So…what do you like?

As long time readers know, I tend to start stressing about my Wednesday article over the weekend and, in the best case, have some kind of idea of what I am going to write by Sunday.  Then, Monday and Tuesday, I just kind of kick it around in my head, with a final push Tuesday afternoon (and often evening) to get the sucker out.

All this is well and good, and usually it works just fine, unless I have a particularly busy weekend or I am traveling or whatever, when I have absolutely no real idea at all to write about.  That’s kinda what happened this time around.  But I then I thought, “Well, what would I say to someone if they asked me, ‘Hey, I like comics too–what books do you like these days?'”

Such a simple question, with mildly profound implications.  What would you pick? And why are you picking up those books that you don’t mention? 

So that’s what this article is about, the stuff that I like and the stuff that I am worried about and the stuff that I am realizing I don’t like.  I am only going to write about the books that come immediately to mind, I have no idea what I will write about.

I know it was Pick of the Week, but I have to comment on Detective Comics #858 from this past week.  I picked up my books Monday, so I had missed the buzz about it, but I still have to chime in. If you have not been picking this title up, this is officially a master class in comic book making that you have to check out. Even if you are rocking the trade angle, this book is worth your money for so many reasons, regardless of whether or not you are a Bat-fan, or even a superhero fan.  David Mazzucchelli’s name was brought up (much of the story’s art style is reminiscent of his work in Batman: Year One) as you might have heard, but the art here goes so much further.  At the end of the first story, I literally was stunned. We talk about cliffhangers a lot in comic books, usually there’s this promise of a NEW CHARACTER (Blackest Night) or some kind of BIG FIGHT (Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk and so so so many other books) but here, it’s like…the cliffhanger is tragedy, you know?  This girl’s life is forever changed, and brutally so.  There’s an echo of Batman’s origin story here, but the pain is a different kind of raw, the solitary agony made more intense simply because the losses are shared by often absent father and daughter, who will be brought together by a crime that scars them both in so many different ways. I almost felt that the second story was unwelcome, to be honest. I am in the minority, I know, when I say I could care less about these backup stories, and I felt that this one was a waste of space–I just don’t care and only read it because I was curious to see how it compared to the main story. It was limp, lackluster and irritating compared to the genius of the Batwoman story (I am feeling punchy today, I guess).  That being said, Detective Comics is rapidly one of those books, much like the initial issues of Batman and Robin, where I want to make sure I keep them all stored right next to each other, so I can read the whole run all at once.  

Speaking of keeping books together, last week, I tried, unsuccessfully, to collect all of my Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Blackest Night single issues on a single shelf so I could, eventually, read the whole damn thing from beginning to end.  There are just so many issues that I think I need to go into my distressingly unsorted long boxes and find the ones from earlier this year. Like you’ve heard on the podcast, I have been having a hard time keeping everything straight and much of this tale, especially the stuff in Green Lantern Corps, which has reminded me of the opening sequence of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, with all of the ships blowing up, with the camera weaving in and out. Very cool looking, and actually quite cool, but kind of exhausting, too. Yes, I know, poor me, and I will hasten to add that I think the artists, pretty much without exception, have been doing an amazing job of creating the scale and confusion of interstellar war — amazing, really. But I’m just confused much of the time.  There are elements that I really like, but I almost wish DC would use that mini-series numbering system they are using in the Superbooks to keep the Blackest Night epic straight.  And I feel bad, you know? Like, what’s wrong with me? I should be really excited about this, but it’s like when you get an ice cream bar and you are all stoked to eat it and then you take a bite and it’s so cold it’s like working your way through a chocolate covered vanilla brick.  You just gotta work through it and you forget how good it actually is.  When I was reading Final Crisis, there were several opportunities to re-read all of the books because of the many scheduling problems, but in a way that really helped me get through the story more. DC’s been doing a pretty admirable job keep the books on schedule (as far as I know, there always seems to be a Blackest Night book to get each week) so, not unlike the battle, it’s been a pretty relentless affair for much of the year.  

