Ryan Reynolds to star in “Deadpool”

Deadpool fans rejoice! Or something. Looks like Fox has begun development on Deadpool, basically giving a vehicle for Ryan Reynolds to do some more sword swinging.  For those of you stuck around after the credits and were in the right theater, you might have seen the “Shhh” ending, where Deadpool is seen emerging from the ashes of Three Mile Island and shushes the audience.  I thought it was kind of lame, but I don’t have a lot of history with the character. I did like Ryan Reynolds performance, though, and thought the scene with him cutting through all of the bullets was pretty hot.

So, what do you think?  I thought X-Men Origins: Wolverine was okay, basically a series of fill scenes that tied together action sequences, but it was definitely better than X-3

The Variety article also mentions that Fox is developing Magneto, a film about the X-Men villain, written by Shelton Turner, and X-Men: First Class, with a script by Josh Schwartz, which I think could be pretty fun (I like Chuck…).

Personally? I think we are rapidly looking at a glut of comic book based films and I worry that audience will be burnt out. )I actually wrote about this almost a year ago.)

What do you think about this Deadpool movie? Do you think people will “get it” or is the character just not popular enough to warrant his own film?


  1. The third ending actually has Reynolds walking up revealing that Weapon XI wasn’t him. Not sure how they will explain that…

  2. I think Deadpool will be great since he’s such a funny and rich character, and the fact that Ryan Reynolds hits the nail on the head for Wade Wilson’s characterisation.

     But I was thinking, besides Wolverine, there really isn’t another movie that features a comic book movie character spin-off to measure up with. The one I can think of off the top of my head is Elektra, and that was super lame. You can argue the fact the the movie that it was spun off from was lame as well, and the fact that Jennifer Garner as Elektra had zero point zero charisma, but if you think about it, this is the only movie we can compare this situation to.

    BTW, this is probably meaningless, but I think this marks the first time a spin-off of a spin-off movie has been made, since this Wolverine movie was effectivly a spin-off of the X-Men movie franchise. Looks like Deadpool will be charting new waters, for all us who care

  3. People went and saw Blade, Daredevil and Ghostrider. Even Punisher. Why not Deadpool?  So long as its written to play towards Ryan Reynolds’ strengths, I’d see it.

  4. @Parker: I thought that ending was a hoax.

  5. Always liked Deadpool and I think Renoylds is a good cast. I would definitely watch. Of course, I watched Spawn in the theaters alone as my wife would not even go with me, so take that for what its worth.

    @burn: The Blade franchise is solid, Punisher was semi-decent and I refuse to acknowledge Daredevil or Ghostrider were ever filmed.

  6. This movie is a bomb in the making.

  7. @ Conor

    This was second hand knowledge from my friend who manages a theater, but he could have just been in on the joke lol. I saw the Japan ending unfortunately.

  8. Aww man, now he’ll never play Wally West 🙁

  9. Deadpool has enough meat to his story for a movie but it’ll be difficult to make and they will probably just turn it into a bad Rambo 2.

  10. The thing that could save a Deadpool movie is that the character has a sense of fun to him that could translate well to film. 

    But X-Men does seem dstined to have more spin-offs than Happy Days. As for a backlash, i don’t know. As long as there are some good quality movies coming out that balance out the bad/average ones, I don’t think too many people will even notice. To be honest, it seems like the fact that these are "comic book" or "superhero" movies is starting to become irrelevant. Which could be a good thing.

  11. I think it could be a really good film if it’s done like the first 40 or so issues of Deadpool’s original ongoing series (the joe Kelly years).  From every interview that I’ve seen with Ryan Reynolds, he really understands the character and viewed his role in Wolverine not as Deadpool, but as the person Deadpool grows out of.  I think it could really shake the industry up and make a really good movie to see an action scene like all the ones we’ve become so accustomed to with Deadpool cutting through about 10 different guys and then *freeze frame* have Deadpool stop and break the fourth wall and walk around the people he’s fighting to give us his thoughts on them.  I think we can all agree that Deadpool doesn’t live in quite the same universe as Wolverine or Iron Man.  I think Deadpool would be a wonderful opportunity for Marvel to break out of its formulaic plots.  I just hope the studio doesn’t intervene too much and try to make the character likable.  Deadpool is not redeemable.  He is just not as bad as his competitors.  Oh, I don’t want to see Copycat.  Maybe Weasel.  That’s always fun.  The only other thing I can say is that Rob Liefeld is a douche with a capital bag and this character is the only thing he ever did right. (even if it is a Deathstroke rip-off).  One last thing, back when I was a teenager/early 20’s and the companies were starting to do crossovers that required me to buy 20 books in a month, I would always look at those $1.99 early issues of Deadpool as a breath of fresh air that was funny, smart, and always a great read and something completely independent of of the "Event crap".  Check out the issue of Deadpool trying to drop off his writers mutilated body in a bag at a gathering of superhero "morts" in about issues 12-22 if you don’t believe me.

