of different artists on it, but if they’re used properly, i think it could be really cool.

    and waffle cone, of course. mm, waffle.

  17. Waffle. without question.

  18. More people should be buying "The Order."

    "Ultimate X-men" has been on my chopping block forever, but I keep thinking I’ll hold onto it until Kirkman leaves, with the faint hope that there will be some kind of closure.  Also, I  like to reward X-books that don’t kill Jean Grey (which probaby only means they are waiting to do it until they’ve gotten more of my money).

    In a cup just for eating, but sugar cones are good for nostalgia purposes, and a waffle cone if you just want to get a huge amount of ice cream and walk around with it.

  19. Just 2 books for me this week, looking forward to a new arc in Checkmate.  Kind of curious about Zorro #1, depending on how it looks I might give it a shot.

     BQ:  Sugar cone, especially if the inside is lined with chocolate.

  20. ZORRO!!!  Yay!!!


    Cup – but I like a waffle cone, too. 

  21. Really looking forward to the Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall Green Mist one-shot. Anything that delves further into Orson Randall’s history is bound to be great reading, IMO. I’m hoping the JLA will improve from the past few issues, but don’t have a lot of hope. Why can’t McDuffie just be given free rein to develop his own arcs?


    Waffle cone, definitely. 

  22. @PatK — Re: Checkmate’s possible deathwatch — did you see Greg Rucka’s interview about Daredevil?  He hinted that one of his DC projects is being canned, and unfortunately this seems a likely candidate.  

  23. My whole problem is that if I’m not currently interested in the running storyline, what do I do to get a classic Avengers fix?  Go to TPBs and wait for Tony to send out that "we’re done with that Civil War horseshit, c’mon back"?

  24. @Genghis – Check out the TPBs of Joe Casey’s EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES.  Classic Avengers with a modern spin.

  25. @Gordon

    Hell yes, another vote for Zorro!

    I can’t wait for this book either. Love the Lone Ranger series. If Wagner (art director) can bring his sense of design to the Zorro team, this should be fun as hell.

  26. Light, unexciting week.  I may end up buying Zorro too…


    BQ: Not a big ice cream fan, but I’d have to go with cup/bowl.   

  27. @PatK-  I do believe there are two volumes planned for Sinestro Corps. 

    The things I’m most excited about this week definitely have to be the two things I had no idea were coming: The F.E.A.R. Agent trade and The Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist.  Those should both be very excellent.

    For the most part, I’m fairly excited about the rest of my pull list.  This is a great time to be in comics.

    Observation for the day: Is it weird to anyone else that The Order trade that’s coming out collects issues 1-7, but the series is ending with issue 10?  So, are they going to put out a trade that collects the last four issues then? Or, should I just wait for the eventual 10 issue collection?  I want to check this book out, but this seems like I’m setting myself up to spend more money than I really have to…

    B.Q. Out of a cup all the way!  Cones dont’ really do it for me, and I like my ice cream unspoiled.  Plus, the chances of spillage or melted run-off plummet when eating out of a cup.

  28. Terror Inc. is the kind of book that should repel me with a palpable physical force. It is as if someone engineered in a lab a book that is everything I am not interested in or disgusted by… and I f***ing love it. Every gut-churning issue has been a delight. I cannot wait, and when I’m done, I must learn some more about this Lap-ham.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing if Mighty Avengers and I can "get the magic back" this issue. My Cho-related agita has subsided, but last issue’s action had been well-covered by New Avengers when it came out so it left me a little flat. Now that the book’s back on schedule and presenting stories I haven’t read already, will it move me? Can’t wait to see.

    I am officially buying all Iron Fist-related titles out of some kind of sense of obligation. Though I begrudgingly admit to enjoying them once I read them, the truth is they sit on the coffee table for three weeks at a time first and I really should just admit to myself that the money is not well spent.

    Also? Waffle cone. They neither taste nor look like they were made by robots.

  29. Most looking forward to Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death one-shot.

    BQ: Waffle bowls are awesome. 

  30. Freakin… I keep forgetting about the Bonus question…


    Bonus Question: Waffle cone. They taste good, they’re big, and they have tons more room for the ice creamy goodness. Also, Stephen Colbert put them in his "Americone Dream" Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s… Mmmmmm…. 

  31. I’ve only got three books this week, and I’m not getting them until next week because I’m on vacation. However, I’m really lookin’ forward to Checkmate. I really liked the first part of this story (the one where the guy gets involved in Kobra), so I’m interested in seeing where that goes. The Iron Fist story looks awesome too

  32. I’m looking forward to Check Mate.


    It depends on what ice cream it is. If it’s Thrify/Rite Aid ice cream, sugar cone hands down. Ben & Jerry’s and Cold Stone, Waffle bowl. Baskin Robbins, cup.. 