I haven’t read it yet, but I will say I am a bit confused about Northlanders #21 this past week.  I guess they are interrupting the Sven the Immortal story with a quick (?) 8 issue story before getting back to Sven’s story, which…I dunno what to say about it. For whatever reason, I really like Sven — his character and his struggles really resonated with me, and I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen.  I am stoked on this “Plague Widow” storyline–I am a fan of this book–but having to wait until next summer to see what happens with another pretty intense cliffhanger does not sit well with me.  

Speaking of long arcs, I think it’s worth a moment to applaud Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca’s 12 issue arc in Invincible Iron Man. I’ve been reading this book since it came out and was surprised, really, at how consistent this book was. Yes, there were books that were better, month to month, but this was (as far as I can remember) consistently good and maintained a great pace and a mix of both far-reaching and personally devastating stakes.  12 issues of Tony Stark’s entire world, not to mention his psyche, fall apart? I think the creators did a fantastic job of telling a story that could have derailed so easily, while introducing moments of real character growth in many of the side characters as well. I am really curious to see what is going to happen next.  

Speaking of surprising applause-worthy Iron books, let’s give it up for Immortal Iron Fist. I wasn’t at all sure where this book was going to go when it got a new creative team, but issue after issue, this is a book that I just enjoy picking up, that I enjoy seeing at my store–and I really had no idea this was going to happen.  Writer Duane Swierczynski has worked with some pretty solid artists to deliver a book that weaved really compelling, even touching, character moments, during some pretty epic situations. It looks like the iFanbase agrees–10 issues in, the book’s lowest rating has been a 3.7, with a peak  of 4.2.  For those of you playing at home, during Invincible Iron Man‘s 12 issue arc, the highest rating was a staggering 4.7 with a low of 3.9! Nice work!

Finally, we get a bit of a lightning round:

Batman and Robin – I love this book when Frank Quitely is doing it but I just find it hard to remember it exists when Philip Tan is working on it, which is super frustrating to admit. We’ve all been talking about it to death, but suffice to say, my initial passion for this book has definitely cooled…it’s just telling how much of an impact the art makes on a story, in terms of your memory of it. I don’t mean to rip on Tan, it’s just hard to followup the quirky genius of Quitely’s art.  I still like the book and pick it up the moment I see it, I even own a shirt with the logo on it, but perhaps the jury is still out on whether or not this book is gonna be a favorite of mine.

Amazing Spider-Man – A lot of fun, really good, but the last few issues have been terrifically underwhelming — alarmingly so. We’ll have to see where this goes, but it’s almost like being in a new relationship where you suddenly wondering if you are seeing too much of each other, too soon.  I need a bit of space, I think.

Spider-Woman – Bendis and Maleev, back in action. Glorious art. Not sure where the story is because I can’t really believe I am reading about Skrulls again.  I find myself comparing the book to Alias, in an odd way probably because she’s narrating her own story, and there’s a personal, poignant feeling to the story that is really drawing me in.  It’s a solitary book,  a beautiful book and I am really curious to see what is going to happen with it.

The Flash: Rebirth – Wow, was I excited about this book when it came out, but now I feel like Blackest Night is totally distracting the story–or maybe it’s not, maybe this was the plan all along, but I really wanted to get more of The Flash getting back into the world…but maybe that will never happen?  Still, it’s been great to see Barry taking charge as of late, but once, just once, I would love to see Barry and Hal take their girls on a double date dinner, get distracted by Captain Boomerang’s clumsy attempts to rob a bank, and still make it back in time for dessert.  

So that’s it for me. There are other books that I enjoy, but these really are the ones that came to mind first. Kind of sad, really, considering how many books I pick up each week (though I admit it, I have dropped quite a few), that so few really make an impact, but I guess I should be grateful. Tonight I am going to finish up last week’s stack and start taking notes for next week’s piece, but in the meantime, how about you? When people ask you what you are loving these days, what books come to mind? Does that make you feel differently about the books you don’t mention?