  12. Mike, I think you’re absolutely right that we’re gonna hit that glut — that’s just they way it always works, right?

    That said: as a consumer, I say go for it. Here’s the thing: I’d rather have movies get MADE with the potential of being bombs than to never even see them attempted.

    I liked what I saw of Reynolds as Wade in this film. If there’s a chance –however slim– we could get a well-executed film? I say go for it.

    Another thing: you know, Deadpool’s supposed to be a kinda wise-cracking Spider-man type, right? Well, we’ve had more of a somber, emo-Spider-man in the Raimi films, so I look at this as a chance to get that wise-crackin’ hero-type onto the silver screen. 😉

  13. This is so awesome.  I think Reynolds + Deadpool = awesome.

     Ya Wolverine Origins was kinda a flat.. My assumption is that he looses the blades & laser eyes because the bonding hasn’t finished.. That could be the key that nurse saying that would be an easy out for him loosing everything.

     My only thing is Deadpool needs to get his hands on some majoy Machine guns.. 

    (maybe he can join the Avengers movie…. lol just kidding that would be horrible)


    You know what the best part of this is? Is that whenever the film comes out; ifanboy will have to do a show on Deadpool….and you know they’ll have to read the Daniel Way series. Yes!! They will read it whether it’s this year or in the future.

    Seriously this is great news. The full minute Reynolds talks in the film, he was a perfect Deadpool. Always cracking jokes and never taking anything seriously. That was the only good thing about the Wolverine film….and I mean that in all seriousness and not because I love Deadpool.

    You know what they should do? Have Deadpool retcon the whole Weapon XI fascio as a joke then get the ball rolling with him fighting Hydra (meeting up with Bob) and maybe a certain man….Taskmaster is hired to kill Deadpool from Hydra? Perfect movie.

  15. I feel like we have been fretting about the glut of comic book superhero movies since 2002 or so. If the lackluster Daredevil can have a spinoff like Elektra, and if there can be Catwoman and Ghost Rider and two Punishers and who-knows-what, and still Wolverine takes the weekend and produces a sequel and a spinoff, I think we’ll be fine.

    I have a feeling if I check that link to last summer’s article I would see myself saying the exact same thing. To everything, turn, turn, turn/ there is a season, turn, turn, turn….

  16. I say, woot!

  17. Deadpool doesn’t do it for me. Tried some of the current series and it fell completely flat. Maybe I’ll give the Joe Kelly series a shot. I do like me some Joe Kelly.

  18. They let Reynolds talk so much in Blade Trinity that Wesley Snipes sued everybody.  Not sure that more of him wisecracking would make a better movie.

    What’s that?  Oh, of course I’ll go see it.

  19. as long as it’s Deadpool and not that "thing" we saw in the wolverine movie I’m all for it.  Reynolds has perfect as wade.

  20. I would be shocked if they ever made Magneto. That thing has been in development since X1 came out years ago.  Deadpool has also been kicked around for a while.  With the right team and script, it could be enjoyable, but these side characters tend to get the movie making shaft when it comes to that kind of stuff.

  21. Is this just like the 90s all over again except with movies?  How long before we get a Marvel movie in chromium?

  22. I’m still waiting for the movie Mortal Kombat 3. That’s in development for a while now. And Weasel would be nice… Maybe Syrin? Anyone?

  23. maybe…idk iffy deadpool

  24. but deadpool was never an x-man? how is it an x-man origin movie?

  25. because the general public doesn’t know that and the general public likes Ryan Reynolds

  26. @bigredshark: You see Fox studios doesnt know….

    Oh never mind 🙂

  27. I like Ryan Reynolds, I thought he was perfect casting, I’m just worried about the story they’re going to use for it. Hopefully he can pull through with a great performance in the event of a crappy story.

  28. I love it how we all say Reynolds is perfect casting….When he only has like 1 full minute of diaologue in the entire film.

