Spider-Man: Big Time Trailer

Now that the era of the webheads braintrust is over and Dan Slott is taking the reigns on the bi-monthly writing chores of Amazing Spider-Man, starting on November 10th with issue #648. Things kick off with a new theme, a new status quo if you will: Big Time.  And when you're going big time, might as well kick it off with a kickass trailer.  Marvel sent over the following trailer to help get you excited for the next era in Spidey's saga:

Marvel provided the following description of the above trailer:

This is the biggest change in Peter Parker’s life in years and it’s all happening in Amazing Spider-Man #648, from the new ongoing creative team of fan-favorite Spidey Scribe Dan Slott and red hot artist Humberto Ramos! New weapons! New costumes! New job! New girlfriend! New villains! Don’t miss Amazing Spider-Man #648, on-sale November 10! 


  1. Yay! Hobby! Hope this is good 🙂

  2. This looks great. The trailer and creative team really has me sold on this new direction for Spidey.

  3. I always get a little nervous when I hear that costumes are changing, but we’ll see.  The art looks great though.

  4. Biggest change in years! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NNNNEEEWWWW!!!!


  5. I was talking to a friend who used to read comics but stopped about two years ago or so, and his reaction to Brand New Day ending and Slott taking over was "You know… I could get behind twice a month Dan Slott Spider-Man."  I agree completely, and will be getting this.  Hopefully he will too.

  6. Finally a Spiderman book that looks amazing. I never understood why Marvel would not use their top artist’s with there flag ship book. I take that back, I hate to judge but IMO there’s a lot of talent working at Marvel but the art on Spiderman was not to my liking as of late. I wish the new team a lot of success it looks great!

  7. Still not a huge fan of Ramos; but the various previews actually looked pretty interesting.

    The new costume still looks pretty stupid though. 

  8. When I was a kid, I fell in love with spider-man by watching the cartoon in the early 90’s. I felt such joy each saturday morning when a new episode came out. Over the past three years of spidey comics, I have been feeling like a kid again. I can’t wait to see how all of this plays out!

  9. Am I the only person here that wishes instead of a voice over and dramatic music playing, they could could have just had Peter Gabriel’s "Big Time" playing instead?

  10. Very excited about this. To be perfectly honest, I have run very hot and cold of ASM since Brand New Day began. Some arcs were wonderful and fun, while others were a chore to read through. Looking very much forward to some level of consistancy with this book, and Slott has easily been my favorite writer on this title.

  11. I’m quite excited to read this, Slott’s stories on Spider-Man were some of my favorite. I actually really like Ramos art while the costume looks like something straight out of Tron I’ll get over it cause everything else looks awesome!

  12. Can’t wait!

    Nuff said. 

  13. Well Hobgoblin is my favorite spider-man villain.  too bad that art is fricken terrible.

  14. I’m not feeling Huberto Ramo’s art.

  15. i just can’t wait to get  AZACETA off this book. Anything is a step up and i could get used to the new costume even though my spider-sense tells me it won’t be around very long.

  16. …new weapons?  There’s some real potential for amusement here.

  17. Parker’s making good money and has time to make new costumes…interesting. I liked the trailer and thought the art work is suitable for spidey’s style.

  18. That part where he mentioned his battle with his greatest enemies… what arc was that and was it any good?  Just so I know which HC to look out for.

  19. it hasn’t happened yet. I mean, the gauntlet happened where it was basically spidey vs everybody in rapid succession. But they’re still summing all that up in "the origin of the species" it still has 1 or 2 issues to go. I don’t like the art in it… but its still well written.

  20. @Race: The Rhino/Mysterio story was actually pretty damn good. The Electro/Sandman one’s?…..Not so much.

  21. Wait. . . Do Bono and the Edge have anything to do with this?

  22. I’ve been reading since bnd and like it, sometimes love it. Glad to see Pete get some moolah, he’s a smart guy. Eager to keep on reading thou I only buy it the hardcover versions. Me likes it!

  23. I do not like trailers for comic books.

  24. sick wit it

  25. Haven’t picked up a marvel book in years, but I might have to check out this run. It looks fun, and it’s peaked my interest.

  26. Looking forward to it 😀