Mike Romo is an actor in LA who feels compelled to remark that it is actually foggy outside. He can be followed on twitter or drop him an email.


  1. I suggest you just read Blackest Night proper and then go back to the tie ins as you see fit.  They are hit (Green Lantern) or miss (BN: Superman), in my opinion, and I don’t think (assuming the main book is written properly) you will feel as if you are missing anything if you only read the main book.  Some will tie into the main book in important ways (Green Lantern, almost certainly), but if trying to keep them straight is decreasing your enjoyment, then don’t read them yet.

    I feel exactly the same way you do about Batman & Robin.  Quitely adds some unquantifiable magic to the book.

    Personally, I’m starting to suspect The Flash: Rebirth will either end up feeling superfluous or will tie very strongly into Blackest Night in ways I haven’t envisioned. 

    What books am I loving right now? Unwritten is really working for me.   Everything in the Hellboy universe feels electric due to recent reveals.  And I can’t get enough G.I. Joe Cobra related material.

  2. @mike & @stuclach: Agreed about Tan on Batman & Robin.

    What books am I into? I’m loving Jonah Hex, Adventure Comics, Locke & Key and Scalped right now.  Also Ironman and Nova are top notch books as well.  I’m a long time Fantastic Four fan and there is a lot of buzz over the new creative team.  Now would be a good time to give it a try.  I was out of the comics world for a while and I’m going back and picking up alot of good trades.  I’ve been reading Preacher, Y: The Last Man, and Transmetropolitan.

  3. Another solid article from the iFanboy staff, you guys are batting 1.000 this week!  If I had to pick four it would be:  Invinvible Iron Man, like you Mike I have been reading since the start and it is one of the major reasons I got back into comics when I did.  Fantastic Four by Hickman, I have NEVER read a Fantastic Four story in my life.  I saw the movies and thought all right it may be decent, but not my thing.  John Hickman in his initial arc has sold me on the franchise and seeing a family drama with superhero overtones is great.  Dectective Comics, J.H. Williams and Rucka nuff’ said on that topic.  Finally, Batman and Robin, I really am enjoying this story and like what Morrison is doing with the characters.  I do not have the issues with art that many do on this site, but that is a matter of taste. 

    Books that I am reading and not recommeding?  Viking/Ninja/Cowboy, the only reason that it is not up there with the other four is that I haven’t read enough to give it the super thumbs up or the wish washy hand to others.  Sweet Tooth, I love Jeff Lemire and his art, but I am having a harder time reading him in issues than I thought.  I may trade wait on that series. 

  4. I’m loving Blackest Night for all it’s crazy sci-fi horrir shlocky fun.  It’s big, broad storytelling.  Plus, asiode for Batman and GL my DC knowledge is fairly limited, to it’s introducing me to plenty of new characters.

    Invincible Iron Man – likewise, I’ve loved this series since issue 1 and that massive arc was great.

    Unwritten – this is the real ‘meat and potatoes’ series I’m reading, each is issue is so dense with great writing and ideas, and the art ain’t too shabby either.

    Bad Dog – more pulp fun, it just appeals to my twisted sense of humour and genre mashup desires.

    Batman & Robin – Adore it when Quietly’s on it, and don’t have a big problem with Tan.  Love Morrison’s writing.

    Mark Millar back in the Ultimate Universe – the place is the perfect playground for him (aside from the variant future of Old Man Logan).  Big, bold comic thrills.

  5. I’m really enjoying Dark Reign, particularly everything that’s going on with Osborn in ‘Dark Avengers.’  I’m into all the stories Bendis is telling right now, really, and seeing the threads that have been laid over the last several years come together. 

    The new ‘Batgirl’ series has, so far, been a really interesting relaunch, that reads like DC trying to address some things they haven’t handled so well in the past. 