    But hey I loved the casting too, I’m sure it is a perfect choice

  29. the only good part of Wolverine. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!!!!!


     My response most echo’s OhCaroline’s

  31. @KreiderDesigns, People hate X3 because of the dramatic drop-off in quality from 2 to 3. I don’t think it was that terrible of a movie, but it really was crap compared to the first two. Plus at the end Wolverine looks upwards and screams "Nooooooo!" I hate it when movies do that.

  32. @KreiderDesigns: Way, way too many reasons to list. You can hear them all, though.

  33. @SilverAgeTom

    When I scream "Noooo!" I’m usually curled up into a ball.  Movies are so unrealistic.

    I liked X3, but, then, I also think Bonnie Hunt is sexy, so take that for what it’s worth.

  34. God it won’t go away, will it? Fine, I will throw down the gauntlet. I liked X3 better than X2 or X1. Bryan Singer has made one good movie: The Usual Suspects.

  35. ugh no thank you

  36. @patio

    I liked X3, too. I don’t think it was nearly as bad as everyone says it is. Was it one of the best comic book movies of all time? No. But it was enjoyable and really, what more can you ask for in a summer blockbuster? And The Usual Suspects > X-men and X2 put together.

    I’d probably see a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. 

  37. @ultimatehoratio: "I also think Bonnie Hunt is sexy"

    What are you, in 1993? Watching ‘Beethoven’s 2nd’ thinking: ‘Oh yeah baby….talk to that dog all dirty like’

  38. To be frank, I have never liked anything Ryan Reynolds has ever been in…

    So does that mean I would hate Scarlett Johansson?


    They are truly running out of ideas if Deadpool movies are being made…  ugh!

  39. @TNC

    I saw her on Celebrity Poker Showdown in a leather jacket and glasses.  I thought Robert Wagner was going to try to mount her right there on the table.  Funny and charming lady.

  40. I’m in the minority thinking that X3 wasn’t that awful. I liked it more then Wolverine: Origins at least.

    Also Bonnie Hunt is quite the catch.

    While a Deadpool movie doesn’t cast quite as wide a net as Wolverine, there hopefully won’t be quite as much pressure for nerd-service. That was one of the big killers for Origins IMO.

    @conor – What do I love most about the iFanboy X3 page, still frozen in time? It’s probably the "wow, the summer kind of got off on the wrong foot. Oh well! Onto Superman Returns!"

  41. @OttoBott: I really enjoyed SUPERMAN RETURNS.

  42. Origins and X3 were crap in part because they’d stroll a mutant onto stage and say "LOOK IT’S EMMA FROST" and then stroll the next mutant on "LOOK IT’S GAMBIT" then stroll him off. No character, class or real reason to have them their.

     If you’re going to do Deadpool right, get the outfit right, get the quips and personality right, including the breaking of the fourth wall, make him a mercenary and wrap a decent story with some good action in it. Also strip away all those stupid powers he ended up with, Healing, an Uzi in one hand, a sword in the other and skill that’s it, that’s all I want. 

     Include no other mutants, use some generic bad guys with a boss who has personality, use a decent character actor and let him chew scenery as the big bad.

    Personnally I think they’re going to do the same thing they did with X3 and Wolverine, they made money and I can respect that if they choose to do it. I’m not going opening night, I’m waiting for reviews and anything less then 45% on RT, I’m not going. 

  43. @Crucio — I think you’re being affected by some comic book baggage there. There’s not need for "Emma" to have some amazing backstory in that flick — her role is that of "imprisoned mutant kid." There’s nothing wrong with having some generic bystanders when the story calls for it (it would have been lame if there were no prisoners in the prison camp). And Gambit was explained as the one who had escaped the prison. He was a significant leg in Logan’s journey to find the place.

    So, I disagree that they were strolled out on stage without reason. But that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of problems in the film — I just don’t think that was one of them.

  44. @Crucio I think the X-Men franchise hasn’t been overly concerned with comic book canon from the very beginning. With Emma Frost I don’t think they were overly concerned with justifying her other than to create an effect with diamond skin and a backstory for her or any of the other mutants would have slowed the pace down even more than it already had.

    That being said, it would have been nice to have a bit of snarky dialog between young Emma and Scott. With the stuck-up manipulative girl and the straight-edge boy scout. But that would have required the movie to… you know… develop their characters. And that takes effort.