  33. This is going to be a light week for me, I think I’m actually getting more TPB’s than comics this week (GL HC, The Boys, and Fear Agent). I continue to look forward to Mighty Avenger even though there have been alot of delays, Ultimates is never a disappointment, and Invinsible is still running strong. 

  34. Watching the battle for fourth place on the pull list is fascinating.  It’s changed hands four times in the last two hours!

  35. spidy#551

    Batman & the outsiders#4


    Iron fist: Orson Ranal green mist



    Ultmate x-men#91


    Nether i don’t like ice cream.

  36. Did anyone else notice there are THREE Hulk books out this week. Are you serious!!! Of couse i’m getting two out of the three, but dang.

  37. @conor-I can’t believe that Iron Fist is right up there in that pile.  It amazes me that anyone can tolerate Fraction’s writing.

  38. Only 4 pulls for Godland #21??  C’mon people!


    Chopping block: Probably Catwoman and Brave and the Bold.  I’ve previously chopped Iron Man and Wolverine Origins, but they pulled me back. 


    @SkinnyJ: Hulk, WWH Warbound…what’s the third?


    BQ:  Definitely sugar cone, then waffle, then cup. 

  39. Yah, Catwoman and Brave & the Bold haven’t been stellar.  Something doesn’t let me just a drop a book, though.  I’m always afraid I’ll miss out on something.

    Most looking forward to JLA & Robin.

    BQ: Waffle Cones are always the best way to go. 

  40. Slow week for me actually. Although there are a lot of comics in that list i know I SHOULD be reading…. time to start?

    And waffle cons all the way! 

  41. I think my top books would be Mighty Avengers and the new issue of Ultimates3.

    Since I started regularly buying books during Civil War I don’t think I’ve purchased a single comic that had an appearance of Dr. Doom that went beyond a 2 or 3 page cameo. I’m psyched to see how this issue comes out although I’m not a fan of Bagley’s work that he did in the last issue.

     Ultimates3 is one of those books that I’m really rooting for storywise. After being ultra defensive of the art in the first issue I’ve accepted the flaws in the coloring and although it’s not quite right for Mad’s pencils I still really enjoy this book visually. I’m not too keen on Loeb’s writing but I can handle it for the sake of the art.

  42. One thing that I find amazing is that there are only 2 comics that all three iFanboys are getting this week. Tune in this week for the first ever 15 min. iFanboy Podcast!

  43. I was the assistant manager at a Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors store and I kow for a fact that some people call waffle cones, sugar cones and vice versa.  They also called them clown cones, banana cones, pointy cones, brown cones and all sorts of different things.  To this day I point at the one I want… which would be the pointy, brown, surgary, waffle cone thing.


  44. @Conor: The fight for fourth place should be between JLA and Ultimates (Ultimates should win) and Runaways should be number three… Fourth place… Really? Really?

  45. A lot going on this week…new team on The Spirit…the Orson Randall Iron Fist Special…and two books that are too good to have gotten the chop, The Order, and the final issue of Cable/Deadpool.

  46. waffle cone baby

  47. Yay for Invincible!

     BQ: The best of all worlds!  The waffle bowl!

    Sugar cones, as pictured, are definitely a favorite.  The waffle cones are too big. 

  48. I’m only picking up Invincible and Godland. Not a big week for me.


    BQ: Waffle cone fore me! 

  49. I forgot about the Bonus Question: waffle cone definitely. If I had a chould i’d make it a chocolate dipped waffle cone

  50. gah i’m so excited to finally have runaways again.  i love this title and i just want it to be on a regular schedule again. 

  51. Looking forward to Zorro and Grendel – double dose of Wagner this week (and what’s up with just 11 pulls for Grendel?)

    I’m back on Superman:Confidential for the Moore/Hester/Parks story. Superman/Batman has improved a lot over the last few months, but that’s not really saying much considering it was abysmal.

    Catwoman and Birds of Prey are always great reads, although Catwoman has slipped a bit since the Salvation Run tie-in began. Start from around issue 50 and it’s the best book you aren’t reading.

    Hulk 1 was decent enough, but McGuinness sure can draw the hell out of the Hulk – probably the best match of artist and character in recent memory.

    New team on The Spirt is promising, plus you got Ploog art!! 

    Always entertaining: Checkmate, Ex Machina, Hack/Slash (more should be reading this book – if you like Buffy…), Mighty Avengers (Bendis at Baltimore Con!!!!! Mutha F’n YES!!!!!), Order.  

