Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: TRAILER

The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World trailer has been posted on Apple's Trailers site.



Here's an unofficial embed that will probably get taken down soon:



Does it suck? Is it what you wanted?  OMG HEAD EXPLODING!


  1. I am amazed.

  2. Oh shit…


  4. Yeah, that looks pretty awesome.

  5. Is there not a comic book based movie Chris Evans is not doing these days?

  6. I was sooper doooper skeptical before.  Now?  Now so much.  Actually kinda excited

  7. Kabloomerang!!!

  8. Wow!!

  9. awwwwwwwww man. The fighting style looks great so far. Excitement.

  10. Wow, didn’t know anna kendrick was in this.  Looks amazing!



  11. 😀

  12. oh MAN that looks so good… can’t wait until August

  13. Yep.  Seeing it.

  14. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I love it.  I think everyone involved really gets this book.


    Best trailer ever!

    I have never, EVER been this excited to see a movie.  Fuck Iron Man, Fuck Kick-Ass, this looks like it will rock my socks off.

    *watches again*

  16. I already watched this like, 4 times. IT’S AN AMAAAAAAZIGN TRAILER!!!

    Is it August yet!? =[

  17. WOW. That looks awesome. I was skeptical – then my mind was blown. 

  18. Oh my god this looks better than I could ever possibly believe.

  19. sweet. an epic of epic epicness

  20. HA! At the 1:20 mark, for just long enough, they even include the scene where he defeats the guy and he turns into coins. Somehow, even funnier than it was on paper.



  23. A friend of mine apparently has an extra ticket for a screening of it tonight, in or around NYC.  I’m not kidding when I say I’m seriously tempted to get a last minute flight down to see it!

  24. Was that the KO voiceover from Street Fighter?! The inclusion of that alone already makes this the greatest movie ever!

  25. Oh, my geeky little heart is jumping for joy.  This is going to be my birthday present to myself.

  26. "K.O."

    Nice trailer, nice footage from the film, I like the way they are doing the sound effect .. ummm… effects, Michael Cerra doesn’t annoy me as much as I thought he would (acutally, I like him as Scott Pilgrim), Mary E. Winstead just looks awesome as Ramona, Edgar Wright hasn’t disappointed me yet – yeah, I think I could end up liking this movie.


    That looks sooooo awesome.  WOW I can’t believe it looks that good WOW WOW WOW WOW. 


  29. Hey look! It’s Captain America with a beard!

  30. Fantastic. This looks soooo great. Cannot wait!

  31. a trailer hasn’t excited me this much since the 2nd Dark Knight trailer where we finally got to see the Joker. It looks like they did a great job overall, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a perfect Ramona.

  32. This totally kicks Kick-Ass’s ass.

  33. That just made me so excited I just might have to run around in circles a few times

  34. Never before have I used the "watch again" button so many times. This may actually be as awesome as it should be.

  35. Oooooooooooooooooh this looks so freakin’ awesome! I just got into the comics recently and it looks like Edgar Wright totally nailed it.


  36. The "KO" definitely won me over.

  37. As one of the few on this site who has not read this book, I can honestly say that now I want to and I can’t wait to see this.


  38. Expect a watchmen like increase in sales on this book. But not exactly to the watchmen level…

  39. having never read a single page, I now want to

  40. I only got the first book but gonna have to get the second on too now.


    Chris Evans must like comics since this will be his third comicbook movie before Captain America. It shouldn’t be too much surprise, many actors do the same genre a lot, like romance, scifi, comedy, drama.I think he will do well as Captain America.



  42. "Her…?"

  43. After about 10 seconds into the trailer, my jaw had dropped and a massive gaping grin could be found on my face…. I’d have had a hard time trying to explain the giddiness that exuded from me while watching 😀


    Can’t wait! 🙂 

  44. The poster for the movie made me nervous.  But the trailer makes me happy.

  45. Well, time to be the combo breaker. Everything in this trailer seemed great except for one minor detail, Scott Pilgrim. Sure I saw glimpses of him fighting and sliding up to Ramona but whenever he talked in his high pitch *meh, meh, meh* voice it kind of lost me. In the comics he always seems over confidant and the best fighter in Canada should have no problem taking down seven evil ex’s. I know they say it’s a departure form the comics but I still don’t know if Cera is being anyone other than Cera in this movie. Maybe it’s just the way I read these books but I’m not sure about this yet.

  46. "…what, is she funny?"

  47. Fuck. Yes.

    I’m exponentially more excited for this movie now, and I’m already an extra in it.

     The visual sound effects (there’s an oxymoron for you) in those fight scenes look beautiful. If they can pull off capturing the look of the comic that well throughout, it’s going to be awesome.