  45. This could potentially be a very fun cool movie too bad it will suck

  46. I still haven’t seen Wolverine yet so I can’t comment on that or Deadpool but on the subject of X3, I refer to that movie as "What If Storm Had Black Roots?" Long story short: It would be horrible and everybody would die.


    Seriously though, the fact that Storm had black roots in X3 really bugged me. It’s like, what are they trying to say? That she has black hair and bleaches it white? Because that’s just wrong, she has naturally stark white hair and always has. Or maybe they meant to imply that she has white hair but dyed her roots black? But that would be incredibly stupid, especially since none of the other characters ever noticed or commented on her new hairdo.


    Call me superficial but I found that to be very distracting and it’s still the only thing I really remember about the film.

  47. I’ll call you "weirdo", but not to your face…

    X3 and Superman Returns weren’t bad but they were mediocre. A big MEH. It’s hard to care for the characters. Superman Returns at least tried.

  48. maybe now we’ll get Ron reading some DP. lol.

     If you would have asked me about casting a month ago I would have said Bea Arthur for Blind Al = epic win. So sad she has passed. (if you don’t know why thats an epic win, you haven’t read enough deadpool)

  49. I don’t get why Gambit was allowed to run around when he knew so much about the island.  Also, even in the late 70s, how close do you think an plane could have gotten to Three-Mile Island?  Not that close, I would think.

  50. X3 blew chunks.  No semblance of a storyline.  They went to all the trouble to make up Kelsey Grammer as Beast and did nothing with the character.  They killed Cyclops…wtf??  Introduced a ton of mutants solely for the purpose of having FX on film.  Magneto carries the story??? wtf…  less than an hour and a half….how much story is possibly in that film??  Directed by Brett Ratner…I don’t know who is worse, him or Joel Schumacher…  horrible movie…. Oh, and I HATE Dark Phoenix saga…..worst X-men storyline ever….probably because they’ve tried to recreate it a dozen or so times in the comics…

  51. If they did this movie please give the script job to joe kelly Fabian or Daniel Way please

  52. That is the only sure conclusion coming out of this annoucement:

    Ifanboy will be reading Deadpool one way or another. You cant escape it now Ron! 🙂

  53. This just seems embarassing.

  54. Bah.  I like Ryan Reynolds and I love me some Deadpool but I want an Iron Fist movie.  Come, it would be so awesome!

  55. I just want 30 minutes of Batman walking through Gotham with Natural Blues by Moby playing in the background.

  56. Special cameos by Seth Rogan as Cable and Michael Cera as D-Man.

  57. If this does uses the breaking the fourth wall stuff, it can be a great movie going experience – like the spectacles that people perform at The Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings but done in Deadpool screenings. That would be awesome.

  58. i cant believe there is going to be a deadpool movie and there has never been a flash movie.  the world is not fair

  59. I think it just means that Marvel is exploiting their characters much more liberally than DC is, which has always been the case.

  60. EMBRACE THE CHANGE!!! the deadpool movie will win every movie award on earth and break every record known to man. (can you tel im a deadpool fan?)

  61. When I listed Gambit and Emma it was just the start of the list. They did that like twenty times or more in the movie. That’s a lot of stuff dedicated to extraneous characters, anything not pushing character development or plot is silly. Each character that was used was nothing more then either Deus Ex Machina or Eye Candy, which is fine too a point, they went over board. As they did in X3, it doesn’t have to stay accurate to the comics, X1 and 2 strayed and were good movies, not just good action movies or popcorn flicks but good movies in general.

    What I use for most people who critique movies is could you have done better and in this case I think many individuals could have. I’m of the personal opinion too many people had their fingers in the pies of X3 and Wolverine, it was a movie made by committee rather then one strong guiding hand.

     It’s speculation and worth, well not much, but I still hold the belief it could have been a great movie and instead it’s a movie I wouldn’t bother watching again if it was free. A solid 2/10 with Catwoman and X3 but still better then ‘Freddy Got Fingered’

  62. I haven’t seen the new Wolvie movie yet, so I can’t judge too much, but a maskless pretty boy is Deadpool about as much as rainbow coloured cowl is Batman.

    If they make the movie like that, I’m not interested in it. It will be like most comic book movies — the only thing they take from the source material is the name on the cover.

  63. I enjoyed Wade in the Wolverine movie but I dont think non comic readers would even remember him since his part in the film was so damn brief. This is good news though and im looking forward to seeing the movie whenver it comes out.

  64. @Crucio – "Freddy Got Fingered" is a masterpiece.

  65. meh

  66. meh