So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish!

Mike Romo is dubiousThis is the last of my weekly columns for iFanboy. What started out as a six month experiment, has turned into a passion, and after a year and a half as a weekly columnist here, I'm excited to move outside of my comfort zone and start writing with some new people at Comics Should Be Good. It's been an incredible journey and as I prepare to move on, I've been talking with my friends about how this all started…

Sometime in early 2008, a friend of a friend (some overly nice guy called Mike Romo) found out that I liked comic books and enthusiastically encouraged me to check out some site called iFanboy. He was so excited about comic books that I was actually a little daunted. All of my previous experience of friend's responses to my comic book love was lukewarm, and I wasn't sure how to respond to all of this open joy that poor Mike was unabashedly sharing. Stupidly, I ignored his advice to take a look at iFanboy, and so it wasn't until a month or two later, when I actually met the crazy triumvirate that I actually bothered to finally check out their site.

iFanboy's getting close and personalIt was WonderCon, and Mike came to SF. He dragged me to a party at the Isotope Comics Lounge, (and he pretty much literally had to drag me, as I was very dubious as to what kind of environment it'd be.) Silly me, how could I doubt that a stand-up guy like Mike would steer me wrong? The moment I walked into the party, Mike introduced to Ron, Conor, Josh and Gordon. These incredibly sweet guys were absolutely hysterical. They immediately began quizzing me about my taste in comic books, each taking his own tack, and I leapt at the opportunity to talk about my own personal versions of the "classic" books. There were tons of fun to talk about, we all spoke the same language… That was the evening that I realized that other people might like the kind of comic books that I did, and that talking about it could be a lot of fun.

A few months later, my (by then) friend, Ron, suggested that I try writing about comic books, putting out some of the crazy ideas that we frequently discussed. He must have brought it up a few times, and I really thought he was joking. If not for the iFanboy's perseverance and friendship, or I'd have continued to laugh the idea that I write. Lucky for me that they were good enough friends to encourage me to express myself, and try risking something. I honestly thought they were being silly, but I gave it a go… I couldn't have imagined what it would be like. What a revelation. It was so much fun. It sounds obvious now, with my complete obsession with comics and all those years of pent up comic-talk just bubbling out of me all the time, but I had absolutely no clue that it'd be so entertaining to share.

Hulk Love!The first few months were definitely the strangest. It wasn't as organic as it is now, I had some very obvious ideas that I wanted to get down, but I'd never stopped to consider how they'd be received. In my mind, the articles were just a continuation of the conversations I had with my friends. The mellow, supportive responses of the iFanboy readership lulled me into a false sense of security. So it was a bit of a shock when, a few months later, I was introduced to a comic book journalist who exclaimed "Oh my god! You're that woman who wrote the weird fetish article!" Then followed it up by adding,  "Well, I haven't actually read it, I just heard about it…" We cracked up. It was at that point that I had to decide that I was basically writing for an audience of friends, because if I tried to imagine the conclusions that strangers could draw from my work, then I'd never be able to stay loose and have fun.

at home in my iFanboy t-shirtAnd that's the key, writing about comic books is incredibly enjoyable. It's something new to me, I like the fact that it's outside of my previous experience. For so long, I was a lone comic book reader, with this entire aspect of my life completely rejected by my friends. Bringing it all out into the light, finding a community of kindred spirits… it's been amazing, and I want it to keep on being challenging. That's one of the reasons why I'm going to start writing with the good people at the appropriately named Comics Should Be Good. I'll be posting a new column every Wednesday, and while I love iFanboy and want to continue to support the growth and success, I also want to write for a new audience, to keep growing and trying new things. Ron, Conor, Josh, Gordon, Mike, Jim and Paul are the some of the sweetest, funniest, smartest people to talk comics with, and I'm honored to have been able to work with them. If not for them, I never would have got started on this crazy path, and I'm always going to be grateful to them for helping me to discover this extremely enjoyable aspect of my life.



Sonia Harris lives, designs, and writes in San Francisco. She's really enjoying it. In the future, you will find more of her writings here, and you can email her at


  1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    I got the bad news earlier this week, on CBR announcing you writing for them. I didn’t know you were going to leave this site though 🙁

    Thanks for all of the great articles and some of the best comic insight on the site. We’re all going to sorely miss you! Don’t be a stranger!

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s been great reading your stuff here on the site and chatting on the podcast a couple of times (that Starman booksplode was a good one!). Congrats on the new gig! 

  3. Frown sauce.  I hope you stop back once in awhile.

  4. Going to miss your articles Sonia, it was nice to read the very different take you had on comics than the other guys did.

    Also, it’s back to being a sausage party, at least we’ve got the great collection of ladies in the iFanbase!

  5. Going to miss your articles Sonia! Good luck!

  6. Good luck with future endeavours Sonia! Thanks for all the great work here.

  7. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the site.  I enjoyed your articles.  Good luck on the new site.

  8. Good for you, bad for iFanboy. Best of luck – I’ll certainly be reading your stuff over at the new place.

    Oh, and please take Joe Casey with you. Thanks.

