Second Full IRON MAN 2 Trailer

Tonight, after the Academy Awards, the second full length trailer for Iron Man 2 was released. Behold!



I didn't think that there was any way for me to be more excited for this movie, but there it is. I'm more excited.


  1. I love that he has the armor in the suitcase, like in the 90’s cartoon.

     Will be loving this.

  2. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Love Don Cheadle and Sam Rockwell.  Can’t wait for this.

  3. MUCH better than the 1st trailer, although it gives away more story, which sucks but whatever forever.

  4. Breifcase armor, sweet

  5. I just wish I was the guy who trained Scarlett Johanssen the luchador move on the security guard. "Listen honey you need to wrap your legs around my face more quickly to get this move down. Now we are going to do this fifty more times."

  6. Impressive

    Anticipitation rises

  7. is it ok to say i’m not really that excited? it seems pretty typical of the superhero movie meme

  8. that is SOOO awesome


  9. ya i wish they saved the suitcase armor for the movie. such a great moment.

  10. love it! this one looks like it’ll have a much better, bigger story than the first one. multiple armors, and intellectual and physical villain, scarlett johansen with red hair (i want one of those too, actually) and sam jackson as nick fury…this is going to rock hardcore

  11. I was skeptical before the first trailer, and even more so after, but this made me feel a little better.  I like that we’re finally getting evidence of more than two scenes with Rourke.

    And a little Sam Rockwell will always make things great… unless it’s Choke… that movie was god awful.

  12. Definitely looking to be a good follow up however echoing comments in the past that Terence Howard is being replaced by a more recognisable actor.  Cheadle doesn’t even look like Terence Howard or convince me that he is in the armed forceds (with his build).

    Briefcase armor is awesome but I would have preferred to have been surprised during the movie with this.

    Awesome that they’re still using the Tom Morello heavy rock theme.

    Also cool to see Stark’s armor gallery.

    I would have thought Black Widow would have ended that move with a kill but then again I think we’re just looking for family fun.

    @edward You can be as excited or unexcited as you want, it won’t bother anyone but this "superhero movie meme" doesn’t fit with Iron Man in that it was one of the first super hero movies to be an awesome film aswell as being within its genre, appealling to both fans and people who hadn’t touched a comic book in their life.  For example I bought Iron Man but didn’t even re-watch any of the X-men and Spiderman movies.

  13. VERY thankful it’s not in 3D.  

    It’s like being shown that the roller coaster you’re about to ride has loops.  It looks like fun, and I’m hopeful the actual experience will be not be lessened by it. 

  14. I still say the original was better than The Dark Knight. And this looks even better.

    I’m still recovering from RDJ and Tina Fey standing side-by-side. That was almost as big of a nerdgasm as the trailer. 

  15. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Sam Rockwell is in this, too?

    I’m so there. 

  16. Silver Centurion this is going to be awesome

  17. @SkOpe: see, now, that’s what a lot of comic fans said but i don’t really think anyone outside of the comic community has thought about the first film since it came out. Certainly, my friends, who are all non-comic fans, expressed no strong opinion either way. In fact, the only place i can recall anyone discussing the movie is on this site.

    I think this film is just going to be another disposable piece of entertainment designed to sell action figures, bed sheets and ugly sneakers. It kind of reminds me of the type of film as Pirates of The Caribbian.

    Not great, not memorable, not art but it comes out on a weekend when studios know people go to the movie and basically just want to see a few things explode

  18. Ah-mazing.

  19. Oh, that was a much better trailer.  Much better. 

  20. @edward I know a lot of people who loved the first film who are not comic book readers. But then, i tend to hang around with people who aren’t ridiculously jaded and cynical of everything. 

  21. @john wow, lol

    @edward. did a bear poo in your wheaties?

  22. Yeah!

  23. Briefcase armor!

  24. Briefcase Amor!!  Shweet!!  kick ass!!

  25. [giddy giggle]

  26. I cannot fully express my excitement without breaking my keyboard.

    But hell yeah!

  27. This looks much, much better then the 1st trailer made it out to be. I’m pretty excited.

  28. I just changed my pants.

    They combined the suitcase with my favortie suit.  Can. Not. Wait.

  29. I’m so looking forward to the new Scarlet Johannson movie.  Something about a dude in a metal suit…

  30. AWESOME!


    I know a ton of people who loved Iron Man and saw it more then once in theaters but don’t read comics, in fact, a guy I worked with started reading comics because of the movie.  It was also very well recieved by critics.  Just saying.

  31. @edward: The movie is designed to sell action figures and tickets? Well isn’t the actual comic book designed to sell action figures and comics? How is that different? And remind me the last issue of Iron Man where something didn’t explode. Also why is a film either art or not? Can’t some aspects of it be art but not the overall product? I mean I doubt many people would consider Avatar a work of fine art, but it would be pretty tough to make a case that the visual effects are not a truly artistic achievement. 