    Almost dropped: Angel (my memory isn’t that great to remember every little nuance of the final season); Un-Men; Brave and The Bold (that hurts to say). 

    BQ: Cup – I don’t like anything getting between me and my cream.

  52. Six books this week.  I’m still loving every issue of Amazing Spider-Man but I’m also excited for Youngblood.

    BQ: Waffle cone. 

  53. I’m really hoping that Checkmate hits 100 pulls this week! Come on Checkmate!!

    As of this week I’ve dropped JLA. If the Ifanboy nation feels this week’s issue was good, I’ll definitely reconsider, but I just can’t take the nonsense issues anymore

  54. I wish Runaways would come out more often, love that series.

    BQ: Ice cream in a cup FTW!!!! 

  55. Most excited for: Invincible #48.

    Most intrigued by: Spirit #14.  The Darwyn Cooke run was great, but should they have just closed down this book after his run??

    More people should be buying: Invincible.

    On the chopping block: Spirit #14.  I’ll read this one issue with the new team—I can’t guarantee any more than that.

    Ice cream: with pie.

  56. Looking forward to:

    Batman & Outsiders, Batman Confidential, Checkmate, JLA, Mighty Avengers

    On the fence

    The Order (Probably just ride it out until #10 for any Skrull stuff), Flash, Runaways (great book, can’t remember the last time it came out)

    Ice cream in a cup.  But I’m not militant about it.

  57. Bad week for me.  I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get it into my head that Ultimates 3 has been nothing but a gigantic disappointment.  I’ve been enjoying Mighty Avengers, but I hate that I’m going to have to put up with yet another crossover.  I find myself buying fewer and fewer Marvel and DC superhero books because of all the crossovers.

  58. My chopping block is made up of anything written by Jeph Loeb. I can’t figure out what’s going on with that guy. I used to be a fan and really like all of his stuff but now…

    I keep listening to him on wordballoon expecting some grand insight but I always come away thinking he sounds kind of like a prick (I’m sure he’s not really a prick, just how he comes across on wordballoon at times). Hearing about how him and Bendis butted heads at the Marvel retreat really made me think about what it is about Bendis that I like vs. what about Loeb that keeps annoying me. I have some conclusions but am curious for anyone else to weigh in.

    Flash is also on the edge of being dropped. I don’t want to but I will.

    I’m looking forward to Ultimate Human for some sweet sweet Cary Nord art.

  59. What astounds me is that Loeb actually thought that this would top Millar and Hitch’s Ultimates.  Some of the statments he was making seemed pretty obnoxious.  I know it was supposed to come off as good natured-ribbing, but to me his mouth was writing checks that his word processor couldn’t cash.

  60. I think I am mostly looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man this week. I have just recently started bying Avengers books. I got the New Avengers book last week, so I am interested to see how well I will like Mighty. I am also picking up Star Wars: Dark Times and World of Warcraft this week; although I have been contemplating going to trades for the Star Wars books.


    BQ: Cup

  61. I’m mostly annoyed that Loeb is bringing Wolverine and Spiderman in to this Ultimates team. I think that is too obviously trying to make the book like the 616 New Avengers. It feels like a copout. He had a chance to make some interesting changes to the time and he just said, "hey I can throw wolv. and spidey in. They’re popular and they’re in Bendis'(take a drink) Avengers." I’ll admit though that I can be wrong and I hope that he does enough with these characters to excuse throwing them hapharzardly onto this team.

  62. I had the day off yesterday and woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday.  Damn it, no comics for another 24 hours.

  63. I read the past issues to refresh my memory so I’m looking forward to Runaways.  I really hope this becomes a monthly series again.  This book is so great I recommend it to anyone who knows how to read.  Is there a good reason why this was only released like, four times last year?  Just want to satify my curiousity.

    Madame Mirage is damn good.  Written by Paul Dini, the art is great (and not just the big boobs which, I admit, are always an eye catcher) and the previous issues had an intriguing twist that I totally did not see coming.

    Lastly, Hack/Slash is another great book.  The art is great and the characters are surprisingly likeable.  Like Dan says, if you like Buffy, you should pick this up.  If you dig old school slasher flicks, you definitely should pick this up.

    So yeah…

    Bonus: In a sugar cone.

  64. Any week with new Bendis stuff is a good week.  It’ll be interesting to see if JLA can get back on some sort of track that makes sense.  Also I’m there watching the slow moving car crash that is Jeph Loeb’s return to Marvel picking up both Hulk #2 and Ultimates #3.

