Summer Glau is the new voice of Supergirl in DC Animation’s ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’

Let’s squeeze a little more Loeb into your Monday. Loeb ya up real good.

Following July’s Batman: Under the Red Hood, the next direct-to-video feature from DC Animation is Batman/Superman: Apocalypse. The movie hits DVD and Blu-ray on September 28th. Here’s what the front and one side of it look like. Imagine it just sort of sliding out of your DVD shelf. Just Loebing right out.

The second DCAU adaptation with roots in Jeph Loeb’s Batman/Superman run (following Public Enemies), Apocalypse focuses, in part, on the introduction of Supergirl from “The Supergirl from Krypton” storyline. We’ve just learned from Superman Homepage that in this outting, cousin Kara is voiced by sci-fi muse Summer Glau (most Whedon projects, including that one time on Angel; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

It’s not a pairing we’d have ever expected given the tendency to cast Glau as cold, expressionless, or downright Looney Tunes, but this can only be considered good news for fans of the actress. She’ll finally get to play with a full range of emotions as the warm, if troubled Supergirl. Playing to type, she could’ve been relegated to mute, sociopathic Batgirl Cassandra Cain. Which would probably have taken about four minutes in the studio for a couple of grunts and an “I’ll end you.” So, here’s to seeing Summer get to play up her warm and fuzzies.

That didn’t at all come out right.

Hey, Darkseid’s in this one too!

As for Superman and Batman themselves, IMDB lists Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy, which makes sense given that this is being billed as a sequel to Public Enemies. Then again, that same site lists Nicholle Tom as Supergirl, so we’ll need further confirmation on final casting.

As you can see from the cover art, the main feature is coupled with a Green Arrow short.

Joss Whedon just pre-ordered his copy.



More of the cast has been announced:

Superman – Tim Daly
Batman – Kevin Conroy
Supergirl – Summer Glau
Darkseid – Andre Braugher
Granny Goodness – Ed Asner

Green Arrow – Neal McDonough
Merlyn – Malcolm McDowell


  1. "Let’s squeeze a little more Loeb into your Monday. Loeb ya up real good."

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite this dirty after reading one of your articles. On the up-side, though, interesting to see how Glau pulls her off. Now brb showering line off body forever. 

  2. I remember not finishing that arc.

  3. OMG this is awesome! I wonder if we will see Wonder-woman and Barda?

  4. Good God. She’s wearing a Batgirl T-shirt.

  5. Could the Summer Glau curse cross over to direct to video animated movies? Oh crap…

  6. That’s…I’ll be in my bunk.

  7. Who was the guy who did Darkseid in the DCUA stuff? If they wanna keep this feeling like those cartoons then they need him as Darkseid.

    This was a pretty decent Loeb story, still at the point where he was slowly going insane (and a bad writer). Excited more for the Green Arrow short though. 

  8. Crap this one is destined to be cancelled ZING

    Now that I have my joke out of the way. I’m excited for more DC Animated, but less excited for this.  I don’t think Public Enemies was as good as it could have been.  They also managed to drop one of the best lines from the story >.< 

  9. @thenextchampion micheal ironside

  10. @oldmanlogan: That’s it!

    To me, you always need Conroy to be Batman. In this case you always need Ironside as Darkseid. 

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, we don’t really have any other Darkseids to compare with. 


  12. Jeremy Sisto was a perfectly good Batman.

  13. Too much Loeb for 1 day.  Bleh.

  14. Sounds pretty neat but I think I’m more interested in seeing the Green Arrow short >.>

  15. looks good to me!  sounds good? maybe?  

  16. @PaulMontgomery – Frank Welker’s Darkseid from the Superfriends was pretty awesome too.


    I’m really looking forward to this movie as this arc brought me back into my current comicbook frenzy.

  17. If I had to make a list of guys I would have gay phone sex with, Frank Welker would be on the list.  As would Kevin Conroy.  The Dos Equis guy, too.

  18. I do like me a bit of Summer Glau. Though I haven’t heard of the arc (But I’m not a big Loeb fan), I’m really looking forward to the Green Arrow short. Maybe this’ll lead to a full length Green Arrow animated feature?

  19. Great news. These DC Animated movies are great. It’s a pity they’re not releasing every one of them in Europe though – we’ve only had Superman Doomsday, Gotham Knights and Wonder Woman. The only way we can get some of these over here is through the more dodgy parts of the internet. 

  20. I’m excited, Public Enemies and Supergirl were two great arcs to start off Superman/Batman with, and I’m glad to see that Supergirl is getting animated too, now. I hope they do it in Turner’s style.

  21. Green Arrow short?  Yes, please!

  22. Eesh, I’m hoping they’ll avoid Turner’s style, actually. I don’t need Supergirl to look like Paris Hilton (whose been starving herself).

  23. Update: More of the cast has been announced.

  24. That looks like a solid cast.  I’m looking forward to this one and the Red Hood release.

  25. Malcolm McDowell? *squeel*

    And of course we need Ed Asner as Granny Goodness. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Although it’s weird they didn’t cast Ironside as Darkseid… 

  26. I hope Green Arrow is really good, they did a fantastic job with him in JLU. Sept is not that long of a wait.

  27. Just saw this:

    Grade= B-

    Definitely the weakest of Dc’s usually great animated offerings.

    Andre Brauer is a WEAK Darkseid-  I agree Ironside as Darkseid from the series was essential and Brauer

    sounds like he celphoned this one in.

    The direction overall is what kills it- withought spoiling- the spoken Krytonian language sounds like Quebequoi

    Superman looks like he’s wearing eyeliner

    And it just feels like this was rushed.

    Put it this way Summer Glau is not the worst thing about it.


    Worth seeing- but won’t be a strong memory soon after.