Rip Hunter Makes Time for Batman in Time Masters: Vanishing Point

For Tim Drake, it's about damn time. 

At the end of Final Crisis, Batman was hurled back to the stone age by the Omega Sanction. Many feared him dead, but after the events of Blackest Night, more and more are willing to believe the ranting of Bruce Wayne's adopted son Tim Drake. Batman isn't dead. He's just lost in time. He even left archaeological clues! This summer, the great detective will make his way back to modern day Gotham in the pages of  Grant Morrison's The Return of Bruce Wayne. 

But clawing your way through the millenia is a toughy, even for Bats. What he really needs is a team effort. A helping hand from a couple of chrono-sleuths.

Today, DC announced a companion piece called Time Masters: Vanishing Point. While Bruce blazes his own path through history, Rip Hunter and a team of "time masters" including Scott Bakula Booster Gold, Doctor Who, Hal Jordan, Sherman, and Mr. Peabody and Superman will embark on their own rescue mission through the time stream. The six issue mini will be written and drawn by Dan Jurgens.

Here's what editor Mike Carlin had to say: 

“It’s been a while since Dan Jurgens and I worked on his introduction of Vanishing Point into the DC Universe— but what’s a “while” to a coupla experienced time travelers like us! When Dan introduced Waverider and the Linear Men to SUPERMAN it was only a matter of time (sorry!) before Rip Hunter would be revealed to be a major player at the end of time. And now with the time-stream changing disappearance of Batman it’s about time (sorry, again!) that DC’s Time Masters took the search into their own hands! Add Booster Gold to the mix and the Time Masters just might have to deal with a detour or two— all the while hoping to find Batman before time unravels from Vanishing Point back to the big bang!”

Apparently, the series will also hint at details of the DCU's next major event. Does this have anything to do with Johns' and Kubert's 2011 Flashpoint story, or is it something else entirely? Could it be steampunk? Hell, it could be anything.

Either way, we're just excited at the prospect of more crazy chalkboard puzzles. Ohhhh, and maybe even some dinosaurs. 

It all starts in July. Let's synchronize our watches. Or, well, cellphones. 


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "17th century France? Took you long enough to track me down, Peabody."

    "Quiet, you."  

  2. Awesome. More Rip Hunter is always good.

  3. I like that in the picture, Batman seems to have tagged a random rock with his symbol. But what did he tag it with? Spray paint that he happened to have in his utility belt? Did he create paint out of bat guano, as the color and consistency would suggest? So many questions!

    But, I’ll almost certainly be picking this up. With Dan Jurgens writing and drawing it, there’s a 90% chance that Waverider is going to show up. That would fill me with glee.

  4. im actually looking forward to this!

  5. I saw an ad for this in Booster Gold today when I was flipping through it in the shop (or a reference, or something, I didn’t buy the book), but this looks interesting

  6. This is pertty cool. Jurgens run on Supes in the early 90’s is one of the main things that pulled me into comics. Well that and the holi-foil covers. I guess that say’s a lot about my taste in comics.

  7. Man i missed Jurgens drawing Superman

  8. I’ll make time for this.

  9. Yes! Yes! HELL YES!

     I loved Jurgens work on Booster Gold; from the original series, to him working with Johns to him taking over the book solo. It’s nice to see he’ll still be working on our favorite characters!

    This looks to be a fun mini. 

  10. I have to show some negativity here because, while I enjoyed a lot of his DC stuff back in the day, his work always seems very of the 90s and I have almost zero interest in going back and revisiting it.  I’m just not sure new Jurgens is much to be excited about these days.

  11. Looks like a throwaway book.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So you’d spend money on it and then immediately throw it away? Fantastic. 

  13. Supposedly Rip Hunter is going to appear in the first issue of Morrison’s mini as well. Just saw that in another news article today.

  14. I would buy two copies of every issue if Scott Bakula showed up.  I’d buy three copies if he showed up in the body of a pregnant woman who plays minor league baseball and might have been responsible for shooting JFK.

  15. Dan Jurgens Superman is like going to my mothers for dinner. So nice to go home once in a while.

  16. Now I want a series with Bakula, Mr. Peabody, and Doctor Who. That series could be amazing.

    It actually makes perfect sense for Hunter and Booster Gold to help. Considering what they’ve been doing for so long in their series. Might just be a trade read for me, but this could definitely be a lot of fun. 

  17. Curse you Paul!  Now when I pick this up I will think of Sherman and Mr. Peabody, and dream of what might have been….

  18. Guys. There are 3 Booster Gold books. THREE!!!


  19. @Skeets – No! Come back, It’s alright! They’re using time travel so it’s really only one book!

  20. Hey, is Mike Carlin that dude that used to write for Wizard?

  21. This could be cool. I’m more excited to see the Time Masters roster than I am to read the story. It’s nice to see Clark taking some interest in finding his closest ally. I feel like we haven’t seen enough of an emotional response from Supes regarding Bruce’s death. Then again, he has been busy on New Krypton. And having Hal on board is pretty awesome too.

    The skeptic in me wants to say that they probably won’t be successful in bringing Bruce home, since the majority of the journey will most likely be handled by Morrison in "Return". Also, they’ve made it abundantly clear in Booster Gold that the outcome of certain events cannot be changed. Nonetheless, I’m a Jurgens fan and a Rip Hunter fan, so I’ll give it a shot.