During today’s catch-all Cup O’Joe panel at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel unveiled plans for a number of books headed our way around the New Year.


In November, Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert return to the early years of James Howlett with Wolverine: Origin II. From the looks of things, Mr. Sinister plays a role in this tale set a few years after the events of the original mini-series. In it, James Howlett must choose whether he’s truly man or beast.


If you’re with a group of buys, bottle service is a necessity if you want easy access to the club. Then in two issues on either side of the New Year holiday, Gillen ushers Marvel’s teen heroes to an exclusive party in the spirit of Phonogram: The Singles Club. Billed as the season finale for the first year of Young Avengers, the two-part “Resolution” features guest art from Becky Cloonan, Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle, Christian Ward, Emma Vieceli and maybe more. Series artist Jamie McKelvie will draw the first five pages of Young Avengers #14 and the final 5 of #15 while the rest will each work on vignettes featuring the regular cast, with a few additional teen heroes like Troll and Pixie. Noh-Varr will of course serve as DJ.


Andy Lanning sparks a British invasion this January with Revolutionary War, a new series starring the heroes of Marvel UK. Look for characters like Deathshead II, Dark Angel, Motor Mouth, the Knights of Pendragon and Digitek & Warheads to take on Psycho Wraiths. I’ll be honest in that every single one of these proper nouns hovers well into my blind spot. Still, pip pip cheerio, ya know?



  1. Prodigy and Surge! And Gunna! And Broo! And Gravity! I really wish all those folks on the cover would be the cast for YA, because that would make a great book greater. (I do know Prodigy is on that one cover, but I haven’t gotten to the issue yet)

  2. Phonogram! So excited! That is a seminal comic for my comicbook fandom. Can’t wait

  3. I think Young Avengers is my favorite book that is currently out. It reminds me of my favorite books from when I first got into comics (New (X-Men :Academy-X, Runaways, Young Avengers), but it reflect how my taste in comics have evolved since then. And that cover is pretty much a reflection of my love for not only YA but those other titles.

  4. Please please please let it be Death’s Head in Revolutionary War instead of Death’s Head II…aw crap.

    • It would be an easy fix.. I mean they are cybernetic organisms… would be easy to swap personalities. Personally i liked both but the original was the more unique character of course.

    • That and Gillen has been using an updated version of the first Death’s Head (with Simon Furman’s blessing), most recently in an issue of Iron Man. So the possibility DOES exist.

  5. I’m one of the five Wolverine fans who actually enjoyed Origin, so I’ll probably give Origin II a look-see. At first I thought it was a sequel to the Origins book that ran for like 60 issues on 10 issues worth of story, and I threw up in my mouth a little. But a mini starring a young James could be fun. We’ll see.

  6. Looking forward to the Marvel UK stuff.

    You all better Buy Deathshead and stay healthy! Yes?

  7. Man Origin ruined wolverine forever.. they should have left his past a mystery (which is half of why he was a compelling character) and Howlett? What a goofy fake name. Why didnt they just call him James Wolfman.. it would have been just subtle. Howlett was taking a page out of 1960’s cheesy names.

    However Gillen is talented.. so who knows maybe he will clean up the mess a little bit.

  8. Young Avengers meets Phonogram? Can I buy this now, please? Sounds simply amazing.

    Definitely interested in the Marvel UK book. I’ve always had a fondness for Death’s Head. I’d love it if they brought back Black Knight & Excalibur from Cornell’s Captain Britain run — they were such a great pair.

    I’m not a huge Wolverine fan, but I am of Gillen, which means I’ll probably give Origin II a look. For the record, I did enjoy the first Origin mini-series. I even liked the first few issues of the ongoing until it veered off into, I don’t know, whatever the ^^^^ it was (I gave up somewhere around being stuck in a prison with Omega Red, I think . . . )

  9. Revolutionary War sounds really intriguing. Apart from Captain Britain I know NOTHING about the U.K. side of the Marvel U. They got a great creative team on board and it’s one of the few titles that has nothing to do with Avengers, or X-Men, or anyone with a movie.

    That’s the only announcement that has gotten my interests for SDCC.

  10. Man, Gillen has got himself a love on for Sinister that I do not understand. I love most of his work, but the Sinister stuff is a snooze fest for me.