Strangers in Paradise Omnibus – On Sale Now!

This week in his blog, Terry Moore announced that the long-rumored Strangers in Paradise Omnibus was finally available for pre-order!

The entire Strangers in Paradise epic is going to be collected in two 1,100 page tomes that will fit neatly into one slipcase, along with some extra material.

How cool is that?  I don’t even love the series nearly as much as Ron and Josh and even I’m considering picking this one up.  That’s how cool that is!


  1. Oh. My. God.

  2. Want Connor to buy your comic?  Just put it out in a nice hardcover.  It’s like crack to him. 😉

  3. Least you will get a work out while reading. I had trouble reading the Cap omnibus never mind this.

  4. This looks really good, it’s also being limited to 1,250 signed and numbered. At least that’s what Terry Moore said on Twitter.

  5. @CGPO: It’s true. I already put in my order.

  6. Yikes! Me want, me don’t want to pay that much….

  7. As much as I love SiP…and I really do…I just don’t have it in me to own the same product in different formats. Yes, there’s extra material and you can’t argue that the book is gorgeous, but I found out about this story, bought it, read it, loved it and I’m done.

  8. Damn I already own this in the Pocket Books.  Must resist desire for awesome hardcover for as long as possible.

  9. easiest $160 I ever spent

  10. That’s going to be one HUGE slipcase.  I’m already not looking forward to the next time I move, mostly because of this.   

  11. I read it from the library and really enjoyed the series, just trying to convince myself to spend the money on this. It is very tempting 

  12. I know someone who is going to kill for this

  13. ohmygod. it’s signed and numbered too. ohmygod.

  14. I just bought the first two pocket books last weekend *sigh* Great series.

  15. Yeah, saw it on twitter.  Wow.  Whoever gets this, please post pics.

  16.  If only i had an endless supply of cash 🙁

  17. wow finally i cant wait i wanted to read this so bad and now it looks like i can!!

  18. I just recently have picked up more than half the original trades. Oh, well…

  19. Can someone explain the appeal of the Omnibus to me? I’ll admit it, I’ve bought a few, all of which I later sold because I never enjoyed reading them. They’re just too big. [insert joke] But seriously. I like the regular hc format (like for Invincible – enjoying vol. 4 right now), but I just don’t get these giant books. Don’t you have trouble reading them? Doesn’t it bother you that you can’t see the whole page flat because of the thickness of the spine. I’m sorry to rant, this is just my pet peeve, I guess.

  20. As soon as I get money.  Never read an issue.  But just like Sandman and the Absolutes, I’m ready to dive right in.

  21. I’ve never read this, but always wanted too.  So many trades available, I’ve always been too lazy to wade through them.  I LOOOOOVE Echo, so I’ll be grabbing this for certain.  Here’s hoping DCBS discounts the hell out of it!

  22. @patio: The answer to all of your questions is "no".

    @Webhead: I don’t believe this is going to be available through DCBS – you have to order it directly from Terry Moore.

  23. @Conor:  Moore says on his site it’ll be available in the July previews, so I would assume DCBS would have it too.  Here’s hoping 🙂

  24. @Webhead: Ah, you’re right about that. I wonder if there will be any left?

  25. Does anyone think the omni will ever be on amazon?  Also, on the omnibus front, the way I’ve always read mine, is since I’m always to scared to open them all the way flat, I prop one end up on a small pillow, and read them like that.

  26. @conor – what could come out in a deluxe hardcover and you not buy it?  Youngblood?  Chuck Austen’s run on X-Men?  Is there anything you could say "no" to?  This may be something scholars will debate for years.

  27. @CGPO: This.

  28. Already set aside the money in my SDCC budget.  He’ll sketch in it there for you.  Only sketches he’s doing this year according to a response that I got from him on twitter

  29. Looks awesome, but I just bought all the pocket books, plus I picked up the SiP Treasury Edition at San Diego two years ago AND the SiP DVD.

    Might be a worthwhile wedding gift for a friend, though. 🙂


  30. If it’s listed through Diamond isn’t it going to be avaialble on DCBS? Or is there something special about this one? That asked, I’m still sending Terry my $$$ directly. $175 after shipping.

    Worth. Every. Fucking. Penny.


  31. Oh God, I am close to ordering this, but the shipping will push this up to $230. Youch! I’m really tempted to just wait and pray this hits Amazon 🙁 The $70 shipping is what really makes me think twice, otherwise I’d probably have pre-ordered already.

  32. Oh God! Me wants sooooo bad.

  33. @conor – See, I didn’t think that story-line was that bad.  Azzarello does something kind of new with the whole "Superman = Jesus" theme by basically making the story-line a metaphor for The Rapture.  Plus who knows, maybe in oversize with the entire story collected in one place it would be more enjoyable. 😉

  34. @CGPO: Nope. Not interested in the least.

  35. …And like that I’m now $175 lighter.

  36. Soooooo tempting… but $175 is steep. Loved the series, but man… I guess I’ll just hold out hope for color reprints somewhere down the road.

  37. Half the print run is already sold people!

  38. @Dan: Color reprints?  You mean this book was originally in color?  I’ve been getting the pocket books, they’re black and white, and I just assumed that’s the way it was.

    Also, I’m with whoever stated it above.  1100 page hardcover omnibus just seems a little ridiculous.  These things are going to be huge.  I’ve got nothing at all against hardcover books, I love ’em in fact, but damn, there gets to be a point where it’s just cumbersome, and that point is well short of 1100 pages in my opnion.

  39. @Dan: $175 is steep for 2,200 pages?

    @Jon: The series was originally in black and white.

  40. @Conor – steep for something I already own, yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very torn over this – I’m generally against buying the same thing twice, but this is my second-favorite series. Now $175 for full-color, I’m all over it, mostly because it’s something I don’t have. Hell, I’d probably pay double for a color omnibus.

    @Jon – Moore said somewhere right after the series finished he was going to put out the ominbus and, eventually, the color edition. If I remember correctly, he cited the Bone Scholastic reprints as being an inspiration.

  41. I wouldn’t like SiP in colour. I didn’t think the issues that were done in colour look as good as the b&w. I’m actually really surprised that Terry Moore would do a colour SiP.

  42. Don’t drop this thing on your toe!

  43. This sort of stuff brings up a new question: Do we need to insure it? If I’m spending a ton for a unique thing, I don’t want to lose both it and what I spent for it, if a comicbook loving criminal might burglarize the place.

  44. This is great news indeed!  After my storage unit was broken into, All my SIP Harcovers were stolen.  They were ~$50 a piece and well out of print.  $175 for the complete run is really a bargain. 

  45. I’d pay for color.


  46. Just put in my order, thanks for the heads up fellas.  I’ve always wanted to try the series out.