Smallville Finally Gets Its Superman

With a look that is very reminiscent of Superman’s post-death and rebirth black and silver costume, it looks like the producers found a way around the “no flights, no tights” edict.

It’s interesting. I kind of like it, it fits in in the design aesthetic of the world they’ve created.

The new season of Smallville premieres September 25th.


  1. No mullet? (Come on, someone had to say it.)

    Maybe they should just rename him Conner Kent and shorten that leather jacket. 

  2. Superman black costume?

    Not so much.

    Ennis Punisher?


  3. So why is he wearing the outfit?

  4. He looks like Harry Potter in dress robes for the Yule Ball.

  5. Where are his glasses already. For the first 2 or 3 seasons this show was great and now it’s just gone off the rails. everytime i catch an episode it always looks cool but leaves me with too many WTF were they thinking moments

  6. I wonder if he spray-painted a red or blue duster he already owned. SO glad he’s giving up the primary colors. 

  7. Ehhhh… jeans, black boots, with heels. I don’t watch the show so this could very well be appropriate but I think it looks kinda dumb.. does he wear glasses when he’s Clark?

  8. While I’m only an extremely occasional viewer, I agree that it seems to generally fit in with the ethos of the show.

    Having said that…. come on. Either you’re a show about Superman or you’re not. Own it or pack it in. Always with the trying to have it both ways.

  9. Ack! Paul took my joke!

  10. Wait! No he didn’t!  It was a red or blue pill Matrix joke! Now I’ve ruined it! 

    Forgive me.

  11. Eh.  Kind of breaks the spirit of the no tights rules.  Besides, what was the point of the "Red-Blue Blur" story line they’ve built for two seasons?

    I mean, I get it.  I saw last season.  Clark’s upset and moody and he has to express himself via fabrics,  But isn’t Superman’s coloring as much a symbol as the S on his chest?  I liked the red jacket – blue t-shirt combo he’s sported since season 1,  because it’s reminiscent of his classic costume, without actually being a costume.  The Red-Blue Blur that he’s been called in this show is a point of color and light in an otherwise dark and depressed city.  Now, I feel like he just blends in with that darkness.  

  12. Wow, way to stretch that wardrobe budget!  Thanks, Wal-mart!

  13. Ew.

    Why are they using the Punisher outfit for Superman?

  14. I always liked the black-and-silver Superman costume, mostly because that’s the storyline that got me heavily into reading comics in 1993.  My love of Tom Grummett also stems from this time period.

    Having said that, my reaction to this costume is "eh."

  15. I’m still excited for the show. Disappointed in the time change. Really looking forward to another Legion episode.

  16. Forget the Legion, I’m REALLY looking forward to the JSA episode that Geoff Johns is writing! 🙂

  17. In Byrne’s Man of Steel, didn’t he not wear the Red/blue costume when he first saves the plane? (Or is that something else). I think we’ll see a nameless-Superman for the entire season before finally donning the red/blue in the season (Possibly series) finale. It’s about time. I haven’t watched this in years, save for the Aquaman, Green Arrow and Legion eps. (And briefly, the start of the brainiac season). Welling would make a good Superman at this point. Get him past the adventures of Superman as a boy. 

  18. @PraxJarvin: He wore street clothes when he saved the plane in MAN OF STEEL.

  19. I’m expecting him to have two desert eagles stashed underneath that bitchin duster.  Then he throws Lois over his shoulder, gets on his bitchin’ hog, and rides of into Mexico.

  20. Clark’s long coat kind of looks like something Hugh Hefner might wear……. Has Kal-El been to the Playboy mansion during the off season?

  21. Okay, if it turned out I was Superman, that’s probably what I’d wear, because come winter time, that’s almost exactly what I do wear on a regular basis (though my coat doesn’t have a weird, shiny lapel). But any time I’ve seen this show, they have him wearing red and blue. Why not a blue shirt? Hell, even I wear blue shirts… well, a blue shirt (a Tobias "I just blue myself" tee). Or at least a red loga, a la Superboy. I can understand not having the tights and cape, that’s fine, but to try and be ultra hip at the expense of what the established character would do is silly. Silly I say!

  22. Like the idea, but not a fan of that specific jacket.  But at least there is some sort of progression, so that is good.

  23. If this was Superman’s original outfit and he was creative in 2009. This is what he would wear.

    And the comic would be cancelled quickly.

