Announced today, it looks like after flooding New York City, then breaking the United States into violent civil war, Marvel are once again teasing Ultimate Universe readers with a possible end.

How does Marvel do that? With Galactus of course.

Today at the Ultimate Universe panel in San Diego, it was announced that Brian Michael Bendis and some guy he used to do Ultimate Spider-Man with, Mark Bagley, might be the ones to take it all down. Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand will see shelves in November 2013. It’s not like Bagley’s going to be late. He’s probably already finishing up the follow up series.


Here’s how Marvel puts it:

The Marvel Universe’s greatest nightmare has now become the Ultimate Comics Universe’s, as Galactus the World Eater comes crashing through the cosmos! The heroes of the Ultimate Comics Universe might assemble like never before as the fate of their very existence hangs in the balance. Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley deliver their grandest Ultimate Comics event yet, forever changing the Ultimate Comics universe!

So there you are; assembling and Galactus, probably in non-cloud form.


  1. So they’re just going to ignore Warren Ellis’s “Ultimate Galactus Trilogy,” huh?

    • This story is a continuation of a thread from Age of Ulton where the regular “616” Galactus was thrown into the Ultimate Universe. So the Ellis Swarm Cloud version is still in continuity.

    • Not even a little. That’s the Galactus from the Original Marvel Universe. He crossed over to the Ultimate Universe as a result of Age of Ultron. Josh Fialkov is addressing Gah Lak Tus as a part of that Hunger mini-series.

    • Did Spider-men ignore Ultimate spider-man?

    • I think we cleared that up. And there’s no Ultimate Ultimate Nullifier?

  2. So, does this make the Hunger series simply a prologue to another series? Maybe Cataclysm will be followed by the epic epilogue Catching Our Breath . . .

    Seriously, could be interesting, but, I doubt I’ll buy it. However, if someone is going to end the Ultimate Universe, it might as well be Bendis right?

  3. Isn’t Iron Man dead?

  4. This is a fantastic comment thread.

  5. Every year I am pleasantly surprised to learn that there are still other Ultimate books outside of Ultimate Spider-Man.

  6. I’ve enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man from day one, and lately The Ultimates has been pretty damn good. If this is actually their way of getting rid of the Ultimate universe, I’m completely cool with that as long as its a good story.

  7. But if they end the Ultimate Universe with Galactus eating it, wouldn’t that meant the good guys lose? That’d be kinda shitty to do after all these years.

    I mean, even when the bad guys “win”, they never really win. But if Galactus swallows up the entire universe, I’d say that consitutes a win.

  8. I always expected to see an ‘Ultimate’ Beyonder to destroy this universe. I had, well what I thought anyways, a great idea of a story involving that version of the character.

    Oh well, Galactus is good too.

  9. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Ultimate Spider-man, and I like Brian Wood’s run so far on Ultimate Comics X-men. I’m going to be sad if those books end.

  10. Is Ultimate Spiderman not selling well? I hope Miles and company don’t go down with the Ultimate U. Its a great story and more importantly I don’t like the Slott story in the 616. If this gets canceled there’s no Spiderman for me.

    • Best case scenario: Miles Morales becomes part of the 616 with an ongoing written by Bendis and eventually this results in Donald Glover being in “Avengers 3.”

  11. Of course they HAVE to kill of the Ultimate universe!
    The Ultimate universe did influence the movie version of the Marvel U, which in turn now influences the normal 616 Marvel universe.

    • I hate when that stuff happens. Movies should be more like comics, not the other way around IMHO. Either deleting the 616 or Ultimate Universes would be a way to go, both of them can sub for the movies in a lot of ways.

      For instance, Miles Morales can meet a white Queens boy with a british accent named Andrew Lance and fall in love.

      The possiblities are endless.