    Loving Jeff Parker on everything, especially the Underground series with Lieber, and everything involving ‘Agents of Atlas.’

  6. Spider-Woman the motion comic-where the art is in fact better than the printed comic.

    Ultimate Spider-Man – the best comic there is right now.

    Dark Avengers – ditto.

  7. Great article as always, Mike. This kind of made me think about the comics that stick out in my mind as my favorites. First off would definitly be Walking Dead, which is probably my favorite series of all time. I’m also really loving Ultimate Avengers, because I feel that Mark Millar in the Ultimate Universe is the best place he could possibly be. I agree with what you said about Batman and Robin, because when Quietly was doing the art, I couldn’t wait to pick it up on Wednesday. Now, I just pick it up when I find it, whether it be the week it comes out or the one after. It just seems like the book lost a lot of its luster when Quitely left. I’m also feeling really good about the new Moon Knight series, which will become one of my favorite ongoings if they can keep the quality up.

  8. I’m loving everything Blackest Night. The main book, GL, GLC, the tie-ins (which I buy with reckless abandon), everything about it I love. Ultimate Spiderman is my favorite new pick-up (I started reading after the renumbering started), and everything else I read is somewhere between "really like" and "like just enough to keep buying it." I also seem to be the only one in the world who likes Tan’s art better than Quietly’s (not to say Quietly’s is bad, I just don’t like sketchy, I guess), so I’m still loving Batman and Robin  

  9. I’ve been enjoying all things Batman recently.  I honestly collect just about every Vertigo title.  I’ve enjoyed the Ultimate reboot.  I collect most of the Bendis titles.  I love X-Men has a group, but wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.  Most everything else you’ve covered.

  10. For me it’s:

    The return of the Ultimate Universe

    Blackest Night/Green Lantern -a great event reminding us that not all events are bad, some are badass.

    Batman and Robin – regardless of artist

    Star Trek: Nero – It’s almost over but I have been loving this series and look forward to more Star Trek set in the new universe.

    Amazing Spider-Man – the current arc is sagging a bit, even for a clone fan such as myself, but the upcoming arc Gaunlet, looks like it will get things back on track.

    Fantastic Four –  I think this is currently my favortie book.  In three short issues we’ve gone from Reed wanting to solve everything to Hickman coming damn close to solving everything with the Fantastic Four.

  11. I’m reading Captain America Omnibus saga by Ed Brubaker.  I’ve never been a huge Cap fan, so a lot of that mythology and back story I wasn’t familar with, but Brubaker does a good job of weaving that into these tales.  The flashbacks to WWII are amazingly done well, sort of reminding me of KenBurns’s War series.  All in all I think this is an engrossing series, and great art.

    Bannock Beans & Black Tea by John Gallant and Seth (or Seth and his Dad). I enjoy the format and the way Seth presents his father’s tale of the Great Depression and his bleak childhood memories. It is a stark, rather depressing tale of growing up dirt poor, with a poor father figure, but I guess this  makes me examine my own good fortune.

    The Walking Dead by Kirkman, still keeps the adventure up and the action high. Sometimes I wish this comic was 50 pages or so when it comes out.  I started reading the Image hardbacks, and when I read all those, picking up the monthly comic just seems insufficent, but better than nothing 🙂

    Essential Avengers: book 1–never been a huge Avengers fan as I tend to be more a solo fan than a team player, but the Cap. America run has made me wonder about his part fit in with the Avengers and reading the New Avengers made me want to look at some of their earlier exploits.  They are fun, and certainly different from the modern vibe, but interesting on some level.


  12. A good chunk of what I’ve been enjoying has been mentioned, but I just wanted to add Power Girl. The book has been fantastic! I never expected to like this book as much as I do, but I have so much fun reading it.

  13. The books that stick out in my mind and always rise to the stack are:

    Green Lantern/Blackest Night-I have loved this book since Sinestro Corps. It’s really my favorite comic going right now. The current arc in GL has been fantastic.

