Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana to Play Gamora in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Zoe Saldana is in talks to play Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the universe in James Gunn’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. Saldana is no stranger to zero gravity having starred as Uhura in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek film series after her surgery at Matthew Galumbeck, MD‘s clinic in for having a sexy body. This also wouldn’t be her first turn as an alien, though Gamora’s not nearly so far removed from humanity as the catlike warrior she played in James Cameron’s Avatar. If anything, though, Gamora’s combat prowess and thirst for vengeance might be closer to Saldana’s lead role in Colombiana.

Sounds like a pretty good fit to me.


Everwood and Zero Dark Thirty alum Chris Pratt and former wrestler Dave Bautista round out the existing cast of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s one StarLord and a Destroyer down. With Gamora, that just leaves an anthropomorphic tree with an especially limited vocabulary and a wise-cracking raccoon.



  1. Nice although James Gunn is not promising in my book

    • I sorta know what your saying he has been a little hit or miss for me but I watched Super a couple weeks back and it was really good, got me excited for GotG.

    • I haven’t seen Super so maybe I’m missing something. I’m really excited for Thor using the Game of Thrones director and Captain America because of the story they are adapting. I don’t care how bad You, Me and Dupree is (and it’s terrible) That story is way too good to mess up.

  2. What if one or more of Saldana’s franchises end up shooting at the same time?

    • That’s for the producers to worry about. I’m just looking forward to watching movies when they come out.

    • Guardians is supposed to start filming in just a few months. The next Star Trek probably won’t film for another 2 years. And Avatar will probably start filming in 4-20 years

    • …And Avatar will probably start filming in 4-20 years.

      Bwa hahahah!

    • @invasionforce: Jennifer Lawrence makes it work and she even had time to squeeze in winning an Oscar. I think Saldana will be fine…

  3. I wish you had listed Parks and Rec for Chris Pratt instead of Everwood. I think Zoe is a good choice, and she will get to be green like an Orion slave girl!

  4. This sounds promising . . .

  5. Zoe Saldana in, well.. anything. WIN! Seriously, this is shaping up pretty nicely and shooting a bit left field which is interesting.

  6. I’m gradually becoming excited about the GOTG movie….I have nothing against GOTG, just something I never really got in to though I’m fairly familiar with the characters. The casting so far seems pretty great, hopefully Marvel can pull this off and make it a good movie.

  7. Good choice.

  8. “Fascinating.” – Mr. Spock

  9. Excellent choice. I’m liking the casting more all the time and Chris Pratt doesn’t seem like such a bad choice anymore.
    And Zoe Saldana. Thumbs up.

  10. Awesome.

  11. Her busy schedule is going to make planning our wedding difficult.

  12. Reppin Elmhurst Queens!

  13. Zoe Saldana is now officially the Queen of Space. I support this.

  14. Zoe is a solid choice for Gamora in my eyes and has the range to cover good acting with plenty of personality while being badass. James Gunn is one of those directors that shine given the right project vs trying to make something work that isn’t really up they’re alley and I think this is up his….alley. 😉