SPOILER: Meet the Newest Member of the Corps on the Cover of GREEN LANTERN #1

Ready for a bombshell? Check out the cover for September's Green Lantern #1 as revealed on DC's Source Blog

That's right. Sinestro is waxing his mustache and going Green for the Fall. If the Green Lantern books aren't getting a hard reboot as the publisher has suggested, they're at least getting a startling shot heard 'round sector 2814. 

Don't call it a comeback. 

Green Lantern #1 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke launches this September. 


  1. Haha! Don’t call it a comeback! Nice! Love that they got rid of the curly mustache.

  2. If there’s to be a second Green Lantern film, it’s a logical decision.

  3. Hmmmm well that may be more of storypoint for the issue (remember it IS a jumping on point) rather than an actual reboot. Has it been confirmed that he’s back in the corps?

  4. This is all well and good, but if he’s the main character I am going to be much less keen on the whole DCnU idea.

  5. Think he uses gel in his hair?

  6. Spoiler alert:  Magneto is an X-Men!

    This isn’t much of a shock after brightest day.


  7. @Paul The cover is by Ivan Reis, but the issue is by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The quote from the Source blog: “Check out the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps.” They also put the image under a spoiler cut, so I doubt it’s a mere flashback. 

  9. You know what I reckon would be cool? If he was the main protagonist of the book. But then I’m sure many Hal Jordan fans would be very sad.

  10. @Hornhead  That’sd be cool. I want a Sinestro and Kyle book.

  11. The solicit says they are introducing “an unexpected new Lantern”, so it looks like this could be the main focus of the relaunched title.

  12. @JesTr  YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!

    This is the kinda stuff that makes me excited for the reboot

  13. Love it, can’t wait for this

  14. Awesome.

  15. i love to see so called bad guyz find redemption

  16. How is this a spoiler?  You cannot pick up the issue without SEEING that Sinestro is dressed in green.  If seeing a cover image is spoiling a plot point, how would you actually READ the book without first seeing the cover?  I now have an image in my head of comic readers being blindfolded, led to big comfy chairs and being handed a book that is alread turned to the first page so as not to “spoil” the comic.  Whaaa?!?!? 

  17. Man if they’ll let this guy back in, they’ll let anyone into the Crops now. So much murder. 

  18. so does this mean we follow Sinestro’s decent and/or discovery of all things yellow or is this after he’s been a baddy or did all of that never happen?

  19. there goes my hope for G’nort

  20. And it looks like they’re bringing back the floating GL symbols in the energy? I liked that they started that with GL REBIRTH, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside. It was a cool idea to see how each GL’s personality effected their green power. I’m stoked for this one!

  21. I thought Ivan Reis was doing Aquaman???  Also, that’s pretty cool and should make some interesting story choices.  Also, this lines up with the movies now, so again, very new reader friendly.

  22. I know that the character has changed a bit since his origins, but I really hope this isn’t going to turn Sinestro into a full on “good guy” since he was originally created as an analog for Hitler. It still makes me feel like Hitler is being welcome back to a superhero team.

  23. I never noticed it until now, but all of a sudden it makes sense why Green Lantern: New Guardians has Arkillo instead of Sinestro representing the yellow rings on the cover.

  24. I know it’s a tough economy and all
    But Sinestro doesn’t strike me as the type that goes from running his own company
    to becoming just another VP in the walmart of power rings.


  25. Huh. I may not be picking this up in September, after all.  No offense or anything, but “Sinestro’s adventures as a Green Lantern” just don’t appeal to me.  

    The good news is that I may have room on my pull list for either Tony Daniel’s Detective, or Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man. So that’s good. 

  26. Damn you, Johns. You know just how to keep me on a book I was about to drop. CURSE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  27. @chadwhitley – Heh, I love how you said “no offense,” like Sinestro visits the site.

  28. I like that his pupils are still yellow. Something he didn’t have before getting his sinestro ring.

  29. I think it’s a fascinating idea and I can’t wait to see it play out.

    1) What happens to the Sinestro Corps? Will it now be known as the Yellow Lantern Corps? Hopefully Arkillo (since he’s on the cover to GL: The New Guardians #1) or someone new takes over (and Mongul stays where he is) and we see some real development with them.
    2) I hope it leads to something different for Sinestro. Turning him green again just for him to eventually switch back to yellow makes this development pointless, especially since that’s exactly what happened between Emerald Twilight and Rebirth.
    C) I hope he’s partnered with Hal Jordan.