     Scalped-reading in trades but everything about this book grabs me-the art, the gritty story, and no holds barred dialogue.

     ASM-I really balked at the idea of the reboot after One More Day but the book has been very good. It always rises to the top of the stack.

     Detective Comics-JH Williams art. Nuff said.

    Ex Machina-also reading only in trades but it is my second favorite indie after Scalped. I really love the politics and current social issues interwoven into every arc.

  14. Wildstorm and Vertigo aren’t considered indie are they.

  15. ?

  16. I missed the first couple issues of Detective cause I was out of town and my shop didn’t pull.  I am using it as an excuse to do my first trade waiting.  I think I might just go all out and wait for the Absolute Edition of this but that could be years so I might given in with some deluxe hardcovers.

  17. What I Like:


    Incredible Hercules – This is without a doubt the best book Marvel is putting out.

    Ultimate Spider-man – The only Spidey book currently being printed. As far as I am concerned.

    GL/GLC/BN – Green Lantern has been part of some of the best super-hero fiction for a larger part of this decade. I jumped in late but better late than never. That Saint Walker story from Tales of the corps is probably the best story I’ve read this year.

    Invincible – The cliffhanger switch in ‘Conquest’ really was annoying, but Cory Walker’s return on the book for a 2-issue arc, reminded me why I loved this book.

    Unwritten- You know I see people saying stuff about Vertigo, how the best books are behind them, and I am certain they aren’t reading this book. Or Sweet Tooth. Or Scalped. Or Unknown Soldier. Or Northlanders. Unwritten is one of my favorite new books this year.

    The Mighty – One of my other favorite new books this year.

    Dark Avengers – The writing is ok, but the art is freaking FANTASTIC!

    The Marvels Project – Darwyn Cooke wrote a love letter to the DC silver-age with The New Frontier. This is Marvel’s New Frontier,except its the golden age and its fucking beautiful and yet NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT IT! YOU PHILISTINES!

    Books I don’t know why I am reading:

    New Avengers –  I caught up with the series after Secret Avenger, but I haven’t found a single extraordinary thing about the book

    Incredible Hulk –  Planet Hulk is one of my favorite stories of ALL TIME! and Greg Pak kicks ass on Hercules. And the first arc of War Machine was nothing to scoff at. But I don’t know why I am reading this.

    War Machine – That awsome first arc was followed by a mediocre second one.

    Fables/Jack of Fables – One year ago, if you would’ve asked my favorite comics, I would’ve said these 2 books. Maybe the current arcs look boring only due the exceptional quality of previous stories.


  18. Me?

    Incredible Hercules: Fun every single issue and makes me laugh every single time.

    Deadpool: Huge fan, so obviously I love his series.

    Punisher MAX: With Jason Aaron and Steve Dillion on the way how can you not like this title?

    Batman and Robin: Even with a new artist and a ho-hum recent issue; this is still some of the best work put out by DC right now.

    Blackest Night/Green Lantern: Just a fun event so far and the Doug Mahnke/Ivan Reis artwork is some of the best right now in comics.

    Transmetropolitan: Caught on with this old series by Ellis/Robertson earlier this summer. It’s the first time I have quickly picked up trades like they were issues. Love every single thing about this series.

    Brave and the Bold: JMS and Siaz are giving us some of the best team ups in DC right now. In only two issues mind you.

    Chew: Was late to the game but I am loving this series as much as everyone else is on this site.

  19. These things make me happy almost beyond words:

    The writing on Batman & Robin (and the art again once the next storyline kicks off–and hoo boy, the way I’m anticipatin’ the focus of that next storyline).

    The art on Detective Comics (and the writing’s beginning to win me over too).

    The bi-weekly goofiness/quaintness of X-Men Forever.

    The lore of Marvels Project.

    The slick production of Blackest Night and Green Lantern.

    Surprisingly, the intrigue of X-Men Necrosia so far.

    $1 back issues.

