SDCC 2010: DC Universe Online Trailer is Finally Here, and It Was Worth the Wait

As you know, i'm not one for hyperbole. 

Something like fourteen minutes after I first clicked play on this new cinematic teaser trailer for DC Universe Online, I woke up naked in the town fountain. I don't care to know what happened in between. If you're a DC comics fan and a gamer, don't even bother buying a 2011 calendar. It's all going to amount to this, a few dozen showers, and vitamin supplements. 

Here's five minute of nogginsplosion from the good people at WB Games, DC Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Online. 


The game is expected to debut in November for the PS3 and Windows PC's. 


  1. omg….i’m doomed.

  2. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to buy me this for my birthday (Nov. 5). I’m not sure if she understands the consequences of what may happen.

    But everyone: SHHHHHH!

  3. I liked leaving the house occasionally.  I really did.  I’ll miss it once this game comes out.

  4. Fantastic trailer! Too bad the game is nothing like that.

  5. Grrr….Now I want to play it….

  6. meh!!! not impressed

  7. oh my god ,iam glad they took there time

  8. Bad ass is the only way to describe that!

  9. Oh no! There goes my senior year of college…

  10. JohnnyStooge – Happy Early birthday!  Mine is also Nov 5.

    I am not sure I like what I saw in the trailer.  I know I hated all the armor, but it seems like the story is pretty interesting.  Anyone know if that was Mark Hamill doing The Joker?

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Shadowhelm – That’s Mark Hamill alright. 

  12. oh. my. god. 

  13. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    It’s pretty and all, but game trailers are absolutely useless without gameplay footage.

  14. My god this looks awesome. If the gameplay is as good as this trailer is, then the game will be phenomenal.

  15. Really cool mini CGI cutscene/mini movie, but yeah, you can’t play as any of those characters, and the in game graphics will look very mmo like.  Look at the original trailer, expect something more like that.

  16. there goes any chance of me getting a girlfriend

  17. That does look awesome.

  18. the fools who say their nor impressed just too sound cool and different.  That was freakin awesome..the game play will be the question.


    Why can’t the DC movies be this good?

  20. Looks amazing, hope to able to be on the same servers as those in the US and have the ping be good….. please let time allow for me to play this game 😀

  21. By the way, the beta signups are up on the website on both platforms, so try it out!

  22. Ummmm….  Wow.  I only hope the game is half as good as the trailer. 

  23. How the hell am i suppose to pass all my classes when this thing comes out right before finals?!

  24. I just peed a litle.

  25. Looks like my mum was right: My life is going nowhere. As soon as this comes out anyway.

  26. If this wasn’t an MMO it might make me buy a PS3. Fortunately for my wallet I don’t play MMOs so this won’t be on my list. Awesome story though. Loved Batman’s battlesuit.

  27. I don’t know if anyone else has realised this yet, but… that’s Kevin Conroy reading lines written by Geoff Johns! Fanboy overload!

  28. brainfail

  29. guess i can kiss my social life goodbye come november

  30. I’m doomed. That was maybe the coolest thing ever.

  31. Give me a single player campaign and I’m in.

  32. I thought this was going to be a PC online game only (such as WoW), but now that it’s coming to PS3 I may consider it.

    @JumpingJupiter – I completely agree. That’ll be the kicker for me too. 

  33. Holy crap. I may as well quit my job and drop out of school now.

  34. I don’t want to play it, I just want to sit next to someone who is playing it

  35. pretty sad when WW is the manly one. Story seems pretty weak for all the hype and the "future" heroes look stupid. <–Disappointed

  36. That was cool and all (though some of the voice acting and animations were a bit stiff) but trailers for video games that don’t show any gameplay don’t do much for me.  I appreciate the scope they’re going for and as a comic fan the idea of the game sounds awesome but at the end of the day the game needs to be fun.  This video shows me nothing and the gameplay footage I’ve seen in the past didn’t look so hot.  I hold out hope that everything will come together but won’t be convinced by a promo trailer.

  37. How was Wonder Woman manly?

  38. my social life has been over long before this game will be released. but at least now when I’m crying alone in my room on friday nights I’ll be able to have fun while doing it.