  9. Good Luck! I’m sure you’ll do as awesome at Comics Should Be Good as you did here.

  10. Dammit. Sausage fest!

  11. I’m so sad. Your columns have been some of my favorites. It really brings a tear to my eye that you are leaving iFanboy, but it good to hear that I can still be able to read your wonderfully written columns else where. 

    Thanks for all the great work, and good luck!! 

  12. Godspeed to you Sonia! Your presence as a writer on iFanboy will be greatly missed! I will make sure to seek out your work over on COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD so that I can continue enjoying it!

    Thanks again and I have no doubt you’re going to totally rock it in your new position just as you did here! 

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  14. Is Gordan’s hand inconveniently or intentionally placed there?

  15. @vadamowens: Oh, that was intentional.

  16. Good luck and thanks for the awesomeness that has been your articles.

    Sadly, that means that by default Ron now has the coolest accent on iFanboy. hehe, corpse.

  17. Awww, sad to see you go

  18. Congratulations on the new venture, Sonia. Hope you continue to have fun with your comics hobby and your writing. Don’t be a stranger!

  19. thanks for all great posts Sonia, we will miss you.

  20. This article is bollocks.

  21. Congratulations on the new gig, Sonia. Best of luck in everything and I look forward to reading more from you.

  22. @Conor I had no idea how much appeal you have amongst married men;)

  23. Darth Vader said everything I needed to say….

  24. You’ve done a lot of good/interesting(in the good way) articles here. I’ll be sure to check out what you do at CBR.

  25. Great title for your last article and I hope it all goes well on your new site

  26. Great article and sad to see you go. Good luck with your new projects and I’ll be sure to check them out.

  27. DONT GO!! awww I loved your articles =( 

  28. You are going to be missed here, Sonia. It’s been great reading your articles. I will definately check out your work at cbr.

  29. Sniff…Sniff..*sobs*

  30. Aww nooo!  Sorry you’re leaving, but congratulations on the new slot.  Good luck with that.  I shall certainly be ‘tuning in’.

    Marmite lovers of the world unite!

    All the best


  31. Thanks for your interesting perspective.  It’s been a real joy reading your articles this past year and half.  Good luck with your new gig!

  32. Wow. Sad news for iFanboy but awesome news for you. The place won’t be the same without you but I dare say you won’t be a stranger.

    Thanks for the fantastic articles and for just being so damned brilliant. 

  33. Thanks for the articles, and good luck with the new gig!  Hopefully you can come back once in awhile for a Booksplode or something.

  34. Good Luck! Gonna miss your articles, views and mostly that *giggle* on the podcasts you filled in on.;(

  35. NO! 

     Congrats though!

  36. Wow, this is like when one of your friends has a new baby. You’re happy they are starting a family, but you’re sad because you know you won’t get to hang out anymore.

    So Congratulations… (sniffs)

  37. Its a real shame your leaving…Ive really enjoyed your articles! In fact, it was one of your articles in which I first commented on for this site! Youll be missed, and I will definitely be reading your other column when it comes out

  38. Sonia, I truly enjoyed your witty, unique, excellent articles.  You were also a blast each time you guest hosted on the podcast.  This is most definitely iFanboy’s loss.   

    I am very, very sad your articles won’t continue to be published here, but I wish you much success in your new endeavor. 

    Please do not be a stranger, and I most definitely will continue following your writings at your new gig.


  39. Fucking weak.

    Congrats though.

  40. So uh….now that your not with IFanboy anymore, wanna go out?

  41. @Poopmonster

    I’m not sure what’s cuter, Sonia’s picture or Ron’s picture across from it?

  42. Truly this is the sadness news I have heard in a while . I am going to miss you soo much.

  43. Aww this is sad news indeed. Good luck with the new ventures.

  44. Poop on stilts!
    One of my two favorite things on this site. Fie on this!

  45. I weep for ze future 🙁

  46. Good luck to you! I’ve enjoyed your articles since I started coming to Ifanboy and look forward to reading more of your stuff over at Comics Should Be Good.

  47. You will be sorely missed, Sonia. Your articles were always a joy to read and I hope you pop your head around the iFanboy door occasionally in the future.

    But the very best of luck in your new gig. I’m sure you’ll bowl them over 🙂 xxx

  48. Wow, I saw the title and said "So Long and Thanks For All the Fish, I just re-read that book last week!" Then i realized it really WAS "so long." Congrats on the new gig, Sonya. You’ll be missed around these parts!

  49. I’ll miss reading your well-constructed and thoughtful writing here but look forward to following you on Comics Should Be Good, which I already check in with every now and then. Congrats and best of luck with your new position.

  50. Late to the anti-party*:

    I want to save the environment. I want to save the dolphins.



    *Get it! Because its sad.

  51. Well this is a bummer 🙁

    I’ll be sure to look up old articles I might of missed though:)

    Good luck and farewell

  52. good bye Sonia.  I whish you good luck on your new gig at Comic Should Be Good.

  53. you will be missed


  54. definitely.