SDCC 2013: Wolverine to Rescue Nightcrawler from Hell in Aaron & McGuinness’ AMAZING X-MEN

Marvel has announced an all new X-Men series from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness featuring the teaching staff of the Jean Grey School. November’s Amazing X-Men #1 sees Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Northstar and Firestar forging headlong into Hell to rescue Nightcrawler. This should resolve the mystery of those minute blue bamfs scurrying around the academy of late. The first primary threat? Nightcrawler’s papa, the demon pirate Azazel.



Let’s review: Storm in her mohawk, a resurrection for the swashbuckling Nightcrawler, Firestar on an X-Men team for the first time. This new roster speaks to the formative years of so many comic fans and so many current comic creators. It’s a beautiful thing.


  1. Sweet.

  2. BAMF!

    Can I have this right now?


  3. Nightcrawler coming back is pretty much all I want from Marvel Comics right now.

    This series cannot come fast enough.

  4. Does this replace wolverine and the x-men???

  5. I…cannot…buy anymore stuff Marvel. Please, I just, just, I just can’t.

  6. This explains why Nightcrawler was in the Inhumanity poster…how long until there’s a Spider-man announcement?

  7. I dropped all of the x books, the only one I’m getting is Uncanny Avengers if you consider that a x book. I just can’t seem to get into them like I used to. This sounds cool tho and being a big Aaron fan is a plus.

    • Really? I’m reading more X-Men than at any time in my life.

      Wolverine and the X-Men is still wonderful and exploding with ideas. To get the full story you have to read the witty and beautiful All-New X-Men.

      I love Wood’s and Coipel’s female focused X-Men.

      And while I did drop them, even Cable & X-Force and Uncanny X-Force were still decent. There’s not a bad book in the X-line right now (except maybe Savage Wolverine).

    • I liked Wolverine and the X-Men a lot at first but like a poster said below it lost something after AVX for me.

      Remender had such a fantastic run on X-force which flows into Un Avengers I don’t find myself caring about all the other countless mutant teams.

      Plus my favorite mutant book even tho he’s not a true mutant is Deadpool and that’s all the mutant reading I really need right now.

  8. They had me at Nightcrawler, then again at Northstar, and sealed the deal with Firestar

  9. I’m buckling ALL my swashes!

  10. Why does this need a new series built around it? Aaron, Wolvie, bamfs…surely this could have been a W&tXM arc.

    • It could have, but I suspect a book like this will take up the mission statement of the pre-Marvel Now X-Men Legacy: that being the adventures of the adult X-Men currently in Westchester, but not heavily featured in another book (like Nightcrawler, Northstar, Firestar, etc). Thus allowing WATXM to focus more on the the students at the Jean Grey School.w

      I can dig it.

  11. Interested in this, Wolv and the Xmen started good but ran out of steam for me.
    I don’t feel like it got back on track after AVX.

    Hoping this book turns out good, and yea it is a decent chunk of the Ashtonishing cast.

  12. It sounds great, but I hope it’s not a double-shipping title. This will be the sixth X-title that I’m pulling.

  13. I almost wish they’d let it be a surprise.

  14. The ‘Demon Pirate,’ Azazel. Wow.

  15. Finally Firestar joins the Xmen!

  16. This news made me pee a little! 😉

  17. Oh god… Azazel. Good news. Can’t say I feel the need for another x-book. But Kurt coming back is always good.

  18. No Kitty makes me sad but the fact that its Jason Aaron writing and a Nightcrawler story makes me happy.

    • Oh, fear not. Even though she’ll probably be busy with the time-displaced X-Men, I have NO DOUBT we will get an awesome Kitty/Kurt reunion scene in one of the X-Men books!

  19. I love swashbuckler Nightcrawler.

    I also really dig the art of Ed McGuinness.

    Is this a continuing series? Trial balloon? What happens to WatXM?

  20. This announcement was just one word short of perfection. That word, of course, is “dinosaurs.”

  21. Adding it to my pull list ASAP.

    I should just let my LCS owner tap my arm now … Take it … take my last drop of blood.

    SO many good books out right now.

    It is getting harder and harder to find stuff to drop on my pull list so I can fit new books in.

  22. Nightcrawler is finally returning! Yes!

  23. Not sure what the X-Men need is another WATX style book. Granted, thats an assumption based on the apparent silliness of the premise

  24. …and Wolverine’s quest to out-title Batman continues apace!

    I love the old Nightcrawler, but alas, Marvel’s pricing policy will keep me away. Ah well, I’ll just have to enjoy it by osmosis through everyone else’s comments.

  25. When is this series starting?

  26. I’m excited to see Nightcrawler back, plus Firestar’s back in the comics and Northstar. Jason Aaron’s great on Thor and X-men and Ed McGuinness drawing is a plus.

    However, this feels like overexposure. Six X-Men titles, Six Avengers titles, Six Wolverine titles, Six Spider-man titles. There are a lot of other intriguing characters that they could focus on.

    • While it’s definitely true that there are lots of great characters Marvel could publish in new titles, those characters typically don’t sell enough comic books to justify their production costs.

      If it’s truly overexposure, it will eventually self-correct, right?

  27. i think i found my 10th and final book for my pull list.the problem is since i’m on a 40 dollar budget for subscriptions this takes me over my 3$ so i can’t add any thing else and only get three books of the selves i allow my self 10 dollars for extras so let say 50 dollars the way the reason 10 books puts me a little over 40 is that i will be getting 4 marvel books and well they don’t double ship every month i budget as if they do because i don’t know when they will.if any one has a idea let me know the 3 i am getting are daredevil,uncany avengers and x-men.

    • met by 3$ wish i could edit

    • Buddy, I admire your budget. Wish I had that kind of control. ( … or maybe I should be glad I don’t have your limitation … ?)

    • thanks its kind of both my family took a little financial hit and i buy some books in hard cover and don’t want to keep buying things twice but its hard i had to drop synders batman monthly because it was so good that i found i wanted the hardcover.

  28. YES!! missed that fuzzy elf
    Iceman in hell? Doesn’t bode well for him tho

  29. Did McGuinness draw the above image? I usually find his characters to be too bulky, but his(?) Nightcrawler and Azazel look spot-on. Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X-Men of all-time. A story with Wolverine going to Hell to fetch him is right up my alley.

  30. I’m all for this as an X-verse reader who definitely loves a line up that mixes classic & obscure with the mutant pulp throw back feel. Nightcrawlers death was an effective one in Second Coming as one of the few true or say closest friends to Wolverine with those special moments reminisced by Logan down the road and into his own Road To Hell with the AOA Nightcrawler and over to Uncanny X-Force.It has been a cpl yrs and the elf is due for a return, and this being a practical one with Azazel. Fire and Ice together like the old Amazing Spider Friends. 🙂