Stack: The Confession

I've got Stack issues.  I mean, when have I not had Stack issues?  It seems that the bigger this site gets, the more Stack I get, and it never goes away.  We've gotta write for the site, and edit the shows, and then there's actual life to take care of, and then, in my case, there are comics to make.  There's always something else I could and should be doing.  Ironically, reading comics isn't it often enough.  Here's what's going unread at the moment at Casa Del Flanagan

Wonderful Wizard of Oz – I decided to read this in collected form after the first issue. I knew it was good. I'm even pretty friendly with Skottie Young, the artist.  But my deep shame is that I never actually got around to reading it.  This was a huge mistake. I'm halfway through the thing right now, and it's absolutely brilliant. When my kid thinks of the Wizard of Oz, this is what he's going to be seeing in his mind. 

Little Star – Andi Watson was a favorite of mine for a while, but I lost track of him.  A friend of the show, Tim, picked it up for me, and gave it to me at New York Comic Con.  I haven't read it, but apparently, it's got something to do with fatherhood, and I'm guessing it'll make me cry. So much does these days.

Pluto Vol. 2 – Read volume 1 about 6 months after I bought it. I bought volume 2 before I'd even finished that one.  I'll be finished with the whole story sometime after we've acheived Mars colonies. Or single payer healthcare.  Whichever.

Superman: Earth One – Actually, I already read this.  Review next week.

The Last Run – This is an advance of Greg Rucka's new Queen and Country novel.  You guys know how much I love Queen and Country comics right? I think it's possible I love the novels even more.  Shocking, I know!  Can't wait to tuck in to this.

Wildcats #1-17 – This is the latest run and I have them all, but never started reading them.  I hope I will.  Outlook: not so good.

Stack of Free Comics – People hand you a lot of things when you go to a big comic convention, and the awful, awful truth is that most of them aren't very good. I'm not going to badmouth anyone for giving it a shot, but well, my expectations have been set for a reason.  One of the great things in here though is a sketchbook by Mahmud Asrar, which is sublime.

Misery Loves Sherman – This is the very nice collection of Chris Eliopoulos' webstrips. I've actually read most of these, but this a sharp looking little collection. I look forward to reading them all. I've got to stick this somewhere where I'll slowly and subconsciously leaf through it.

Return of the Dapper Men – Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee's gorgeous hardcover from Archaia is a wonderfully designed and beautiful book.  You'll be hearing more about it soon enough.

Cuba: My Revolution – This is from Vertigo and I want to read it very much. It's first person history, in comics form, as drawn by Dean Haspiel. I'm so down.

Revolver – Matt Kindt – I missed the point where I had to read this to be timely, and now it's just waiting for me.  But I know I'll like it. 

Dark Rain – Story of New Orleans from Vertigo.  See the previous entry.

Cowboy, Ninja, Viking vol.1 – Sounds like fun, right? Ron seems to like it.

Not pictured are the hardcovers I've been collecting, paying for even, of stuff I love.  I've got Powers Definitive Hardcover Vol. 3, Starman Omnibus Vol. 4 (and 5 was just released!), Gotham Central Vol. 3 hardcover, Ex Machina Vol. 2 Hardcover, and Swamp Thing Hardcovers Vol. 2 and 3 waiting to be read.  And yet every time I go on Amazon, I think about buying the next one, just to be up to date, regardless of whether I'll have time to read them or not.

And yes there are prose books laying around here too.  Then, there's another shelf of stuff I was sent that looked pretty good, and I know I'll never get to it.  I'd say not to have kids, but this was already built up before Oliver got here.  Me, I just want to finish Red Dead Redemption.

Aw crap. I just found another shelf of stuff.  Black Heart Billy, Five Fists of Science, Judge Dredd, The Complete D.R. Quinch… the list goes on.

Have I mentioned the iPad?  There are a lot of preview PDF's on there.

What I'm saying is, be careful what you wish for, because Burgess Meredith might end up breaking his glasses.

You know?


  1. I too took forever to beat Red Dead but I’m glad I did, it’s truly the best game i’ve played all year

     Hope you enjoy five fists of science, it’s a fav and i can’t wait for that earth one review

  2. Throw Cuba: My Revolution and Five Fists of Science to the top. I think you’ll love both for very different reasons. I’m going to tackle The Last Run next week. We should try and talk to the man when we’re both finished with it!

  3. My stack is real deep right now. It’s leeeeeeaning!!

  4. Send ’em all over to my house… me and the boys will divide ’em up, read ’em and review ’em, and have ’em back to you by the next post

    This is just child’s play, I have the 1400 page Jeff Smith Complete Bone to get through !

    Hmmmm. I just said Jeff Smith has a huge Bone … Doesn’t that mean something different in American English ?

  5. I think my unread stack at this point will top all of the iFanboys combined.

    That said, I love the return of the annual iFanboy crossover event!

  6. I actually just read Five Fists of Science. Fun Stuff. I dont have a stack right now, mostly because I’m unemployed and want to spend my money on other things(i.e: Floppys and Beer). although it always seems when I’m getting a steady paycheck my stack goes to nothing to gargantuan. But thats just the nature of being a consumer aint it.

  7. Little Star: Not sure if it’ll make you cry but it’ll make you realize your not in it alone.  😉


    the Tiki 

  8. I bought the entire Green Lantern TPB run from rebirth all the way through Blackest Night, and I have yet to read a page.  I also have GI Joe Vol 1-3, Cobra, and Origins Vol 1-3, Lock and Key Vol 1, Walking Dead HC Vol 1.  Enough reading for a few weeks.

