SDCC 2012: Top 10 Toy Exclusives to Snatch Up

If you’ve been a long time reader of the iFanbase, you’ve probably seen my toy posts pertaining to San Diego Comic-Con the last two years. I have a total toy fixation, and I would say that at least 40% of the reason I attend SDCC so religiously is to grab the amazing exclusives that this super convention offers. I am definitely not the only one who is rabid for action figures and vinyl glory – preview night is rife with rabid toy collectors, frothing at the mouth as they reach with curling, grasping fingers for the newest TokiDoki exclusive or Batman statue. There is a sort of fervor in the air around the toys at SDCC – it’s the same sort of desire you had for toys as a child, except on a very adult budget with WAY more emotional involvement. It’s super awesome, super dorky, and pretty much one of the most unique characteristics of SDCC as compared to other conventions.

So every year I make my very own wishlist of “HAVE TO BUY” toys for SDCC. I do this so I know which booths I need to dart to; my preview nights are always a very focused traverse of the exhibition hall as I purposefully stride from one booth to another, zig zagging across the hall until my arms are weighed down with all the toys I want. Then, I go tuck them safely away in my hotel room and party the rest of the weekend. While my tastes are probably more BRIGHT COLORS PINK THINGS PONIES!!! than the general populace, I’ve still compiled a list of the Top Ten SDCC toy exclusives that I think we should ALL watch out for.


 SDCC 2012 Exclusive My Little Pony by Hasbro


Every year Hasbro has an awesome SDCC exclusive My Little Pony. I have one for every year I’ve ever been to SDCC, and I never plan on stopping this tradition. I’m usually mildly into the designs – they are generally illustrated by a famous artist or something. But this year? THIS YEAR IT’S DERPY HOOVES.

If you’re not familiar with My Little Pony, this probably means nothing to you. Basically, Derpy Hooves is a beloved secondary character in the new My Little Pony TV show (Friendship is Magic). Due to an animation error, her eyes went opposite directions, and thus the internet dubbed her Derpy Hooves. She was surprisingly adored and obsessed over, and MLP:FIM’s awesome creator heard the internet and has been putting Derpy into more episodes, more frequently… and NOW WE HAVE A REAL EXCLUSIVE TOY OF HER. I pretty much died.



 TARDIS Tin Tote Gift Set by Entertainment Earth


As usual, Entertainment Earth delivers with their amazing pop culture toys. This year’s selections were hard to pick from, but I finally settled on this kitschy bit of goodness: A TARDIS lunchbox with coasters and travel mug. I know that *I* will be packing all of my work lunches in this from now on, thank you very much.


 Flocked Treeson Exclusives by DKE Toys


For you Urban Vinyl lovers, DKE Toys has a great selection this year. One of their especially intriguing picks are these adorable flocked versions of their popular Treeson model. The pastel colors bring to mind delicious candy or Easter time, while their innocent little tree monster faces stare out at you… don’t you just want to squeeze them?!


 Star Wars ‘Lost Line’ Packaging… Including Jar Jar in Carbonite

I could find very little info about this exclusive, but the second I read “Jar Jar in Carbonite” I knew I had to own it. I’m going to be marching up to the Lucasarts booth on preview night and demanding the fantasy that was never realized in toy form.


 Black and White Batman and Joker by Square Enix

If you’re a Batman fan, it’s hard to find unique Batman toys – at least in my experience. They mostly look the same, and are meant for little boys to play with – not to be prettily displayed on your glass shelves. But Square Enix delivered some JAW DROPPINGLY incredible toys this year. Seriously. I literally had to pick my jaw up off of my laptop before I could compose myself enough to write this. They are perfectly beautiful and come with all sorts of accessories – if you’re a Batman fan, you’re not going to want to miss these beauties.


 Kotobukiya Bishoujo Black Widow Statue


I’m absolutely addicted to the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues – anime reworkings of popular comic book characters. Obviously Avengers is going to have a strong presence at SDCC this year, and Kotobukiya did not disappoint with this EXCEPTIONAL Black Widow statue. The coyness, right before she snaps your neck… I love it. I need it. I’m willing to bet that you do, too.


 Aperture Companion Cube from Portal reworked by ThreeA Toys

ThreeA Toys is Ashley Wood’s awesome toy line, rife with adorable robots and incredible paint work. This year he has an adorably strange offering – a companion cube from the video game Portal, looking slightly possessed, slightly zombie-ish, slightly dirty, VERY leggy… but altogether still amazing.


Adventure Time’s Finn and Fiona by Entertainment Earth


These are actually offered by Toys R Us, but word around the water cooler is that they will probably be available at the Entertainment Earth booth. Adventure Time is a wildly popular kid’s show turned adult fandom, so it’s awesome to see it getting so much love. I especially love their little SDCC badges – so cute!


 Admiral Adama Animated Marquette by Quantam Mechanix


If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica, it’s almost inevitable that you are also a fan of Admiral Adama. One of the strongest, most complex and interesting characters in the show, he pulled at our heart strings and made us hate him at times, but ultimately he was a major backbone that many of the episodes were built upon. That’s why I was happy to see this incredible Animated Marquette of our beloved Adama from Quantam Mechanix.


 Masters of Evil 3 Pack by Marvel/Hasbro


Marvel has many great offerings, per usual, but I’m really happy to see some Marvel villains getting some love. Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and Tiger Shark all repreSENT in this awesome, affordable boxed set.


Molly McIsaac is going to live on the streets after SDCC because she is going to spend all of her money on toys. Follow her descent into poverty on twitter.



  1. Hey! Radioactive Man. Whatever happened to him?

    • I might add that the Square Enix Bat figures look amazing andthe Apature companion cube looks cute as hell.

    • Last I saw (last year or so?) Radioactive Man was part of China’s super team and showed up to fight one of the Avengers teams when they shoed up in China to… uh… it’s been too long.

  2. When did Derpy Hooves first appear? I have been making my way through MLP:FM on Netflix, and I don’t remember seeing her.

  3. My list is quite different, though the effect is basically the same. It would seem that even though my comics tastes have been broadened by being exposed to iFanboy, my toy tastes still say Make Mine Marvel:

    Super Helicarrier for the Marvel Universe line. Comes with a unique Maria Hill figure!

    Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Force 3-Pack (To go with the ML X-Force Deadpool released this fall).

    Toys R Us Exclusive X-Factor 6-Pack, announced today

    And the Masters of Evil 3-Pack, of course

    Then there’s a transformers Shockwave HISS Tank, a Kim Arashikage G.I. Joe figure, and of course a Derpy Hooves in my future as well. It’s going to be an expensive SDCC, that’s for sure.

    Oh and here’s the image of Jar Jar in carbonite released from Hasbro:

  4. I spent a handful of years REALLY into the designer vinyl thing (I even built a bit of a name for myself in the customizing department, making a living from it for a year and a half), and I have a few of the original Treesons. If you remove the stick from their chest, there’s a heart embossed on the other end. Pretty damn cute.

    But damn, I’d love to get my hands on that Joker or that ThreeA Companion Cube. Impressive!!

  5. Wow, lots of cool things. Esepcially like the Doctor Who lunch box and I will have to track down the Jar Jar in Carbonite some time.

  6. a horse with a lazy eye is an internet phenomenon? this is a thing now, apparently?

    i’ll just out myself as the troll on this so the rest of you all don’t have to, and then leave you to your fun.

    • If you are truly amazed and not just feigning amazement, then I am with you.

    • nope. that is legitimate, 100% amazement.

      the thing is, now that the question of my sincerity has been brought up, it’s completely impossible for me to not read anything i type as sarcastic. we’re doomed!