SDCC 2010: Violence in Convention Hall H Leaves One Wounded, Another in Handcuffs

Some disturbing news to report coming out of SDCC. According to Dread Central, Convention Hall H was briefly closed off after violence broke out between two panel events.

Witnesses reported that some time following this evening's Resident Evil: Afterlife presentation, two men were involved in a scuffle over seating. One allegedly stabbed the other in the eye with a pen. The victim was taken from the hall on a stretcher, while his attacker was led from the scene in handcuffs by convention security. The room was sealed off during an investigation, delaying a few panels. By all accounts, the hall has since reopened and regular activities have been resumed. 

UPDATE: CBR reports that the victim has been taken to UCSD Medical Center. His attacker will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

This appears to be an isolated incident, but if you're out at the con, please be safe


  1. Pen to the eye = NERDFIGHT! 

  2. It’s truly sad when us geeks have to fight eachother…

  3. You really can’t go anywhere now without some jerk starting a fight. This is especially awful, stabbing someone in the eye. geez.

  4. Wow.

  5. All that over a seat. What is wrong with people?

  6. woooooooooot. Nerd fight broke out……..!!!

  7. And for Resident Evil? Seriously is the movie that worth fighting over a seat? Ridiculous, plus a pen? That would seriously hurt as well as ink damage to the eye, man I really hope this guys pulls through cause the pen stabbing with possible infection with the ink could result with him losing his eye. Very sad that this happens in an environment that should be having an atmosphere that is completely the opposite of violent. So very very sad.

  8. Utterly, utterly shameful. And on the day of the memorial to Shelf Dorf too.

  9. ouch didnt realize it was in the eye holy crap!

  10. Respectful?  Are you kidding?  Why else would you have posted it if not to make fun of it?  There’s thousands of armed robberies every year, but only one of them was commited by a Dark Lord of the Sith.  Therefore, THAT is the one everyone’s talking about.  Likewise, no one here is going to mention any number of other ‘real’ crimes that may have occured in San Diego this weekend. 

  11. @SpiderTitan: Same here, for that movie? For Mila Jovovich, maybe, but, this is really sad.

  12. They just reported that when Harrison Ford took the stage just now, he was led out in handcuffs by guys dressed as police officers. As God is my witness, I can’t decide whether to boo or cheer.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That stopped me in my tracks too. 

    Oh, The Fugitive?  

  14. Wow, pen to the eye over a seat for Resident Evil 3-D.  Speechless

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just to clarify, this took place after the Resident Evil presentation. Presumably they were fighting over seats for the Marvel Studio presentation. 

  16. "Just to clarify, this took place after the Resident Evil presentation. Presumably they were fighting over seats for the Marvel Studio presentation. "


    Well that’s okay then… it was at least something worth poking someone in the eye for:-P

  17. Regardless of what the presentation was for this is just stupid.  Resorting to violence over something thats not really all that important and is going to be on the internet within the hour.  I feel bad for the victim and disgust for the attacker.

  18. Other news accounts have the assailant as "a man in a Harry Potter shirt". that guy is going to be a very popular girlfriend when he gets sent to the County or State Prison. 

    Seriously though this is just pathetic. Almost killing someone over anything related to comic con is inexcusable. Lets all remember its not life or death, its just fun.  

  19. What a shame.  I hope the guy is alright.  

  20. this is so sad………lol

  21. In related news, the victim and his lawyer now own Comi-Con. He’ll get a ridiculous "go away" settlement i’m sure. 

  22. "stabbed in the eye with a pen"…..REALLY?….

  23. stabbing someone in the eye with a pen is something Rorschach would do in the Watchman …heh

  24. There was somebody at ComicCon that doesn’t wear glasses???

  25. I should add that my first thought was, "Well, it was bound to happen. All those cosplayers with the scimitars and the bat’leths and whatever-the-hells." Then I found out it was a pen.

  26. Nerds can’t fight, they kill……ahhhhhhhhhhh

  27. If someone is in your seat and you ask them to get out and they refuse and that is your seat, you need to take action.