  20. @mikeromo You’re not the first person on the site to refer to the "Sven arc," but I don’t think that it is.  In fact, I was curious about this, googled it, and came up with this:

    According to Wood, the Sven story was done-in-one, and was probably the last we’ll see of Sven in the book.

  21. That said, I love Plague Widow.  I think I’ve read it four times, already.  I’m also really enjoying Batwoman Comics; Cowboy, Ninja, Viking; and Fantastic Four.

  22. Current top 5: Fables, The Unwritten, Scalped, Secret Six, Bad Dog.

    Yes, I realize I am a Vertigo whore.

    Maybe someone can explain Chew to me – I honestly don’t get it.  I picked up the first 4 issues and thought it was average except for some pretty good artwork, then sold all 4 for $120 which I used to get a Giant Size X-Men #1.  I think I came out ahead on this one.

  23. Great article Mike, you absolutely nailed why I loved the last issue of Detective Comics so much. I’ve found that for the last few months I would breeze through my stack of books and, while there would be individual issues here and there that I’ve enjoyed, if you were to ask me about any of them a few days later I would struggle to recall anythin memorable. Not so this book. From the first page to the the great blend of story and art which worked to breathe life into characters that, up until this point, had little backstory to them. And I think that’s what made this book work so well. This issue provided some much needed context to the previous arc’s narrative and added that undercurrent of tragedy you mentioned in the article. It was also something of a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t really expecting another issue by this creative team so soon after they wrapped up the previous arc. So yeah, great stuff.

    I’m intrigued by the new Northlanders arc, but I’ve found that these stories really do work a lot better when read in a collected volume. I picked up the first two issues of Northlanders because of Brian Wood’s work on DMZ and Local, but felt it wasn’t really working for me so let it go. I decided to jump back on based on the iFanboy pick of the two-issue storyline and then picked up the trade and really enjoyed it in that format. I’ve been picking it up every month since then, but the stories haven’t really had the same impact on me in single issues as with that trade, so I’m not sure whether I’m going to just wait for the trade. Wood builds a really excellent narrative over the course of an arc, but on a monthly basis I always feel that there just isn’t that hook to keep me interested that I get with the likes of Brian K. Vaughan. 

    I also couldn’t agree more about the last Invincible Iron Man arc. Fraction’s taken Stark and really built an interesting set of supporting characters around him, as well as really distilling what makes Stark work as a character, no mean feat given how over-exposed he was during Civil War and Secret Invasion.

    Anyway, this is quite a long post and it also happens to be my first on the site (faux pas!) so I’ll leave it there.    

  24. There’s a lot that I love now: New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force, Immortal Weapons/Iron Fist, Daredevil, Invincible, Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Ultimate Avengers, Doctor Voodoo and Marvel Adventures Spider-Man to name a few. It’s a great time to be a comic reader.

  25. My top-tier books: Echo, the Avengers titles, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Scalped. It is a privilege to pay to own these titles.

    My second-tier books: Black Panther, Captain America/Reborn, Dr. Voodoo, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Moon Knight, Secret Warriors, Torch, War Machine, The Twelve (I know, I know ;). I’m loving these stories and want to support their continued existance.

    Third tier: Astounding Wolf-Man, Buffy, Blackest Night, New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Men Forever. Like the stories and the characters, but they’re not batting .500 these days. 


  26. @kmob you sold the first 4 issues of Kmob for $120? I didn’t know these were in such high demand.

  27. I am always happy to be reading:

    Incredible Hercules (one of the funniest books out there, exciting, unpredictable, always awesome and usually PotW)

    Everything by Christos Gage (Initiative is almost always my PotW when it comes out, and he has told some of the most beautiful character studies I’ve seen in comics in that series; Mighty Avengers has been getting better and better –still want to know why Herc talks like Shakespeare in that title only though; Absolution is like Dexter with superpowers; I am pretty much planning on dropping Wildcats after Gage’s run, because his writing is the only reason I read that one.)