  9. Tiki – everything makes me cry now.

  10. Could be worse Josh, your kid could be a dangerous psychopath in tights with a secret crush on supergirl!

  11. Nice Twilight Zone reference

  12. I cut down my weekly pulls because I was unable to read anything but comics between the issues and collections and work and life.

    Josh, do you have time for noncomic related reading or is the stack it?

  13. I didn’t enjoy Five Fists of Science as much as I thought I would.

  14. @SM – I’ve actually read a few prose books this year.  Without a commute, it’s hard to find time though.

  15. Gah! I’m really excited for Earth One. I hope you liked it.

  16. I’m really looking forward to your review of JMS’s Superman Earth One. Can’t wait.

  17. In regards to the Wildcats, are you reading the one written by Christos Gage?

  18. my stack is more than two longboxes…

  19. The Wildcats are the Gage issues, I think.

  20. In a kinda related topic, here are a couple reviews for Superman: Earth One:

    He loved it.

    He hated it.

    From what I’ve seen it looks great and the ign review hasn’t diminished my excitement, and the AIC review made me more excited. This will be my first venture into Superman, and these Earth One books will be the only Marvel/DC books I’ll be buying.

  21. The only stack I have are my backlog of trades, graphic novels, and manga.

    Berserk vols 28-34
    Scalped vols 4-6
    Punisher Max HC vol 3
    Ultimates Omnibus
    Chew vol 3

    Oh also I have alot of old $1.00 bin comics I need to read.

  22. my stack is dangerously similar:

     some 100+ prose books (mostly SF, some non-fiction, far far too many by friends of mine for personal comfort in a couple of cases entire runs of books by friends which I’ve yet to get around to reading…)

     Parker The Hunter – signed so I don’t just toss this in my bag but I need to sit down and read it!

     Chew – the whole run up to now, I’ve read issue 1 digitally but the whole run is sitting there teasing me…

     Wednesday Comics – not the vast hardcover (which I’ve been tempted by) but the original series, I’ve read a few of them but I really want to sit down some rainy Sunday morning and read the whole collection

     Incoruptible – I’ve read the first few issues but somehow I’m many issues behind

     Dr. Who Ongoing – I’m a huge huge huge Dr. Who fan but somehow this has stayed in my stack mostly unread….

     and a depressingly large stack of other books – some recent from the past few weeks, so from months and months ago. I make progress occasionally but more great stuff keeps coming out…


  23. My stack is currently:

    Sweets #1 (will pick up the other two if I like the first issue)

    Lord of the Flies

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    The History of Stax Records

  24. Nice TZ reference. My stack includes the 2nd bendis Daredevil omnibus, Starman vol 2 omnibus, walking dead vol 12, American Flagg and some other stuff I either got for free or just dot have interest in. My biggest struggle is adding more new books to the stack that aren’t part of an ongoing series or a series that I have earlier trades of (y and Gotham Central come to mind). I want to read Echo but is it folly?

  25. Red Dead was fanDAMNtastic!

  26. @Josh: I have D.R. and Quinch’s Totally Awesome Guide To Life. It’s, as the title say, pretty awesome, but I read it over 10 years ago.

  27. "It’s not fair! There was time now! It’s not faaaiirrr!!!"

    I am excited to see your review for Superman: Earth One. The reviews have been either ‘its great’ or ‘it’s bad’ with no in-between. 

  28. I feel your pain. I’ve got a baby on the way and with having to fix so many things around the house I am reading so little right now. However due to having the last week off of work I have managed to make a dent in my stack, this morning I am reading godland celestial edition 2 and loving it but after this week I’d say the stack will go untouched for a while. When did comics become hard work ha

  29. Very jealous of the sneek peaks that you have, like The Last Run and Dapper Men.  I’m interested to hear your thoughts on them though.  I’m totally psyched for The Last Run.  Rucka’s Q&C novel are sooooooo good.

    I thought Red Dead was pretty good.  Not the greatest game.  I liked the story, but the side stuff left me yawning because there was no real point to it except to unlock outfits.  Snore!  It is a marvelous piece of tech though, and I have to say I’m a little bit too excited for the Undead pack they’re releasing next weekish.

    Back to the stack, I have a pretty large stack as well that includes Lost Girls, Surrogates HC (collects vol. 1 & 2), Godland Vol. 5 (the two Celestial Editions are sooooo good), Parker: The Outfit, Starman Omnibus Vol. 5, Walking Dead HC Vol. 6, and Dynamo 5 Vol. 3 & 4. I broke my wrist last weekend, which means little time for house chores (yes!) and video games (boo!).  I will be tackling some of my stack this weekend.

  30. @SuicidalKangarooz:  Wow… IGN still has a comics section?  Years ago i used to check it from time to time but it was a complete joke.  Has it improved at all or do they still not update for days, only to drop crap articles that took 5 minutes to whip up?

  31. I’m making a conscious effort to keep my stack to less than 5 trades at a time in the knowledge that once my twins arrive around November 1 I’ll have little time for doing anything other than tending to babies. I think there should be an online support group for new parents who are also comic book fans. 😉

  32. Wow twins congrats man and best of luck. I’m a twin and my mother and father have yet to forgive me 30 years later.

  33. even if earth one sucks which i don’t think it will, i am buying it in the hope that dc does more of these direct graphic novel format comics in the future.

  34. @diebenny

    Eh, IGN (like AICN) is a joke anyway. Comics or non-comics.