SDCC 2010: X-Men Panel

Today at Comic-Con, Marvel held its X-Men panel to give fans a rundown of what to expect in the next few months. The panel was short on shocking surprise announcements, but there were several tidbits of note along with quite a bit of eyebrow-raising artwork:

-The Wolverine, X-23, and Daken books will be functioning as sort of a Wolverine-verse; they won't perpetually cross over, but events that affect one (beginning with Jason Aaron's upcoming "Logan goes to hell" storyline) will ripple into the lives and books of the others.

-The events of Second Coming will spin off into Generation Hope by Kieron Gillen starting this November. Hope the Mutant Maybe Messiah will take center stage in this series, which will focus on the new new mutants and the world they now inhabit.

-December will see the debut of the new series Wolverine: The Best There Is by novelist and former Moon Knight scribe Charlie Huston and Juan Jose Ryp. Whereas most Wolverine books tend to get preoccupied with Logan's past, this new series will focus more on where he's going.

-Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force will see the return of Apocalypse, which will have a pretty obvious impact on X-Force "co-captain" Archangel.

-In January, we will start to see more team-ups with the other heroes of the Marvel Universe in Victor Gischler's X-Men series.

-In addition to sample art and previews from these series, the panelists also unveiled a new mile-long Marco Djurdjevic X-Men poster which will be divided up into covers for various X-books over course of the next few months.




Wolverine: The Best There Is  Wolverine: The Best There Is preview art

Wolverine X-Force Universe!  X-Force!


more X-Force!  X-Force preview page


  1. Is that Daken in the X-Force team picture?

  2. That poster is awesome. Except maybe Beast down there at the bottom picking his nose.

  3. If were looking at the same one. That’s X-Force and Daken on the cover for the Wolverine: Road to Hell . He wasn’t in the line up for X-force as I recall.

  4. His new costume is awful!

  5. Cable’s on the poster but not Nightcrawler.  Uh oh…

  6. Disregard that; I’m an idiot.

  7. I would like to know what kind of hold does Greg Land have on Marvel that allows him to continue to draw for the X-men books. Does Marvel really believe a cover by Land will motivated more comic book readers to picking up the book?

  8. On a more positive note: Remender on X-Force. Yes. Sign me up.

  9. Are those last three pages Opena’s X-Force? Because, uhm, those are sick. I had zero interested in X-Force but now I’m going to have to pick up at least the first issue. 

  10. I will read the new Wolverine book in trade. Only because Juan Jose Ryp is a fantastic artist.

    The New X-Force looks great. But the costumes are just awful to me. Deadpool….ugh. Fantomex….blah. Daken….Oh my lord, who let that one threw?

  11. Rick Remender, I love; the X-Force concept, not for me. Plus, if you put Deadpool and Fantomex on a team, you really might as well throw in Red Hulk and the Sentry and call it a life. So, do I trust the creative team…? What to do, what to do…..

  12. @Jimski – If you added Triathalon to the names you just mentioned the universe would collapse in on itself.

  13. @Jimski – Remember when Deadpool was cool? And remember when Fantomex was cool? Those characters need a writer capable of the kind of high-superhero-concept stories that made Fantomex so strange and capable of the style of humor that made Deadpool so refreshing. May I introduce to you, Mr. Rick Remender!

  14. Based on the teaser in the Second Coming Finale, the new X-Force is not for me.

    But is that Bastion (or Nimrod? I forget, is there a difference?) in the right corner of the Djurdovekic pic (which, by the way, looks nearly as good as his Avengers wide panel)?

  15. On the long poster, who is the woman in between Rogue & ’90s Shatterstar?  It’s not Mystique or Mercury as they’re represented elsewhere on the poster.  Any ideas?  Husk, maybe?

  16. @zattaric it looks kinda like the blue girl in the five lights picture above?

    If that’s going to be on various covers, can we assume Polaris and Havok are going to have something to do with X-Force, pretty much anyone who died will be back and Magneto will be chilling over there with the bad guys?

    And is X-23 in X-Force or not?

  17. Fantomex was never cool. 

    This I believe.