SDCC 2011: Fasten Your Cargo Pouches! Loeb & McGuinness Team for CABLE REBORN

Cable is dead at the moment. But that stops in December when Red Hulk team Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness reunite for Cable Reborn. Among other things, it will involve Cable being alive again. Don't believe us? Here's a promo!

What they're not telling you is that when Cable comes back he'll be a lady. And a centaur. 

Personally, I think Cable drew the short straw on rebirths. He still has cyborg parts! If I had a metal arm and died and then got a second lease on life, I'd want to come back with two regular arms. So I could feel the breeze on my bicep. The soft touch of a woman. Or another centaur. Or you know, whatever. 


  1. It would seem like death has had a steroid like effect on his mechanical parts.

  2. 0 interest

  3. I wonder what the newly resurected X-Man Nate Grey has to say about this.

  4. CENTAURS!!!!!    @D Have you ever seen Liefeld Cable?

    Seriously though, he better make this work and Gillen and Aaron are doing wonderful things (and Mike Carrey keeps, solidly, plugging along). I havnt been the biggest fan of Loebs, so heres hoping he only adds and doesnt detract

  5. Is he dead or just camping out in the gym?

  6. Things this book has that makes me want to buy it.
    1. Marvel Logo
    2. X-men
    3. Cable
    4. Ed McGuinnes
    5. Guns

    Reasons why I ultimatley wont buy it.
    1. Jeph Loeb 

  7. I was hopeing reborn was jean grey its been 10 fucking years but I like cable

  8. I’m down with this

  9. I guess you could hold a gun like that, if you REALLY REALLY tried too.

  10. Didn’t expect that at all.

  11. Oh, well… there you go. I like Cable but I’m not excatly a Loeb fan. I’m also not sure McGuinuess is the right style for Cable. We’ll see it.

  12. ok. I have observed this bord for the last 8 years. my comments are few and far between. But Jeph Loes and Steve Skorce drew me into comics with Cable 19 (1995). I watched the animated series and decided to walk into a comic book store in Hamilton,New Zealand (Mark 1 Comics) and the stand out image was of Cable being dominated by his son (genisis/ Taylor , I didnt know it yet) thanks to that I have been drawn into Marvel for the last 16 years. spent a ridiculous amount of money ( the curreny conversion is not favourable) on Marvel comics and loved every moment. So on my 32 birthday when this is onounced I take the first writer of any comic book I have ever read plus a gamebreaker like Ed McG, I have to say Im pretty happy. Im currently in the UK for the next few years but will still order this through my local CBS in NZ to send to my parents house because this means alot to me and my involvment in comics. Cable was also one of Ed’s break out comics. I think it was Cable 58 with joe caey or rounda about. Next thing you knew he was working with Loeb over in Image for Leifields Mr Majestic and then Superman.

    So long story short this will keep me in comics.
    Hey i may be one guy but across the board it may ad to many.
    Thnak you Marvel and Jeph and Ed. I look foward to the experience.

  13. See there you go, I have no interest in this but Sinsear is excited for it.  That’s the great thing about comics may not be for you but someone is going to love it.

  14. Lady Centaur Cable is the name of my new 8-bit band. Thanks for stealing my idea Marvel.

  15. Oh Come ON! What will it take for this man to stay dead?!?!?!?!

  16. So it’s been how long since he died and we STILL have no idea what Hope’s purpose is?

    No thanks. 

  17. pass

  18. BOOOOOO!

  19. I know they are a lot of people that dislike Cable but he’s always been a character that I liked and I loved Loeb run on the book which really fleshed him out as a more well rounded character and not just a gun toting giant. I think Loeb is hit or miss lately, but I honestly can’t think of a better guy to write Cable back into the Marvel U.

  20. Meh

  21. here’s a new marketing banner for the top marvel comics “MARVEL’S MUST MISSES!!”

  22. Its only been about a year and they are bringing him back all ready? Works for me  🙂

  23. Not too bothered either way with the team but I do wonder if this will have a negative effect on Hope’s character. Cable’s death and her adoption of his role of military hardman(woman) is going to be undermined considerably.