    Invincible (Kirkman & Ottley are like the Wachoski brothers of comic action sequences–I never skim or faze out on the fights as I sometimes find myself doing in other books.  And other than the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink done-in-one event issue, I have never been disappointed by this book.)

    Adventure Comics & Superman Secret Origin (So far, these series just make me happy.  Like wide-eyed, helpless grin, glowy happy.  And the art alone on Adventure would be enough to keep me reading, which is a rare thing.)

    X-Factor (Peter David’s writing has made Jamie Madrox my #1 comics crush.  And this book always delivers the funny.  Just ask Mr. Clops.)

    I wonder why I read:

    Crossed (always makes me feel like I need a shower, but I am still waiting for the explanation of what happened, and there’s the whole "Oh hell, it’s only a mini, I can hold on"…)

    Punisher Max (ever since Garth Ennis left, there hasn’t been a single issue I’ve actually kept.  I’ve been hanging on waiting for the Jason Aaron/Steve Dillon run, but the preview pages of that didn’t make me feel that optimistic somehow, because wait, since when is Wilson Fisk a damn urban legend?  Is this another weird side effect of Brand New Day, and if so, why didn’t it affect Daredevil?  Maybe Punisher and I need to take a break from each other.)

    Anything else I felt unsure of has already been dropped.  For one thing, I bailed on all Warren Ellis titles, as they are clearly made for trades–when exactly was the last issue of Doctor Sleepless?  Don’t remember?  Me neither.

  28. I am really digging ALL the Superman titles right now – Superman, Action, Supergirl, New Krypton – all of them.  I think new life has been breathed into the Superman part of the DC Universe.

    I feel the same way about all the Batman titles too – Batman and Robin, Detective, Batman, Batgirl, Red Robin, Streets of Gotham.  They all have a real vibe going on.

    I love all things Bendis and Brubaker.  I’m especially loving Captain America: Reborn.

    Here are some of the other titles I’m grooving to:

    * Doctor Voodoo

    * Echo

    * Jonah Hex

    * Blackest Night (and related books)

    * The Flash: Rebirth

    * Amazing Spider-Man

    * The Ultimate Titles

    * The Incredible Hercules (how funny is this book!)

    * The Fantastic Four (go Hickman)

  29. Scalped. And also Scalped

  30. Can’t believe I forgot about Detective Comics. Totally a top-tier book for me.


  31. Transmetropolitan is awesome I love everything about it thus far, and I’m into Ellis’s IronMan too.

    BatMan and Robin, Batman and Red Robin are all 3 a must every month, I’m looking foward to getting the Batwoman Origin in Tpb.

    Secret Six has had my intrest from Villians united and has kept it.

    Adventure Comics is so much fun to read (I’m not sure about it after #6 but it’s awesome so far).

    Booster Gold has become a favorite of mine.

    JSA Vs Kobra  and Solomon Grundy have been good since the F.O.E. one shots.

    Capt America was great, I’m waiting on the trade for ReBorn though.

    Secret Origin Superman is definetly close to the top on my list of favorites.

    BatGirl and Wonder Woman have been okay but nothing I would go out of my way to recomend, but still fun enough to read every month.

    theOutsiders has been a rollercoaster ride I’ve been on from Nightwing Vs Capt BoomerRang Jr "5 of a kind" and I think too many reboot may be making it the next book I drop.

     Flash Rebirth was a good issue #1 but the rest have just sat on my stack waitig for me to have time.

     Billy B & the magic of Shazam is a fun kids book I enjoy.

  32. A comic that should have been mentioned on all the list of awesome books, but wasn’t, Jason Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider. For fans of dusty genre fiction (and you know who you are) this book packs a satisfying wallup! Kinda reminds me of the house of ideas version of Preacher. You know, parched cracked deserts soaking up blood spilled by automatic weapon wielding nuns wareing garter belts while undead truckers speed by. Oh yeah and both ghost riders riding around rediscovering what brotherhood is.