    Otherwise bullies and loudmouths will continue to rule the world.

    A pen to the eye seems a bit extreme though.

    It probably would have been more appropriate to choke his ass out of it.

  28. @scorpionMasada agree…

  29. Rumors circulating the internet of a fan stabbing another attendee in the eye over coveted seats, and of a victim clad in a " Harry Potter T-shirt soaked in blood," are inaccurate, according to authorities.

  30. let’s not discount the possibility of stress resulting to that kind of patience.


    If only this was before the Goon movie.

    Sucks for the guy who got stabbed though. I hope he didn’t get Prezbo’d.

  32. Maybe the footage they showed of the movie was so bad that he decided to have a pen jammed in his eye?

  33. Ridiculous. I understand tensions can get high from time to time, but come on. How can we not have a group of mostly like minded people be peaceful. Even there?

  34. "You f**kers think just because a guy reads comics he can’t start some sh*t?"

    "He started it! F**king c**k-knocker! He’s lucky I didn’t put my pen through his thorax!"

    2 different films, but I feel they are relevant to the incident.

  35. So the two guys knew each other and argued over how close one was sitting to the other…and the scratch was NEAR his eye.  So now it seems to be an extreme version of the classic back seat, "Stop touching me" argument. Now it’s just sad instead of horrifying.

  36. Ugh, conventions are for us geeks to unite, not fight over ridiculously immature things (we save that for the internet).

  37. I cannot even imagine the poor-taste jokes the mainstream media is going to make about this.

  38. Further proof that it is mightier than the sword.

  39. There’s a picture of the guy on CBR.  Couldn’t tell if that was a Harry Potter shirt, but there is blood on it.

    I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.  What do you think is going to happen when you take a shut-in out of his mom’s basement and thrust him into a convention center with 100,000 people and only 1,200 chairs?

  40. When I read the words, "after violence broke out between two panel events," I briefly thought you meant that the members of two panels were fighting each other, West Side Story-style.

    But, yeah, a violent fanboy? That makes more sense.

  41. @wallythegreenmonster – Comicon (or whatever the parent company is) will be fine.  They’re pretty much isolated from a lawsuit because it’s an intentional tort.  Their insurance company will be the ones to fight any claim, and they tend to take frivolous claims all the way to court because they employ their own attorneys.  Not saying that go-away money is out of the question, but it’ll be pretty insignificant.

  42. It’s all fun and games until…..


    Too soon?

  43. Well at least the guy can be Nick Fury next year.

  44. A person got stabbed people. Are we really making light of this?

  45. A black nerd from the Hood stabbed him in the eye…….Damn



    video link of the black nerd who stabbed his friend!!!!!!

  47. I don’t understand how someone would get to the point of violence over a seat. Either there is more to the story that no one knows or the guy has an anger issue. Either way, it’s sad. I hope the victim recovers and the attacker learns his lesson.

  48. @JJ-Things can be sad and funny at the same time

  49. @JJ – Laughter is the best medicine.  I’ve always used humor as a defense against pain.  I know if I had been stabbed in the eye, of course I’d initially be upset, but I’d be cracking jokes as soon as the morphine kicked in.  "Hey guys…guys..Hey, listen.  No, listen.  In the land of the blind…hehehe…no listen.  Guys.  I’m serious.  Guys.  In the *snicker* land of the blind, I’m king!  Hahaha!  Man I’m hungry."  But maybe that’s just me. =P

  50. I’m disapointed when I saw the headline I was expecting a bat’leth fight a dawn

  51. I wonder how good the seat was? Rough…

  52. Without apology I am making light of this SDCC 2010-NERD-EYE-POKOLIPS !


  53. Scott Summers called.  He wants his codename back.

  54. I bet everybody at the comic shop where the stabbing nerd frequents just gave a sigh of relief, “We don’t have to deal with that guy ever again!”

  55. At least the victim can cosplay Odin next year.