SDCC 2012: New Video and Costumes from The CW’s ARROW

The CW is presenting this new clip from their upcoming Arrow series. This seems like more of a public service announcement to the villains of the world to stop tying heroes to chairs. It won’t work and those chairs will quickly become weapons that will be used against you. Earlier this summer, Black Widow tried to teach everyone that same lesson but some people just never learn.

Here’s the clip from Spinoff Online:

Meanwhile, on the floor of the San Diego Comic Con, Oliver Queen’s costume was on display next to a very familiar mask.

While Deathstroke didn’t appear on Smallville, a character named Slade Wilson did. It looks like the infamous DC assassin may get a proper live action appearance somewhere in Arrow‘s first season.

Arrow debuts Wednesday, October 10th at 8 Eastern / 7 Central.


  1. I’m surprised the death stroke mask looks so “comicbooky”. I’m betting it’s a mock up and won’t appear that way in the show.

    In regards to the show, I’m cautiously optimistic. I hope it does well, that might spur DC to put a top creative team on the monthly. Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters, so I tried the new comic when it relaunched, it was…..”blech!”

    • i hate how anything with a modestly bright color is automatically “comic booky” and that is somehow also a bad thing.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Well, I’d say it’s got a heightened comic book aesthetic beyond just the color. It’s molded with expressive brows and doesn’t look like it’s off the rack.

  2. Did he kill the guy?
    Wow… That video alone was better than 10 years of smallville!

    • I’m pretty sure he killed 2 guys. VERY cool but is that the tone they’re really wanting? I’m all for that tone but many people don’t like hero’s that kill (even though Cops do so in extreme circumstances).

  3. Deathblow YES!