  48. Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    zomg squee!!

  49. **gibber**

    I was already looking forward to this movie an awful lot, but this trailer kinda blew my mind. It looks so good.

    (Also, I love that Ann Veal is beating up George Michael Bluth.)

  50. Hey, it didn’t realize Mae Whitman was in the movie!  She and Michael Cera were a great couple on Arrested Development.

    "You must teach me, George Michael. You must teach me the ways of the secular flesh."

  51. Her?

  52. They had me at "Kaaaaay-OH"

  53. sup? hows life? he seems nice!! hahah

  54. That looks amazing. Beyond excited for this!

  55. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


    Damn, this looks terrific.  

  56. Wow.

    That was worth the wait.

  57. @Josh: Bwahahahahaha! That’s who she is! I couldn’t place her for a while there.

  58. The dialog or acting seemed very stiff somehow or something was wrong w/ this trailer (the music), is it just me? 

     But still, I’m stoked as fuck

  59. I think it’s just you.

  60. I just saw the guy from Criterion Cast on Twitter call Scott Pilgrim the Twilight of comic book movies…..uhhh what? I don’t understand that comparison cause I think this movie is off the charts awesome, and because it has acting.

  61. Visually this film looks great. I have never had a problem with Edgar Wright doing this because he is a great, young filmmaker. This looks like a comic book and does make this feel like a video game. Just like the actual comic.

    However, with the stuff we’ve seen in this small trailer, it looks exactly the same Michael Cera we’ve seen in anything he’s done. Where’s the hyper Pilgrim I read? Instead it’s tepid, quiet Cera with some bouts of happiness. Plus he looks ridiculous fighting someone. 

  62. BOOM!  That’s awesome.  Totally excited for this one.

  63. OH MY GOD!!  I am a believer!  This movie WILL be good.  The beginning of the movie felt like the first volume, everthing is quiet then you’re suddenly slapped in the face with awesomeness. 

    The guys playing Lucas Lee and Matthew are perfect.

  64. Oh Shit! That is Chris Evans!

  65. yes yes YES! 

  66. This Looks Fuken Great

  67. I’m just mad they ruined the Roxxy/Romana had a girlfriend joke in the trailer by showing her.

  68. I’ll bite.  Josh, what were you talking about with the "her"?

  69. Wow this looks absolutely Awesome! Definitely have to go out & check out the books now! Anybody know any other books that are like Scott Pilgrim that would also be good to look into?

  70. Just started reading reading the books like two days and literally finished volume four as I pulled up the site ad saw the trailer.  For a book I’ve barely cracked open, I’m more excited than I have been about anything in a long time, maybe (MAYBE) even Iron Man 2.   Just hope volume 5 keeps up the goodness and……


  71. @Jediaxle It’s from Arrested Development, pretty much the funniest show ever.

  72. egg……

  73. "It’s as Ann as the nose on plain’s face."

  74. I think I’ve watched the trailer a gajillion times by now! This has been one of my favorite teaser trailers in the past 5, maybe 10 years. I cannot wait for this, now!

  75. Never read any Scott Pilgrim but this looks good. Mind you, I would watch anything directed by Edgar Wright (except maybe traffic…)

  76. Yay!

  77. Awesome!

  78. I haven’t been this excited for a movie since Dark Knight!


  79. I have no idea what this comic is, as I have never even seen one, let alone read it. but based just on a trailer for a movie, not carrying any of the baggage of expectations from being a fan of the comic, that looks pretty awesome.

  80. I don’t know what I just did in my pants, but I don’t care. That was exaclty what I want out of a Scotty Pilgram Book.

  81. Thank you Ron, thank you very very much! I feel like some sort of sacrifice in your honour is in order now! I’m now more confident that Michael Cera won’t fuck this up! Woohoo Superman and Captain America in the same movie!

  82. I got giddy seeing Evans! Got a broner!

    Wanna see more Routh!

  83. Sorry, but I think it looked lame.

    More than the book, even. 

    We’ll see when it comes out. 

  84. Yes Yes yes. The most anticpated film of 2010! This looks so great. P.s. I showed this to several non comic reading friends and they all got super excited too.

  85. I wasn’t going to say it but, KABOOMERANG! Im officially joined the bandwagon, but it felt right in response to this awesome trailer.

  86. WOW. It looks great but I do worry about the story though. We are know the ending of the movie is going to be different from the book. But I do like the look of the film though. I’m going to watch the trailer again. =)

  87. I will watch it.

  88. Still not sold on Cera, but Edgar Wright absolutely nailed it visually.