Rhys Ifans Cast as Mystery Villain in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man Film

Deadline has broken the news that director Marc Webb has cast the most excellent Rhys Ifan as a villain in the new as-yet-untitled Spider-Man film. He will star opposite the already announced Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy.

Rumors have been swirling that the villain of the film will be — ugh — Venom, which seems dumb considering he was the villain of the last film and we saw how well that went. So who knows? One thing we do know is that rumors about this film cannot be fully trusted (see: Emma Stone is being cast as Mary Jane Watson).

Who will he play? Let the speculation begin!


  1. ELECTRO!!

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Lizard or Electro. Rooting for the latter. 

  3. Lizard!

  4. Howard Marks!

  5. Sony!

    (or, Electro would be cool.  Just don’t be GG again, please.) 

  6. I think he’d make a great Mysterio

  7. The first villain that came to mind was Vulture. I like venom as a character but after the last move i don’t want to see another fiasco like that.

  8. With those movie star good looks, I’ll say Vermin.

  9. Molten Man!

  10. My first thoughts were Electro.  Im really hoping for a villain not in raimi’s original trilogy

  11. Leftfield choice Mephisto! It’s how there going to explain the reboot. ok probably not

  12. Wulfstone has made me laugh this day!

  13. If they’re not telling who it is, it’s Mysterio. That just makes sense.

  14. Kane!

  15. He’s gonna be a Nazi. They are sorely lacking in the Spider-Man universe.

  16. @s1lentslayer Maybe Swarm, then?

    I’m personally hoping for Mysterio or Chameleon.

    Though, I think he’ll play Hobgoblin.

  17. I would guess Mysterio.

  18. I’m guessing vulture 

  19. @Josh I hope you’re right sir, more than anything i hope for today i hope you are right

  20. Mary Jane?

  21. I bet that they’ll make him cast as a complete WTF? character like have him be Kraven or something, that would definitely suit him yeah. Cause they already made the PERFECT Mary Jane into Gwen Stacy, why not make Peter not lose Uncle Ben, or even better make him not lose his parents that way he will be raised by them & a totally absurd reboot on how he gets his Spider powers will occur as well. As you can see I am very skeptical about this entire reboot in TO-TAL.

  22. I’m fine with Emma Stone playing Gwen. It would have been easy for her to play MJ because every character she plays now is basically MJ. Cute and sassy and witty while still remaining sexy and likeable. Playing Gwen should be a challenge for her which is what all good actors strive for. I’m going to reserve judgement until we see a trailer or at least a badass poster.

  23. He looks like a Vulture, but I’d prefer an Electro or Mysterio.

  24. i don’t know. He looks a lot like Ezekiel to me 

  25. "Zach Snyder"

  26. venom would nice as long as its done right. but I think it should be green goblin because then we can do the gwen stacy death storyline right, which would be awsome. But electro or mysterio would be my other choices.

  27. My money is on Electro or Mysterio.

  28. Guys guys i just realized who he’s going to be! Scrier! it makes complete sense! 

  29. I’m praying he’s The Lizard. He’s be a fantastic Dr. Connors.

  30. I got one for ya… Cletus Kasady. They’re already rebooting the char in the 616 universe. Maybe they’re prepping the character for some REAL face time. I know that they really *bleep*-ed up venom but maybe they’ll actually be able to Capture…. CARNAGE! I mean… look at the guy!! He’s definitely been cast because of his "unstable" appearance.

    Here’s hopin’!

  31. Totally has to be Morbius. Best spider man villian ever!

  32. Isn’t the movie based on the ultimate universe? So maybe it’s Geldoff?


    Seriously, if it is based on the erly ultimate spider-man series, Kraven would make sense.

  33. I think that picture has "Vulture" written all over it, though I am hoping for Electro…or The Spot!

  34. I’m putting my money on Electro.

  35. TYPEFACE!!!

  36. Electro or Mysterio. I hope Mysterio. I love Mysterio.

  37. After seeing him in movies I actually reckon with some dark hair and facial hair he would be a great Kraven

  38. The Chameleon? Oh yeah!

  39. I would love Electro.


  41. What were some villains in the Death of Gwen Stacy storyline?

  42. I’ve been hearing a lot of Carnage rumors..*sigh*

  43. I’m betting on Electro. It would make for some cool effects

  44. Vulture, maybe?

  45. Oh wow he would be a great Carnage, but if they are doing the Ultimate Universe version then I would prefer they stay clear of carnage or venom even.

  46. Not sure if it is 100% official but:

    "UGO.com just reported that Rhys will be playing Curt Connors AKA THE LIZARD for the Spider-Man reboot. Also, Venom will not be in this reboot or at least the first film."