Remake & Reboot: The DOC SAMSON Comic Series

Okay, okay… I know Doc Samson hasn’t been shown in the best possible light in comics before. A muscle-bounded psychiatrist who cares a little bit too much for his long green locks of hair, when you put it that way you have a point. But that’s not all he is — or all he could be.

Created by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe back in Incredible Hulk #141, Doc Samson has carried a few solo minis of his own but is best known as a supporting character providing a new vantage point on a situation or character given his psychiatric background. At one time he was offered not only membership in the Avengers but a role as a leader, but he turned it down in favor of teaching. He can be a nuanced character with many tools in his toolkit, but so far in comics only been used for his brain. What would Doc Samson think of that?

The Concept:

A new Doc Samson series could work as a twist on the all-too-popular procedural shows on television like CSI and House, wrapped in the four-color flag of superheroes. Doc Samson is a superhuman with daddy issues, wanting to use his mind to solve problems but inevitably being pulled into using his gamma-gifted powers. Usually paired off into the Hulk -centric titles in the Marvel U, some of his best work has been outside those confines and they could here.

Imagin Doc Samson on the road, being called in to mentally figure out what happened in a situation and using his mix of brains-and-brawn to solve the case. Wolverine could call him in to deal with a particularly impudent student in Wolverine & The X-Men, or perhaps get a real look inside what makes Spider-Man tick. He could become a unique part of event comics, especially in their aftermath; imagine if Doc had a chance to sit down with Scarlet Witch? The Doc Samson series could be played up for both laughs and drama, especially if Doc has a ensemble cast that doesn’t take him too seriously.

The Creators:

The Writer – Peter David: While David might not be as ‘sexy’ a comic creator as Marvel’s Architects or young bucks like Nick Spencer and Sam Humphries, he’s bar-none one of the best writers when it comes to re-aligning a character and finding a new core. And on top of that, David’s wrote Doc in some of my favorite issues of all time, like X-Factor #87 where he evaluations the team and the overlooked Incredible Hulk #380 where he talks with the psychotic Crazy Eight.

The Artist – Chris Sprouse: Sprouse is one of a handful of hardcore DC loyalists that have rarely, if ever, done work over at the House of Ideas. But I think someone like Sprouse would be an ideal choice for this gamma-radiated big-thinker. Sprouse has a history mixing science-fiction and fist-fights, and this would be right down that alley.

The Artist – Kris Anka: Following up after Sprouse kicks off the series, I’d bring in newcomer artist Kris Anka. Currently doing covers for New Mutants, he has yet to do interior work for Marvel but did a great pinch-hit for the finale of Guarding The Globe awhile back. Anka’s one of those artists just waiting to break out, and this could be just the thing.


  1. Dan Slott wrote a Samson mini awhile ago that, if you ask him in person about it, he will talk about how it was the absolute worst thing that he ever wrote.

  2. Always liked the character for some reason. Would love to see a criminal profiler style series with him. Nice call, Chris.

  3. I hate to be the negative guy, cause I generally hate that guy…….but……no one would ever buy this series no matter who wrote it or draw it. I think Doc Samson is the one character who could not hold a title no matter how strong the market is.

    That said, good call on the art and writer.

  4. Always thought Doc Samson would be a great lead character for a “Hulk Busters” live action TV series.
    Chasing an elusive Bruce Banner and all sorts of gamma radiated creatures.

    Watching it right now in my head.

  5. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Speaking of superheroes with Lightning Bolt Logos…

  6. There’s nothing wrong with me. Nothing.

  7. I vote for this. You could get someone with real knowledge about mental illness to write this and apply the DSM to superheros. That would be cool. It could kind of be like Tony Soprano going to the shrink and how the shrink tries to navigate the minds and egos of all these heroes and villains. Cool cool cool. I’d buy that. Maybe part of the MAX line???