  32. Damn good.

  33. oh i am DEFINETLY seeing the pre-screening for this flick!

  34. @edward. My non-comic book reading friends and I watched the first film just this week. One of them was seeing it for their 6th time. Sounds like disposable to me.

  35. Oh that looks SO awesome. When’s it coming out?

    Also… we get it, Ozzy. He is Iron Man. We don’t need the song in every movie with him in it. 

  36. @edward  The first film got great reviews here in the US and sales of the dvds and blu rays were way up. Maybe people in australia just didn’t like it, but it sure did awesome over here. i still see people in iron man t-shirts at the mall and people cheered at the first trailer when i saw it in theaters a few months ago. i’d say it’s pretty popular among movie goers in general.

  37. I love the effects for the suit briefcase and of Whiplash’s…..whips. The latter is definitely impressing me a bit more. Rourke still looks a bit bizarre, even for a comic film, but I’m slowly getting used to his character.

    I’m psyche to see this, cause it definitely seems like Marvel is committed to make a genuine universe for Iron Man. That sequence, tiny as it is, of Iron Man and War Machine just blasting the hell out of robots gives me goosebumps.

  38. I’ve decided to avoid arguing with edward from now on. He’s just here to shit in people’s cornflakes anyway.

  39. I have no idea whether this will be any good but the trailer makes me smile and I will watch RDJ in just about anything and the rest of the cast is excellent as well. 

  40. i love that he’s reading his own SHIELD file with Fury

  41. Big thumbs up to Scarlett nailing the guy with an around-the-world hurricanrana.  And maybe Whiplash won’t be a terrible choice as a villain after all…

  42. Such a great cast, I’m actually looking forward to this…

  43. @Vada: what the fuck are wheaties? 

    @Roi: Nah, i don’t think it’s a differience in national taste. My friends are mostly intelliegent white coller upwardly mobile guys in their late 20s/early 30s. They really don’t tolerate anything that’s slighty juvenile and i tend to agree.

    @ USPUNX: You’re right. Movies and comics exist to make money. However, you can’t tell me that some movies and comics have a greater value than that while others don’t. Iron Man falls into the latter 

    If you can find the thread for the first film i even said than the film seemed totally average. i even remember thinking the movie had the same "meh" quality as Daredevil

  44. @ed cereal

  45. i have never gotten fecal matter in any kind of cereal

  46. It’s just another way of saying, "are you grumpy today?".

  47. "Grumpy?!" – Fuck You! 🙂

  48. Wait…. Don Cheadle? He wasn’t in the last one… and certainly not as Rhodey. What?

  49. Cheadle replaced Terence Howard, who played Rhodey in the first film. It was pretty big news (well, "big" for comic-book-movie-news-followers) when the film was in pre-production.

  50. @deezer: Living under a rock, have you? 🙂 Terrance Howard’s contract dispute and then dismissal and then replacement by Don Cheadle was pretty big news for a while.

  51. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think at least one person rediscovers the Howard/Cheadle thing with each poster or trailer release. 

  52. Hell, I didn’t know till you guys posted the first trailer.  I just don’t really follow any entertainment news and probably missed when you guys broke it on here.

  53. I think I’ve watched this trailer like 15 times today 🙂

  54. AWESOME can’t Wait for this film

  55. It looks like we may have another winner. There is much to love in the trailers, including Johansson as Black Widow, Whiplash looking scarier by far than he did the last time I saw him in the comic books (late seventies in the odd orange and purple costume), suitcase armor, as in the seventies comic books, War Machine, etc. But I am really excited by the inclusion of the wealthy and devious Justin Hammer (played by Sam Rockwell). That is a formidable foe. In the late seventies he sent three supervillains after Iron Man and seized control over Iron Man’s armor remotely to frame him for murder. Eventually, we learned that Hammer has his own supervillain army. It is interesting that Hammer, who is typically an old man in the comic books, is so much younger in the movie. I gather that the idea was to make Stark’s enemy (in business and in battle) more Stark-like.

  56. Nice!

  57. Heh. Suitcase armor.

    Hee hee hee!




    Okay, I’m in. 

  58. Can you imagine a world where briefcase armors exist? Man that’d make every mugger change the way they see a man with his briefcase.

  59. @conor Well, i do go to school in middle of nowhere, Maine 🙂 Although now that I think about it, I do sort of remember hearing about this, I think I may have just forgotten about it. Ah well, I like Don Cheadle better than Terence Howard anyway

  60. 86 the Cheadle, Double the Rockwell, Replace the Fury, keep the pepper, Increase the booze, unnecessary black widow, increase the booze, add more scotch, a side of vodka, and a little bit of drunken fun and you’ve got yourself a movie… I like. Oh yeah, Increase the booze.