  65. Also surely waffle cone.

  66. @HermitHomeboy — I think the reason Runaways has been on a slow schedule is that Whedon wanting to write it is the only thing that saved it from cancellation, and writing it is not his full-time job.  (Note that he put out 7 issues of Buffy in that time, and that’s only counting the ones he scripted himself).  I like the run, but I rather wish they had put it out as a mini or a graphic novel, once it was actually close to done.

    @Haupt — I’ve talked over the Bendis vs. Loeb thing with a friend, and her theory is that Loeb does not like to share toys.  He does whatever he wants with the x=characters, shared universe be damned, while Bendis works hard for things to be connected (importing Kitty Pryde into "Ultimate Spider-Man," for instance).  To me, this explains why most of Loeb’s best work is out of continuity ("The Long Halloween," "Spider-man: Blue", etc.).   

  67. 12 books this week.  Invincible, Ex Machina and Checkmate are on the top for me (or bottom I suppose, since I read best last).  Invincible has been especially fun and on point the past few issues.  New Arc on Ex Machina? Yes please.  And now that I’m caught up on Checkmate I’m salivating for that as well.

    Speaking of salivating: Waffle Cone.  But just thinking about ice cream is making me cold, it’s about 3 degrees outside.

  68. it is suprising that only 51 of ifanboys pick up the umbrella academy

    this is by far the best mini-series in the last year  – the writting is amazing considering it is comic from a rock star

    and the artwork from gabriel ba is simply amazing.

    i will be buying this on trade to get more people to read it.

  69. I can not wait to read checkmate and might avengers other than that it looks like a so-so week.

    Plus I’m shocked that JLA has as many pulls as it does. I dropped this book last month and if the spirit is not good i will be dropping it also.

    BQ Waffle Cone

  70. Im most looking foward to Runaways, but not because I’m loving the story, but because it gets us one step closer to getting Terry Moore on the book.  I think he can bring back what made it so good when BKV was writing.  Also looking foward to Mighty Avengers and Amazing Spiderman.

  71. OOH BQ:  waffle cone followed closely by cup.

  72. Dropping Brave and the Bold this week, *yawn*

  73. @kubrick1978  I think 51 pulls is actually pretty good for a first time series.

    THe real tragedy is only 15 pulls for Grendel.  MATT WAGNER IS A LEGEND PEOPLE!!


  74.  I am all a-twitter about this weeks comics.  Looks like a good week.  Here are my top comics that I’m anticipating:

    Brave and the Bold

    Justice League of America

    The Spirit

    Amazing Spider-Man


    Immortal Iron Fist One-Shot


    BQ: Waffle Cone

  75. Oh, I forgot…

    The Mighty Avengers! 

  76. Is it wrong of me to want Whedon’s run on Runaways to end? It just doesn’t "feel" right. That being said I’m still looking forward to the end of this arc, hopefully something will happen and I’ll end up enjoying it more. 

    I’m also looking forward to Mighty Avengers, is it just me or did that up the release schedule now that Bagely is doing the art? It seems like its coming out twice a month.


    I like Waffle cones 

  77. FEAR AGENT trade this week


  78. Interesting that Amazing Spider-Man is one of the top-pulled in spite of all the boycott-hubub. I’m tremendously enjoying that book.

    Very curious about The Spirit’s new team.

     Have dropped the Ultimates. BLAH. Severe color problems that the story isn’t entertaining enough to overcome.

     The current arc of Wolverine: Origins is very entertaining (as it has been recently) and I’m not a Wolverine fan. Deadpool-vision. Check it out.

  79. After issue 2, I vowed to drop Ultimates…now, with #3 looming I am afraid I will be compelled to buy it for completion’s sake…must stay…strong!


    Bonus: Man, any cone is a good cone, but sugar cones tend to come with the free soft serve at chinese buffets, so I probably eat those the most…which sound very good right about now! 

  80. Does it count as a PULL if I’m just reading it? (working at a comic shop rules!)

    I have about 15 listed as pulls, but really I’ll just be BUYING 3 or 4.

    I’m with SxMW on Origins, I’ve actually laughed out loud in the shop at some of Deadpool’s hijinkery.

    And I don’t care what anyone says, not only am I not boycotting AMS, it’s the first thing I read each week (except for when USM comes out, which is still infinately better)

    And I actually stopped reading Runaways. I love whedon, but I just got bored. Dang shame. Who’s on to write it after Whedon’s off, do we know yet?

  81. I know you guys didnt enjoy World War Hulk or really anything Hulk related recently.

     But The Incredible Hercules is not even close to being a Hulk book and it is so good. It deserves a chance!

  82. Most excited by Mighty Avengers, most intrigued by Avengers Classic and more people should be buying The Order. No book is as consistently *interesting* as this. The Spirit is on the chopping block. 

    And I like waffle cones, ’cause you can’t really have them at home.