Chew artist Rob Guillory posted this cover he did for IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it won’t be seeing print. Taking a look at the image, it’s clear that this is a damn shame.

UPDATE: It turns out the cover has since been approved. Rob said “Er. Nevermind. TMNT cover is a GO. The End.” It’s pretty clear your love is responible, folks.

Said Rob, over Twitter:

The fine folks at IDW loved my take on TMNT. The powers at Nickelodeon didn’t think it was good enough. So now you’re seeing it for free.

I can tell you that the folks over at Nickelodeon don’t know a thing about what makes good comics, or what appeals to TMNT fans. Me? I’m all about that knee to the face Raphael is giving that Foot Clan punk. And not that I’m ready for him to be done with Chew by a long shot, I’d buy the snot out of a TMNT series drawn by Guillory.


  1. That’s just a great illustration. Use it as a variant or something. Geez. Corporate synergy at work.

  2. This is a damn shame. Really bad … shame on Nickelodeon.

  3. damn id read the shit out of this. although i’ll take Chew any day of the week

  4. holy hell Rob Guillory is one of the best artists out there right now. Imagine the bottom left panel of Raphael fighting the foot clan fleshed out as a whole action sequence. I think John Layman would write a really great TMNT story if the two of them teamed up on this book.

  5. I don’t see how it’s not good enough. Personally I think it was better then both of the main covers so far, but I also love Guillory’s style.

    • Here’s how that conversation goes down: “we feel that the imagery is too edgy for our key demographic and may not be on brand with the direction we’ve established, creating brand confusion between our numerous product lines for this property.”

      Translation: we don’t know what this is and want to play it safe because we think our customers are stupid.

  6. Damn I’d buy a poster of that to hang in my living room! Nickelodeon’s marketing department just lost a good opportunity to sell something great, shame…

  7. The way I see it is that the longer the rest of the world doesn’t understand him, the longer we’ll have him on the masterpiece that is Chew.

    • I don’t know what Guillroy does outside of Chew, but he could make a killing doing editorial illustration for magazines and advertising. That style would work well in so many places…just needs to find the right Art Director, but i could see him as a regular guy in so many places.

  8. That is awesome. Nickelodeon doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  9. The people at Nickelodeon are insane. *boggles* I can has a Rob Guillory penciled issue at least?

  10. any chance of getting an 11″x17″ print of this? This cover is awesome. While I love Chew and want Layman and Guillory to continue on that for as long as they can, I’d love to see Guillory’s art elsewhere. Easily one of the best most talented artists in comics now.

  11. Yes, can we please get a TMNT comic drawn by Guillory. Please?

  12. why are they all the same color? Am i missing something?

  13. Thanks, guys.

    I would LOVE to do a TMNT one-shot, and had talked to IDW about possibly doing one in 2012. But looks like it’s not to be. Too much political headache. That said, the IDW guys were awesome, and I’d work with them in a heartbeat.

    • That really sucks. Your style is perfect for the series, and while I am loving it so far, seeing you do the art on it would blow my mind. I made this my phone background because I just love looking at this! I hope you get to achieve your dream some day!

  14. This bummed me out when I read the tweet last night. No disrespect to Dan Duncan, but I would be signficantly more excited with the series in Rob’s hands.

  15. that’s a shame. it looks like the old comics i used to read. that cover looks great

  16. I been confused about whether Casey has baseball bats or cricket paddles.

  17. I really want Guillory on that book now.

  18. i really liked TMNT #1 and will continue reading it but they missed a chance to make a good book an elite book.

  19. This is a great cover! Imagine if Guillory did the art full time on TMNT….Shame on Nickelodeon for not seeing the greatness here.

  20. Shame, shame Nick. You deserve to get slimed.

  21. Rob Guillory just tweeted that this: “Er. Nevermind. TMNT cover is a GO. The End.” Which is awesome!

  22. Holy crap that’s good. Raf’s knee to the chops!

  23. MUST HAVE!

  24. Well hello new desktop background…

  25. It hurts me to know that this exists in the world and it is not available in real form! Looks awesome:)

  26. Dman good cover. Also I have been enjoying myself with this series!!!