  30. This could be fun depending on how they handle this. I’m not sure how I’d feel about wiping Sinestro’s “fall” from continuity completely. But I’m even less thrilled by the idea of him being a lantern again after his “fall”. We shall see.

  31. @ctrosejr  It’s a spoiler because this cover is a result of what happens in the Green Lantern that comes out today.

  32. @stubbleupdate  Ah!  Thank you.  I didn’t pick up on that connection from the article (either here or on DC’s Source blog).

  33. Ok, after reading the conclusion of War of the GLs, I am kinda stoked.

  34. I flipped through GL at the store today and saw the ending and it really suprised me.

    It also pumps me up that THIS is going to be the focus in the new GL book in September. Can’t wait! 

  35. Sinestro is a draw for GL fans, so it is partially a sales gimic, plus there very well may be alternate & incentive covers with other popular Corps members.  It could also be a flashback to when Sinestro was one of the elite and trusted Corps members.  Frankly, I wouldn’t read to much into just a cover appearance.

  36. Having just read GL 67. I have to say this is……just Garbage. Geoff Johns just pissed me off with the ending so i’m gonna stop reading GL. But his Aquaman better be off the chain or i’m swear off dc forever.

  37. Wow DC is really ripping off Marvel at this point, first Magneto is an X-Man, now this?

  38. So will Hal be the leader of the sinestro corps

  39. guess sinestro needed to get in on the v neck collar style

  40. This book just went from ‘I’ll maybe get the first issue when it becomes cheaper amonth later’ to ‘I WANT IT NOWWWWW!’

  41. @SpiderTitan  Are you serious? This is like the third or fourth time Sinestro has rejoined the Corp; it was happening long before they made Magneto an X-Men.

  42. They better explain this well. Coz if i was the guardians there is no way i would let him back in the corp. They were going to put him to death just before brightest day

  43. i didnt see that coming and then i figured they would explain it away in a few issues.i think sinestro is one of the best bad guys around ,i hope they dont turn him into some born again tool

  44. Good!  Finally something actually different in the reboot.

  45. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    if you read today’s green lantern it makes perfect sense.

  46. I assumed this was just a general spoiler, didnt make it to the LCS today.  But honestly i had a feeling this was coming.

  47. @ed209AF  You didn’t miss much with Alex/Lou today. 🙂

  48. Damn, I thought ch’p might be returning from beyond the grave!

  49. Has Sinestro killed as many people as Hal has? Hal wiped out an entire city full of people, didn’t he? Hasn’t he murdered MILLIONS of people when he was Parallax? Not to mention all those other Green lanterns? If they let THAT piece of garbage back in, and actually cal him “The Greatest Green lantern of Them All” how high can their standards be? Really, G’Nort is a far better GL than Hal, since G’Nort never slaughtered a bunch of innocent people or went on a power mad killing spree, trying to get the power of the entire Corpse for himself.

    Screw Hal. Guy’s a mass murdering dick. Plus, that whole thing in Rebirth where he punched Batman and floored him? Would NEVER happen. Batman is one of the most skilled hand to hand fighters on the planet, he’s going to get KOed by some womanizing douche who has spent the time he wasn’t putting innocent people 6 feet under using a power ring to fight villains. I doubt when you have a GL ring at your disposable, you spend much of your downtime developing a lightning fast, unblockable right cross. 

  50. @JohnVFerrigno: Hal did not destroy Coast City. That was Mongul and Cyborg Superman. And he didn’t wipe out the entire Corps either. He made a bee-line for Oa and “killed” whatever lantern got in his way (six or seven). And they lived anyway. Also, he was possessed. It’s comics. Give the guy a break. Sinestro all but enslaved an entire planet. And as for Hal’s right cross on Bruce; he’s been in enough bar brawls to get a lucky shot in once in a while.

  51. Oh man… They better have a good reason for doing this..
    Yes I am back.. Have been cut off from the internet at work but now I am back.

  52. Damn it, guys.

    When you do a SPOILER post, you may want to make it so the “spoiler” isn’t the thumbnail image in the “you might like” section. Please.

  53. @TheNextChampion  AH HA! im actually back home now. Back in a shop with nice full shelves.