  24. @captbastrd- That’s how you dress, huh?  You got that Kevin Smith look going on?

  25. Actually I think he looks more like Neo from the Matrix and we all know that DC is owned by Time Warner.  Only dark messiah figures get to dress like that and fly 🙂

  26. I can’t be objective with this because I still have some sort of crush on the actor. I think that guy would look good in anything. 

  27. Damn @TNC took my joke. He does look like Punisher. Maybe they could have just gave him the T-shirt superboy look or some make shift Eradicator outfit. I just want to know how no one is suppose to know that is Clark?

  28. @JesTr: Take off the jacket, and he’s wearing exactly Conner Kent’s current costume.

  29. @conor: But the jacket is part of the costume. So it doesn’t matter what he might look like without it

  30. @TNC: Okay.

  31. @conor: Agreed.

  32. W00T

  33. So they are still saying he won’t fly?  I stuck with last season until the Legion episode, this season I think I’ll just watch the JSA one.

  34. He’ll end up in red and blue, probably in the final episode of the final season in the last ten minutes.

    I’m curious if I’m right what interpretation of the red and blue they’ll do. 

  35. how very Columbine esq (sorry but if he’s coming to save me, I’m looking for him to pull out the sawed off from under the jacket)

  36. I don’t think this is going to be his costume… probably only going to be in the premiere as an homage to that black and silver look from his post death "rebirth". He’ll be in the proper red/blue blur attire once every loose end from the finale is tied up in the premiere. That’s what always happens.

  37. When there’s enough footage of him in the costume; I’m thinking of maybe mixing those shots with the Punisher: War Zone trailer. Or if someone can do it better, that would be funny too.

  38. My Smallville love is unconditional and irrational. This totally works for me.


  39. Can’t wait 🙂

  40. I’m excited for the new season -especially the JSA episode!

  41. I haven’t watched an episode since 2004, what channel is it premiering on again?

  42. The CW

  43. @mangaman- Back in 2004 the CW was the WB channel.

  44. I only watched the first season in full. Now i only catch episodes that interest me. Will he don the suit in the first episode of the season?

  45. Well that’s something. Ah I’ll check it out. 

  46. I’ll still watch the show but that is the most un-superman like costume i have ever seen

  47. @Rando: It’s right out of the comics! 🙂

  48. Black is cool. The blue t-shirt and red jacket was getting old. Tights don’t really work in the live action medium. It’s nice to see a fresh take on a great character.

  49. @rush: We’ve seen from many sucessful films that tights can indeed work in live action, I just don’t think it would make any sense for him to wear tights at this junction of the show. Maybe they can have him don the tights at the end and have him inspire the other heroes in a fashion sense too.

  50. I can see why he is wearing something more practical than a cape, the show is trying to do a more modern looking Superman, its just that all black w/ a trenchcoat doesnt feel very heroic. Hopefully Clark gets a better costume later on in the season

  51. Lame

  52. They’ve already said that he does end up wearing a cape, in the Legion episode:

    Garth Ranzz: Hey, Kal, where’s your cape? Clark Kent: Cape

    I think the uniform is part of the darkness from the end of last season. In the preview video from WB, Chloe tells him that it’s good, he’s embracing his Kryptonian side because there’s nothing human about him, anymore. He then says he’s started the training Jor-El always wanted him to do.

    Hopefully it will just be a progression to a more traditional costume. I don’t know how they will keep calling him the Red-Blue blur with this costume.

  53. one: this show needs to end

    Two: if they don’t put Clark in the actual Superman costume by the last episode, i think i may flip out.

    is the logo drawn on with chalk??

  54. I’m wondering if they’re going to start using the name "Superman" this year.  I hope so.  Oh, I’m actually excited for Metallo as well.  Let the Brian Austen Green resurgence continue! 

    Link to season 9 trailer:

  55. @Cheezdog: If they stop refering to him as the Red/Blue Blur would be a good thing.

    I can’t really tell from the pic is that the "S" symbol on his chest or that Kryptonian symbol that used to be burned into his chest from several seasons back?

  56. Remember everyone this is post-Doomsday fight. As in the comics he’s wearing a black outfit. Also he doesn’t know how he escaped his fight with Doomsday either just that he did (tossing a side all real life reasons why this was done) and he feels Clark Kent as a person is dead and what was holding him back (Smallville’s version of him dying post-Doomsday fight) and seems to be willingly embracing his Kyrptonian side (not being forced or under the influence of Red K).