  24. Ed McGuinness is the big draw on this for me. May give it a pass and just read the library’s copy of the trade later.

  25. @sinsear Man, that Mark1 Comics in Hamilton is AWESOME, was there a few weeks back…

    On the image…. I do feel kinda gutted for Cable, coming back with the Techno Virus still rampaging through his body, I mean, after everything he has been through, just sucks that he has to come back from the dead with that… although, if when he DOES come back during his first body check notices the metal arms and makes some kinda of look or an ‘Aw Maaaaaaan’ style comment, I think I’d enjoy that.

    I liked Mr Lobe’s run with Ed on “Public Enemies”, and he did a great story with “Supergirl”, but these were over 5yrs ago, Hulk and Mutant X were okay, but…. I dunno, I stopped reading Hulk after a few issues, I’d like to go back, but really did get bored with the drawn out story and Mutant X was kind of all over the place…. eh, who am I kidding, I’ll still give it a go and comment on it afterwards.

  26. Line 5, word 17 arms ARM

    Really wish there was an EDIT or DELETE function 😉 

  27. @LukeB: re: Edit and/or Delete Function: You and me both, buddy. 

  28. I didn’t even know Cable was dead.

  29. Seems like he only died a week ago. Soon we have people getting re-born before they die and then killing their former self, Auto-Booting. , death is cheap in the Marvel universe. Does the virus get re-born too, they should give it it’s own book. Not saying this won’t be a good book but it just seemed the corpse was still warm. makes you wonder why they fight so hard against the threat of extinction.

  30. Hmm…you know, I was down on Loeb/McGuiness Hulk, but when I read it in trade, it was actually really fun (a bit dumb, yes, but fun).  This is a character I wouldn’t typically put with this creative team (although I know Loeb wrote Cable before), so that’s got my interest peaked much like Bendis/Maleev on Moon Knight got me interested.  I might pick this up based upon how much it ties into the X-Universe because I read zero X-Men at this point.  

  31. And I thought DC was bringing back the 90’s…

  32. While it is a little too soon, I am kind of excited to have Cable back.
    Hopefully the Loeb we get writing this book is the classic, great, pre-Hulks and Ultimatum Loeb who created X-Man, wrote a fantastic run on Cable, and wrote some the best Batman stories of all time and not the rescent “let me throw a bunch of dumb ideas in a hat and half-attempt a book around said ideas” Loeb.

  33. I like fun, and when he feels like it, Loeb can bring the big fun. However, it’s really McGuiness that seals the deal. I’ve yet to see this team make a bad comic.

  34. I am trying to think of something clever to say but my absolute dislike of Cable is too overwhelming.

  35. Never gonna read this.

    Just wanna say that that image is horrendous. Let’s ignore the fact that holding a gun like that is damn near impossible (not to mention pointless), but Cable’s eye doesn’t really match up to his shoulder porpotionally. I mean I guess he could be shrugging with his head turned, but I doubt that’s what they were going for.

  36. I’ll probably check this out. I’ve just recently started reading the old Cable & Deadpool series, and am liking it so far. I know this is an entirely different creative team, and Deadpool isn’t involved, but hey, why not?

  37. Crap.  Another buy.  Marvel is kicking it down this fall.  

  38. @Ainslo  I don’t think it’s fair to single out Marvel for making death cheap. I think it’s more of a comics – wide thing. Who stays dead in DC?

  39. Does That look like a human arm to anyone??
    Who cares how he is holding the gun.

  40. Cable seems like the right kind of crazy for Loeb. This is the only big-two thing out of SDCC that has piqued my interest.

  41. That promo art is just… bad.

  42. What if its a side view and hes turning his head to face us, then the gun would make sense

  43. He was dead?

  44. Um…. does anybody HONESTLY care about Cable? I mean they couldn’t bring back someone actually good like Nightcrawler. Cable gets ressurected and Bucky takes a hammer through the chest? COMIC BOOK INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!