SDCC 2012: Lock Up Your Chimichangas. DEADPOOL is Getting a Video Game

Yep, the Merc with a Mouth is headed to consoles in his own video game from High Noon Studios and Activision.

It’s called Deadpool.

Like most modern video game characters, Deadpool will be voiced by Nolan North (not for the first time, either. He stole the show in the direct-to-video¬†Hulk vs. Wolverine a while back). It is likely that the actor still has many years of recording to do, if this trailer is any indication of the notoriously chatty character’s portrayal. Even at this very early stage, the marketing team is going at it like gangbusters. We don’t know a whole lot about the gameplay just yet, but the thing looks to have a fun and irreverent tone sure to thrill the character’s devoted and vocal fan base.

Oh, and there’s a website. Which is a whole adventure in itself. Check your browser settings. I think he might actually dunk all of your enabled cookies in milk and…we don’t even want to think about it.


  1. This could possibly be the greatest game ever.

  2. Only a matter of time I suppose.

  3. Only hoping they do this right.

  4. This looks great. I can’t wait to play this.

  5. I wish they’d gone with a slightly more traditional Deadpool than Way’s version (the voices are insanely annoying) but this looks like it could be good, especially if its anything like the Wolverine game Activision put out recently.

    • I agree, I prefer Deadpool serious with the funny here and there not constant, especially cause its not consistently funny.

  6. I have little faith in this, comic book games tend be shit (with the exception of the recent Batman: Arkham games of course).

    • i am with you on the lack of good comic book video games, and Arkham City is tough to beat, but i have been enjoying the new Spider-Man movie tie-in game. Pretty fun and is done by Activision as well.

    • X-Men Origins Wolverine (which looks very very similar to this game and was also developed by activision) was really pretty good it even recieved positive reviews, unfortunatley it was overshadowed by Arkham Asylum which came out at the same time. But if you or anyone wants a pretty good idea of what this games going to be like I would recommend at least giving the demo for Wolverine a shot.

  7. LOL. “Suck it, Wolverine.”

    Anyone who says comic book games tend to be bad has not played the incredibly fun (and way gory) Wolverine movie tie-in game. Or Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Or the Punisher game from the early 2000s. Or Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

  8. This could be a lot of fun and funny, probably a tad annoying at times but the trailer was funny with ultra violence and adult humor so I’m gonna check this one out for a little escapism.

  9. I think Marvel vs Capcom 3 started it but I love it when Deadpool says ‘Bang Bang’ whenever he shoots his guns. Never gets old.

    Like the Hit-Monkey game I am all willing to give this a shot. I have no doubt it can be funny but hopefully the game is more then just a button masher….Which it probably is.

  10. that was the coolest thing i have seen a long time. i want to play this game like yesterday. “Suck it, Wolverine!” Classic.

  11. Looks preeeetty rad I’d say.

  12. Jamozk Ekhiss (@JamozkEkhiss) says:

    I’m struggling to come up with a worded response to that trailer.

  13. Yes!!! I think I’ll preorder this!