IDW Reprints of Classic TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Comics Slated for the Fall

Every so often you find some neat stuff while surfing on Amazon. Case(y Jones) in point: IDW's first two collections of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics available for pre-order. These reissue the original black and white Eastman and Laird series and one-shots from the mid 80s. Couple these with the new comics adventures forthcoming from IDW, and we can indeed declare "Party Time." 

Product Description for Volume One, available on September 6th:

Rediscover the underground roots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starting with this special edition hardcover collection of Mirage Studios'' issues #1-7 along with the Raphael one-shot by creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird! With over 300 pages of mutated-martial arts action, this volume is perfect for fans to relive the glorious days of the Turtles'' origins as well as an excellent place for new readers to see where the TMNT phenomena began.

Product Descriptiong for Volume Two, available on November 15th:  

The classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action continues in the second volume of IDW''s Ultimate Collections! In this outing, uncover issues #8-11, along with the Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello "micro-series" one-shots, presented in an oversized hardcover – you''ve never seen the TURLES like this!

Both volumes retail for $50 each, but at the time of this writing Amazon posts discounted prices of around $30. 


  1. I love the Turtles! It was only a couple of years ago that I learned that the cartoons and movies were based off the comic series. I would love to read the comics that started it all. Sign me up.

  2. Yes!

  3. Oh help yes

  4. Ugh, it’s like these comic companies want me to give them my money or something.

  5. i ment hell yes not help yes

  6. I hope they do a volume 2 of the giant collection that Mirage put out like two years ago. That shit was awesome.

  7. I bought that Mirage collection, then I resold it once I knew these were coming out. Unfortunately, Mirage doesn’t exist anymore in the form that it once did. TMNT is now owned by Nickelodeon and not by Mirage, and IDW has all rights to the publishing, so there will only be these from now on, or some other kind of IDW collection. I went ahead and pre-ordered these, I’d rather have them in hardcover anyway. 

  8. I have the First TPB collections which include all these these issues, so I can’t say that I’ll be picking them up.  Glad to know what others will have a chance to see what the foursome was like before Archie and the first animated series made a less dark version the more well-known.

    I’m more excited about the news that new material will eventually be forthcoming, since I have missed the guys.


  9. Already ordered the first one!

  10. Didn’t this get solicited back in June Preview? I was super excited about it then too. Mirage did a bang up job putting out new TMNT material (I will never forgive Laird for selling to Viacom. WTF) but they regularly dropped the ball will reprints of old material (I think it was hung up due to Laird wanting to edit out all referances to Dave Sim’s Cerebus in an early issue). Its cool that IDW is having much better luck at it.

  11. @TheAdventurer  PS: I am currently on an Oversize Hardcover kick, and will be overjoyed to have these on the same shelf as my DC Deluxe Editions.

  12. I’m glad to see the original TMNT comics getting more exposure, but these collections are a joke compared to the book Mirage put out.  $100 for ALMOST all the content of Mirage’s $30 book?  I love hardcovers, but I’m sure glad I got the paperback.

  13. Cool! I wanted to read the original TMNT after I saw the 2003 cartoon, which I heard was more inspired by the comics.

  14. This looks like it will cover the same content as the Mirage Collected Book.  That book was an awesome read.  The hardcovers are very tempting, though.  Will they be oversized?

  15. @rix0r  The info says they are oversized hardcovers

  16. Totally a must buy. 

  17. hmmm i bought that oversized collection that was released about 2 years ago and i really enjoyed the first few issues. they weren’t really mindblowing or anything but seeing the TMNT in their original dark, frank millar parody style was interesting. I found it really lost it’s luster after a few issues though. I wouldn’t recommend it and rather say wait for a digital release and just buy the first 3 or so issues

  18. Does anyone know if these will be printed in black and white or if they’re being touched up with color?

  19. This is a must-buy for everyone. EVERYONE! 😉