    So the suit does work in context. In style it’s okay for the most part. I could do without the heals on the boots. Isn’t Welling tall enough? 

  57. I love this suit!!!!!  Conor’s right, it does fit the show and where the story is currently.  It mirrors the post-death/re-birth suit from the comics, which came after his fight with Doomsday.  Which, on the show just happenned.  Makes sense to me.  Who’s seen the season 9 trailer?  I hope everyone!  It looks really exciting!

    Is it September 25th yet????  I hope anyone that has been an on again off again Smallville viewer will watch or dvr on Fridays cuz I think this could be the best season yet…


  58. from

    Smallville star Tom Welling talked with TV Guide about the upcoming season. They discuss the black costume. "That is the symbol of the House of El. I’ve gotten away for many years with the blue t-shirt and the red jacket. Very easy wardrobe for me, very simple, straightforward, very comfortable. This new wardrobe, the leather jacket is a little warmer, you have to learn how to not step on your jacket when you’re in a fight sequence. You learn that pretty quick — it doesn’t take many times before you figure that out!" says Welling.

  59. Is he gonna fly? Why does he look like he just stepped out of the The Matrix? I dunno about that. But at least it’s some kinda suit.

  60. It just looks so 1998 John Woo/ Antoine Fuqua.  Is Clark going to wear sunglasses and brandish twin .45s as well??

  61. Never watched it because it was on WB.  Now keep in mind that every show that I’ve ever seen on the WB has been horrifyingly bad, so I have a, perhaps, unfair bias against this show.  If it’s as poorly written as the Buffy shows, I have no interest.

    I guess my question is, is the writing good?  Or are most of you being forgiving because it’s something to do with Superman and something is better than nothing.

  62. I’ve watched every ep since 2001, and I don’t ever remember the S symbol appearing in the show. The crystal for the fortress was the shape, and the Kryptonian word is the symbol with an 8 instead of an S, like the red kryptonite burned into his chest. This leaves me wondering how they introduce it.

  63. I figured it out, they should have given him the electric blue costume. Then everyone would have been happy, cause that costume was so well loved. And he wouldn’t have to do the glasses disguise thing for all the villians he’s already met, cause he’d be blue, and electric thus throwing them all off completely. Good idea. 

  64. @ArchMerc: You’ve seen every episode but *haven’t* seen the S-symbol?

  65. I just found out that Geoff Johns Is writing a JSA episode…..holy crap.

     I’m not really picky when it comes to continuity and stuff in comics. but i didn’t think there were other superheroes in that world before Clark.

  66. No too bad.

  67. I mean noT too bad.

  68. @KickAss
    Kinda? Not conciously.

  69. @ArchMerc: Kara had the crystal on her bracelet or belt or something. I think clark had a crystal that sent phantoms back to the zone that he got from raya. I think the idea was because that symbol is instantly recognisable, it was to be used more subtly.

    Thanks for mentioning the JSA ep!! I hadn’t heard that and I’m really excited for this season even more now. The new suit feels both kinda good and bad to me, maybe only bad because of how I’ve been conditioned to expect Supes’ early career to go and I’ll always believe he should only have that one suit. I do wish there had been or will be some effort to make Clark more into a disguise at some point. Maybe he’ll use Movie Supes’ magic forgetting super kiss on the entire planet. And c’mon, no one’s making Wonder Woman or Bat movies at the moment. Please can Bruce and Diana show up!! Pretty please!!

  70. @Connor – you are right tights sometimes have worked as in the Spider-man films for example. I’ve just never been satisfied withe the Superman costume on a real person thus far. It just lacked the magic it has on a comic book page.

  71. @rush: I would disagree with that. I think that Christopher Reeve proved that the right man can pull of the tights.

  72. Is Smallville still worth watching? I watched the earlier seasons but I just lost interest after a while.

  73. @Connor: We agree to disagree 🙂

  74. I like the black suit (minus a mullet) and I like Smallville’s version but I hope this black suit is a phase and not the official Smallville Superman suit.  I’m quite hyped for this new season but in the back of my head "Its still Smallville."

  75. Havent watched Smallville the last few seasons either…cant seem to get enthused about it. I echo the it worth watching?