Super Trailer Looks Kick-Ass

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Disenfranchised loser guy decides to empower self by becoming vigilante in a costume. Gets in over his head, still somehow succeeds. Nope, not Kick-Ass, it's Super, the new indie "super-hero" flick staring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon and Liv Tyler. No, Kevin Bacon is not the loser guy. I've known about this movie for awhile but the first full length trailer just came out today and it seems to confirm that this movie may just be exactly what we'd suspect: derivative, hyper-violent, and a step back for the perception of comics and comic's fans. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with making a movie about a super hero without basing it off a comic, but it just seems like this has already been done and been done well. I'm just one man with one opinion, and to be fair I rarely head to the theater anyways so I ask you iFanbase: do you have any interest in seeing this movie? How do you feel about original properties clearly pulling from comics but which aren't actually based on any? Would you rather just rewatch Kick-Ass?


  1. I’d watch a feature-length movie of Ellen Page staring at paint. She’s yummy!

  2. Slither was awesome. I’m down with this. And after hearing Rainn Wilson on the Nerdist, I think I’d be down for anything he does.

  3. I can see how they’d think it isn’t but… rip. off.

  4. @JNewcomb  Wow. Creepy.

  5. My parents always said: “If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t speak at all.” So………. I shall say nothing. 

    Except, did I see Nathan Fillion in there? Oh Nathan, you can do so much better.

  6. At least it looks much better than Defendor.

  7. Nathan Fillion makes everything better… right? No your right, not even this can be saved

  8. This looks like fun. I really enjoyed James Gunn’s other super hero film: The Specials.

  9. I dug Slither so I think I’ll give this a shot. I like how they just threw Nathan Fillion in there like, “Did we mention the guy you love from Firefly is in this?”

  10. James Gunn is a funny guy – check out his web series PG Porn and his blog. I’m in for this one.

  11. This looks pretty good. Rainn Wilson is awesome.

  12. does look very derivative alright but it could be funny. Rainn Wilson is the guy from the american version of the Office, right?

  13. I’ll watch it but I’m getting sick of all these super hero knock off movies. So far most of them have been the same.

  14. I thought you were going to say it was a Defendor rip-off.

  15. I love how comic book fans are using the term “derivative”. 

  16. I saw Fillion tweeting about this recently. The trailer looks awesome.

  17. This might be funny…..I’m not really sure though. Not a big fan of Wilson and it really does feel like a parody of Kick-Ass then anything else.

    I did like Slither though so it’s got a chance to be good. 

  18. im in

  19. I like the fun of it, could be good. Corny, but hopefully fun 🙂

  20. I like the trailer. I’ll see it, although it strikes me as more similar to Defendor than Kick-Ass. 

  21. This looks cool. I LIKE it.

  22. It looks funny. This is like if Kick-Ass went all the way realistic.

  23. Did you guys watch a different Defendor than I did? That was a great movie.

    This looks good, too. Dumb, maybe, but also funny and, more importantly, entertaining. And that’s all I need from it.

  24. Looks like the movie could be funny.  It at least has my interest and a certainly don’t have a problem with its existence or content.

  25. Hope they dont botch the continuity. Or something. I will hate it, even if I like it. Now Im just being non-sensical.

  26. Must admit, I rolled my eyes when I heard the concept, but this actually looks pretty funny. I think they’re well aware of the rip-off part.

  27. I view movies like this the same way I view superhero comics themselves.  As long as it’s fun, I don’t mind if it reworks old ideas.

    Shut up, Crime!

  28. It looks like Kick-ass mixed with low budget effects of Scott Pilgrim is what I think.

  29. haha yes! superhero movies are always better when they give up on trying to be cool. looks like an absolute win.

  30. I’ve seen and talked to Gunn and Wilson about the film as well. Can tell you it’s fair more bloody than Kick-Ass. The violence is more realistic in particular. 

  31. @origamikid  lol you’r argument is so right its funny 😀

  32. James Gunn started off at Troma Films, thats enough for me.

  33. Honestly, it looks like it’s going to do a better job at this kind of story than Kick-Ass.

    Also–“Shut up, Crime!” is probably one of the best crime-fighter catch-phrases EVER. 

  34. Looks just as good or better than Kick-Ass to me. Plus, James Gunn wrote and acted in the very good original superhero movie The Specials released in 2000 waaaaaaay before superhero genre movies were the billion dollar money makers they are today. The dude has some cred IMO. 

  35. No ones mentioned that it also rips-off Shyamalan’s Unbreakable(2000) or the superhero movie Special(2006) starring Michael Rapaport. (sarcasm)

  36. Amazing the influence my life fighting crime has had on the movie world, comic world, and elsewhere with several titles these days being “influenced” by me.

    This looks good, if only Juno wasn’t in it.  Rainn is great.

  37. you guys are aware this movie was made and premeired before Kick-Ass came out right ?

    personally Kick Ass was very dissapointing and missed the point of what the material was trying to say, while this film looks like it hits the nail right on the head and isn’t afraid to take the story where it needs to go. looking forward to checking it out. 

  38. I also enjoyed Defendor but I love Woody in just about anything he does.

    I’ll catch this on HBO on a rainy day. Ellen Page is the only selling point(what is with her and bad super hero movies. First X3 and now this?) 

  39. Mark Millar has already said that Gunn was writing this movie while he was writing Kick-Ass and that he’s cool with it

  40. Seriously, come on. There have been like 10 of these movies of the exact same ilk. Are all of them Kick Ass copy-cats? It’s hardly a novel concept. Come on now.

  41. this looks entertaining not epic but a fun time at the the movies.ellen page is allways a plus for me.shes beautifull.

  42. I loved “Kick-Ass.”  This also looks good.  I think there’s enough room in my heart for two subversive DIY superhero movies.  Maybe even three since people keep bringing up “Defendor.” 

  43. I’d see this. Looks funny. And Ellen in spandex? WINNING!

  44. ‘Kick-Ass’ was great. ‘Super’ appears similar to ‘Kick-Ass’. Therefor ‘Super’ has a high probability of being great. Just because something is a reflection or even a copy, doesn’t mean it’s bad.