Save the Date for ASTONISHING X-MEN #51

I don’t have to remind you how I feel about the whole mutant problem. But this…this may be the straw to end all camels.

From Marvel:

Mutants getting married? X-Husbands and X-Wives? X-tra Marital Bliss? They might as well be allowed to join the Avengers!

I’m sorry? What was that?


To remind you, the new roster of Astonishing X-Men includes: Wolverine, Warbird, Gambit, Northstar, Ice Man, Cecilia Reyes and Karma.

Who’s getting hitched? Speculate away!

Marjorie Liu and Mike Perkins join Astonishing X-Men with #48 on March 28th.


  1. Maybe this is how “AvX” ends…with a marriage! Oh how fun.

  2. i’m going to say ice-man and northstar

  3. Wolvie and Cyclops make up? Oh wouldn’t that cause a bit of a stir in the 24 hour newscycle and election campaigns….

  4. I’ll be shocked if it’s not Northstar. If any other characters on that team were to get married, it would either be big enough that it should take place in Uncanny or Wolverine & the X-Men (Wolverine, Gambit, Iceman), or too minor bother promoting (Warbird, Cecilia, Karma).

  5. I’d be surprised if it isn’t Northstar and his boyfriend from Alpha Flight, but let’s see where this goes.

  6. Is there any relationship right now with and mutant and an Avenger that’s also a mutant? This could be the thing that may end AvX or have a great Romeo & Juliet vibe. Two warring houses and all that.

    • interesting thought.
      would their death’s put an end to the conflict i wonder.
      did we just fuck up the ending…
      here’s hoping…

  7. Ronxo nut-hugger Bleeding Cool reports it’s Northstar and his BF

  8. Colossus and Kitty?

    • That would be soo cool(squeals like a 15 yr old girl). That has been a loong time coming.

    • Everyone else is saying Northstar, but I think you’re on the money.

    • Sorry, but I just don’t see a Kitty/Peter wedding in the cards.

      First of all, neither of them are in the current main cast of this book. Second, they’re each dealing with some big stuff in the books they DO appear in (kitty is running the school, Peter is literally battling his inner demons), and third, I think it was established in W&TXM that kitty and peter aren’t even talking much these days.

      Not that it’s raised my interest in Astonishing at all, but I’m in the Northstar and his boyfriend camp. In general, it seems like marriage between two leading characters in serialized fiction rarely makes for more interesting stories or better characters reed/sue and Scott/jean are the only exceptions I can think of).

  9. Add me to the list that thinks it will be Northstar.

  10. I would be beyond amazed if this doesn’t turn out to be northstar and his boyfriend no one cares about. No disrespect intended towards homosexuals but Liu’s run is making me sick. Listening to her interviews reminds me of the south park episode smug its like she’s just screaming look how forward thinking I am. When David addressed the subject of homosexuals in x-factor he did it in a kinetic fleshed out manner, Liu just seems to want everyone to praise her for something.

    • Agreed. That’s also how I feel about everything Matt Fraction writes.

    • Personally I thought Peter Davids way of handling a gay relationship was totally sensationalised, the actual story was done ok but in every interview he made it out to be some massive step foward like we were still living in the 50s. However I agree that it looks as if this is going down the same route. Personally I think it would be much more foward thinking if they had what I’m guessing would be the first portrayal of gay marriage in marvel comics as just an off hand or maybe an off panel thing, like in the first new astonishing just ‘by the way I got married’ the whole point of marriage equality is so that whoever you marry its treated the same. The only part of this I’m looking foward to is if they adress what shi’ar attitudes to homosexuality are cause that would actually be interesting.

    • I’ll wait until I read the book to judge it.

    • The essential difference between this and what David did is that David addressed the issue in interviews after it occurred on panel rather than using it to build hype prior to the release. But it certainly was blown out of proportion then more by the media than David himself.

    • @jackarandos: “I think it would be much more foward thinking if they had what Iā€™m guessing would be the first portrayal of gay marriage in marvel comics as just an off hand or maybe an off panel thing”

      But everything non-straight has been/still is happening off panel/off screen in so so many ways. So, forward thinking that would be not.

      If this is a gay marriage and Marvel is advertising it big time just like all their other overhyped events then that is awesome if you ask me.

  11. I hope Northstar gets married. Just so it causes the biggest uproar possible.

  12. Honestly my first thought when I saw this post was, “If it’s Emma and Scott Ron is going to go on a murderous rampage.”

  13. Warlock and Cypher? Marvel/Archie crossover with Daken and Kevin Keller?

  14. I’m going to go with Marvel following in some of the other companies foot steps to get some media, and say Northstar will get married. Archie got a ton of press for their wedding so lets see what Marvel will do.

  15. Northstar/Warbird

  16. I just hope it doesn’t ruin Northstar the way marriage ruined Storm. (Not that Northstar has that much to ruin.)

  17. If Karma marries Northstar then would that count as gay marriage?

  18. Of course a gay wedding would be sensationalistic – and comics are desperate to stay relevant. But equal rights for gays is indeed a frontburner topic in America; and Marvel’s mutants struggling to be accepted and understood has always reflected this country’s minorities’ struggles.

    As for people wishing such things would happen off-panel… Why should gay kisses and weddings and relationships be shoved under the carpet, when comics are flooded with on-panel straight romance every single week? There’s a difference between playing some beats of a story as subtle – and treating gays as half-characters, or downright invisible.

  19. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t read Astonishing.

  20. bought avengers the childrens crusade was not expecting the young avengers two boys kissing. is that the first hero gay couple kiss in marvel?

  21. maybe the first hero gay couple at marvel is/was shatterstar and rictor. maybe they had the first kiss in marvel comics. well there is an x on the cover perhaps for the couple in xfactor.